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Positively Speaking

The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus

Author: Paul Z. Jackson



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 147

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Positively Speaking: The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus By Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman Suppose.. You've got a difficult conversation that you're really not looking forward to You want to change your boss's mind, but he doesn't listen You need your team - or your children - to take responsibility for their own issues Top consultants Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman take you on a tour of successful, constructive conversations, from preparation through opening remarks to agreeing the right actions. Illustrated throughout with tips, examples and exercises, Positively Speaking will develop your skills in creating dialogue that works well for you at work, in social settings and at home. With a resource-based, solutions-focused approach, you will find it simpler and more enjoyable to get what you want by talking to people the Positively Speaking way. And the results will be positively extraordinary. Praise for Positively Speaking: "With Positively Speaking Jackson and Waldman have created my dream Solutions Focus book: they make the concepts absurdly easy to understand and - more importantly - they make the material relevant to my work and relationships " Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, Programme Director, Center of Applied Positive Psychology "The strategic application of Solution Focused approaches can help unlock the most challenging aspects of executive leadership in the modern public sector. Jackson and Waldman's approach instils the discipline of simplicity and builds confidence through positive enquiry. I have greatly benefited from working with them and recommend Positively Speaking as a way ahead." Andrew Fowlie, General Manager, NHS Grampian "For me, there's nothing like going on a course and gaining new skills - unless it's a book like 'Positively Speaking', which gives me background, theory, case studies, models and, most importantly real concrete ways to put all of that into practice in my day-to day work of coaching, facilitation and working through conflict. This book is a real asset to any practitioner who needs to 'just do it' - just great." Ann Lukens, Director, Groupworks "This resource really does live up to its aim of helping us learn more about what we can do rather than what we can't. I like the way it brings the idea of Solutions Focus to life through examples, case studies and practical exercises. I'll definitely be using these ideas in my work as a facilitator and coach." Colin Coombs, Learning & Development Manager, Tate Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman are co-directors of The Solutions Focus (www.thesolutionsfocus.co.uk), leading a team of consultants, facilitators and coaches who apply this approach worldwide in organisations including Beiersdorf (Nivea), PepsiCo, Reading Borough Council, John Laing and The Metropolitan Police

The Power of Spoken Words

Step by Step Guide to Positive Speaking

Author: Emmanuel Wright

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 56

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Are you always faced with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS? Do you desire to develop a HEALTHY AND POSITIVE MINDSET? Do you wish to see yourself in a whole new realm of POSITIVITY? Look no further as you are one step away from changing your life entirely. The Power of Spoken word is a powerful speaking book guide that was crafted carefully to help you stop the negativity that is always inherent in the way you see and talk about yourself. This a book that will change your life and open you to the powers of developing a healthy positive mindset. Review of the amazing things to learn from this book Discover the power of spoken words Developing a positive mindset that will lead to the habit of staying and speaking positively Avoiding negative words and mindset Learning to stay positive in difficult moments Overcoming fear Overcoming negative dispositions And lots more Purchase and download this book on your Apple, MAC, Android, PC and Kindle devices. Discover the amazing powers of the words. Develop a positive mindset which will guide your utterances. Develop a high and positive self esteem.Words are the most powerful tool for humanity and most actions and reactions sterns from the words we utter. A lot of people are ignorant of the power their words posses, and therefore they use it carelessly which adversely affect them and people around them. Knowing the powerful force of the words we speak every day, it is very important that we guide our utterances in a way that it will be filled with positive energy instead of negativity. THE POWER OF SPOKEN WORDS is a guide that will help shape your utterances, guide you in the right way to speak about yourself and about what you want in life. Buy this book now

Change to a Positive Mindset and Extend Your Lifeline

A Journey to Miles of Smiles, Positive Energy Power, Hope, Health and Happiness

Author: Edith Namm & Rita Kaufman

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 228

View: 988

Words are the roots for all your thoughts. What you think affects what you believe. What you believe affects your attitude. Your attitude influences how you act. How you act influences your relationships with others. Words generate positive or negative emotional energy It takes one word- positive or negative- a fraction of a second to affect your emotional state of well-being and bio-chemically change your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and digestion. Change to a Positive Mindset introduces you to 11 Winning Ways to Positively Energize Your Brain and Body. Learn the write way to train the brain to drain the pain caused by emotional stress. Practice PEP (Positive Energy Power) Aerobics- safe, simple, self-help strategies that positively energize your brain and body and empower you to be healthy and happy from sunrise to sunset. Adopt the Ideal Ways to Boost the Immune System. See how doodling 2 dots and a curve is the way to go to relieve your stress from head to toe. Read and recite the Motivational Text Messages. Read and recite the PEP One-Liners that positively replace Toxic Negative Thinking. Read the inspirational poems that provide solutions to life's challenges. Discover the Food/ Mood connection- the chemical/ emotional energy connection. Discover the color energy connection to your mood, food, clothes and environment. Tune in to the power of musical energy to heal what ails you. Have endless fun with the word game activities that positively activate the brain.

A Joyful Journey to Positive Parenting

Author: Edith Namm, M.A., C.S.G.

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 120

View: 524

A Joyful Journey to Positive Parenting takes you on an exciting journey to discover whatit takes to empower yourself and your child to experience a positive state of well-being. You will discover: - How to recognize the signs of emotional stress - anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness- in one's behavior and handwriting. - The "write way" to manage the stressful feelings of anger, anxiety, and sadness. - The impact of emotional stress on all body system. - The winning ways to boost the Immune System. - PEP (Positive Energy Power) Aerobics - handwritten exercises that can empower you and your child to feel confident, have an optimistic attitude, and set realistic, achievable goals. - The ABC's for positive parenting and effective communication in a safe, nurturing home environment.

Broken but Not Crushed

Author: Clive Clarke

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 102

View: 679

Have you felt cast down? Have you ever felt like life is a constant battle? In Broken but Not Crushed, author Clive Clarke makes the bold assertion that no matter how far you have fallen, no matter how far you have sunk in life, if you just get up and continue walking, you will make it back to the top. He suggests the type of mind-set you should try to possess and guard in order to get there. Its what some would call The Winning Mind-set. In this mind-set, one demonstrates the courage to believe that anything is possible when one sets his or her mind on achieving it. He also suggests that you should have and embrace an invincible determination to let nothing deter you from your goals and dreams in life. By embracing this kind of mind-set, Clive asserts that you will cope with and overcome all odds faced in life. As he purports, life is a battlewin it!

Neither left nor right, straight down the middle on the positives of life

Author: Osbert Walker

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Poetry

Page: 60

View: 267

These poems are about helping others view life on the positive and in the hopes that the words are able to touch the reader mentally. The title speaks for itself.

Report of Proceedings Under Commissions of Oyer & Terminer and Gaol Delivery for the County of York, Held at the Castle of York, Before Sir Alexander Thomson, Knight, One of the Barons of the Exchequer, and Sir Simon Le Blanc, Knight, One of the Justices of the Court of King's Bench, from the 2d to the 12th of January, 1813

Author: Great Britain. Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery (York)



Category: Luddites

Page: 215

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Standards in Stilettos

Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Empowered

Author: Jazmin Frett

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 108

View: 826

Of course a great pair of heels will make any women feel confident in herself. Standards in Stilletos is a collection of Jazmin's blog articles and encouraging quotes. The articles promote female empowerment, self-love, respect for ourselves as women, and never allowing yourself to be disrespected. The articles put things in to perspective for women everywhere on how they can build up their self-esteem and happiness. The articles also touch on relationships and how women should refrain from selling themselves a dream by lowering standards or creating standards that are too high. The book illistrates that relationships require hard work, determination, and respect on all levels. In order for women to be able to love, they must find the love for themselves.

No Fear

How Never to Be Afraid of Anything Yes! Anything

Author: Marvin Sterling

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 443

Are you the sort of person who is not content simply to judge life according to surface appearances? Do you seek answers to the deeper questions of human existence? Do you feel a profound yearning for something "higher" than a merely materialisic view of the world? Are you curious about the meaning of life? the mystery of death? the nature of "ultimate reality?" the significance of human mortality? Do you have a desire to cultivate the inner life of the mind? Do you wish to achieve more harmonious states of psychological health, and greater effectiveness in everyday living? Do you believe in higher states of consciousness? Do you find that you are naturally drawn toward subjects such as meditation, self-improvement, near-death experiences, and other topics of a "spiritual" nature? Do you blieve that the key to "material prosperity" may perhaps lie in right THINKING? If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes," we strongly urge you to purchase the book whose back cover are now reading. For you are precisely the kind of person who is capable of benefiting most from a serious and sustained study of this highly practical guide to spiritual progress.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent:a True-life

Author: D. Corbett Everidge

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Law

Page: 161

View: 311

Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? D. Corbett Everidge cannot vote, own a firearm, or hold public office: he is a convicted felon. But did he actually commit the crime? In this true-life legal drama, former magistrate D. Corbett Everidge chronicles the events of the summer of 2005 and the ensuing criminal trial that led to a felony conviction and the end of his criminal justice career. He then asks you to assess the evidence and make your own reasonable decision about whether he is, indeed, innocent or guilty as charged. Everidge gives personal insight into his career and background to illustrate that guilt in a complex society is not always a matter of black and white. He also challenges many beliefs regarding the modern criminal justice system in the United States, effectively drawing a line between the theoretical and the actual. Ultimately, Guilty Until Proven Innocent is an intriguing literary criminal trial in which you decide the outcome. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what is your verdict?

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