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Power of Personal Mastery

Continual Improvement for School Leaders and Students

Author: Rolf Arnold

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Education

Page: 220

View: 812

This book presents 29 rules on personal mastery. Each rule contains a number of tools, which aim to pave the access road to your own ego and your preferred reality constructs; in a journey of continual improvement towards becoming who you could be.

Personal Mastery

Develop Your True Inner Power by Awakening Your Kundalini

Author: Robert Morgen

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Self-Help

Page: 248

View: 107

For thousands of years the Awakening of the Kundalini (a powerful pool of energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine) has been enshrouded in myth and mystery. The simple fact is that Awakening the Kundalini really isna??t that hard! People do it all the time completely by accident. What CAN be extremely difficult is learning to deal with the changes that an Awakened Kundalini can bring about in your life. a??The kundalini can show you why youa??re here, what life is really all about and help unveil the mysteries surrounding our everyday lives. This book can teach you to calm your mind, improve your health and eyesight and develop abilities that most people aren't even aware of,a?? says Morgen. Using the exercises in this book the dedicated Seeker (thata??s YOU) can not only learn to tap into these hidden reserves of energy, but do so safely and efficiently.

The Power of Self-Mastery

Author: Pharaoh Mitchell




Page: 40

View: 896

When the secret of viewing your dream car does not manifest itself "magically", perhaps it's time to take a look inside and take the matter in hand. Do you spend every day, feeling that there should be so much more in life? Have you ever concluded that you deserve or want more life than you've had? The power of life Control is a meaningless formula for creating lasting and measurable change. You will learn to overcome perceived limits and enter into your innate capacity for greatness. It is a simple and easy to understand guide to make the most of your lifeIt has helped thousands of people realize their full potential. It has combined the most powerful mental techniques available in a clear system that you can use to take your life to the next level. The power of Life Mastery is an explosive course in accelerated learning and personal mastery that really works. You will learn how to end self-sabotage and unleash your full potential by applying proven strategies to maximize your results. It covers a comprehensive step-by-step training program to create revolutionary advances in all areas of your life. Anthony guides you, hand in hand, the process of development and reconnecting with the essence of your true self. He will discover proven strategies to get much more than he wants and less than he doesn't. In the power of Life Mastery are the secret keys to living a " life by design' in those little-known distinctions that make all the difference. This is your passport to happiness, well-being and personal fulfillment. Therefore, hold tight and prepare for the journey of your life.GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

Personal Power Mastery

Author: Douglas Vermeeren

Publisher: Panoma Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

View: 951

Personal Power Mastery concepts are based on the systems of more than 400 of the top achievers worldwide, that they are utilizing in their own lives, and the outcomes created from them. With life-changing content based on thorough research, join this personal journey, to discover and claim your own power and live the mastery for your best life.

Success Power 21

Four Pyramids of Power that Make Self-Mastery

Author: Frank Channing Haddock

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Self-Help

Page: 48

View: 448

Includes: "Four Pyramids of Power that Make Self-Mastery" and "The Crowning Glories of Success-Magnetism."

Law of Attraction

The Art of Self-Mastery and Attracting Power from the Universe

Author: Jenny Hashkins

Publisher: Self Publisher


Category: Self-Help


View: 560

This immense bundle of 10 books will take you by the hand and guide you through all the aspects of the law of attraction. You will read about topics such as: Finding your soulmate through the law of attraction. Figuring out your calling in life. How to become more creative and use that inventive talent to manifest more. Becoming a better version of yourself. Having more energy and increasing your vibrations. Aligning your will with the universe. Become someone who thinks more positive thoughts. And much more!!!

Secrets of Personal Mastery

Awakening Your Inner Executive : Advanced Techniques for Accessing Your Higher Levels of Consciousness

Author: L. Michael Hall

Publisher: Crown House Pub Limited


Category: Psychology

Page: 281

View: 208

What conceptual states do you have and never leave home without? What attitudes do you seem to take everywhere you go? Do you tend to think optimistically? Do you tend to see the dark side of things?


Live a Life of Power, Purpose and Passion with Perseverance!

Author: Gregg Swanson, Sr.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 276

View: 659

Self-Mastery When you have developed self-mastery, you have the ability to control yourself in all situations, and you move forward consciously and steadily towards your goals. You know your purpose, and you have the self-discipline needed to do things in a deliberate, focused, and honorable way. Self-mastery also means mastering your emotions, impulses, and actions, and is vital if you want to achieve your goals in life. Think about people you know who don't have any self-mastery. They're probably impulsive and rash. They might let their emotions control them, yelling at others when they're angry, and then being overly polite to make up for this later. They're unpredictable and, as a result, people see them as untrustworthy. When you demonstrate self-mastery, you're telling others that you have the inner and outer strength and steadiness needed for effective life leadership. It's well worth every single effort to develop self-mastery. You'll be happier, healthier and more centered individual - and people, circumstances and opportunities will flow your way. Self-mastery, as described here, covers your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional elements. Developing self-mastery means working on all Four Elements. My suggestion is to take a full year to develop self-mastery.

The 6 Steps to Self Mastery

Develop an Internal Power Practice That Will Change Your Life

Author: Derek F. Croley

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 236

View: 850

"The Mind Leads the Chi and the Chi Leads the Body." People always talk about using chi power, but how do you get to it? With a warmhearted, candid wit and passion for personal growth Derek Croley explores this profound topic in plain English. By the time he was in his early twenties his body was all but broken from a lifetime of athletics. His knees didn't work, he couldn't even lift his right arm, his back always hurt and his head wouldn't turn. Most importantly he couldn't effectively practice his life's passion- Martial Arts. In his quest to reinvent himself, Derek traveled to China to train under the Internal Power Masters. After over a decade of work he healed his body, becoming more powerful than he ever was before, but was left with a new challenge. How do you teach this enigmatic, foreign material in a way that makes sense? After a over a decade of trial and error- mostly error- he cracked that secret code as well. Learn the 6 Steps to Self Mastery through Internal Power Training to repair your body, age gracefully, and become more powerful than ever before.

SELF-MASTERY: 30 Best Books to Guide You To Your Goals

The Collected Wisdom from the Greatest Books on Becoming Wealthy & Successful

Author: P. T. Barnum

Publisher: e-artnow


Category: Self-Help

Page: 2689

View: 361

Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited Self-Mastery collection: Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich The Science of Being Well How to Get What you Want William Walker Atkinson: The Secret of Success Thought-Force in Business and Everyday Life The Power of Concentration P. T. Barnum: The Art of Money Getting The Humbugs of the World Benjamin Franklin: The Autobiography The Way to Wealth Orison Swett Marden: Architects of Fate He Can Who Thinks He Can, and Other Papers on Success in Life How to Succeed Prosperity - How to Attract It James Allen: As a Man Thinketh Eight Pillars of Prosperity From Poverty to Power Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success Russell Conwell: Acres of Diamonds The Key to Success What You Can Do With Your Will Power Praying for Money Henry Harrison Brown: Dollars Want Me Thorstein Veblen: The Theory of Business Enterprise Émile Coué: Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet Marcus Aurelius: Meditations Niccolò Machiavelli: The Prince Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching

Personal Mastery

The Path to Transformative Leadership

Author: Giovanna D'Alessio

Publisher: Asterys



Page: 312

View: 540

Do you find yourself facing the same kind of issues over and over and you want to stop the pattern? Are there circumstances that you can't help but getting upset about them? Do you have a deep desire to change something about your life but you feel stuck? The way we are and respond to the event in our lives have strong deep roots and we often ignore the mechanisms underlying our behaviors thus we may feel unable to change direction to get the results we desire. We may make some changes that work for a while, but then it seems that we go back to the same unproductive patterns. Maybe this is the right moment to stop attempting a change and realize a transformation instead, a shift in perspective that expands your consciousness and increases your personal effectiveness. Many recent theories and discoveries in different scientific disciplines, from neuroscience to quantum mechanics, from biology to psychology, seem to confirm what the eastern philosophies have been taught for centuries and provide us with new perspectives to understand our nature and our functioning. The combined effect of science-based knowledge, self-reflection, exercises and transformational practices make this book a door to developing your personal leadership.

Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery 2nd Edition

Author: Robert Morgen

Publisher: Mystic Wolf Media, Inc


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 252

View: 334

Using the exercises in this book, the dedicated seeker can learn to tap into hidden reserves of energy, and do so safely and efficiently through the Kundalini.

The Power of Life Mastery

An Easy and Practical Guide to Transforming Your Life

Author: Anthony Rizk




Page: 320

View: 708

When the secret of visualizing your dream car isn't "magically" manifesting itself, maybe it's about time you took a look inside and took matters in your own hands. Do you go through each day, feeling as though there should be so much more to life? Have you ever come to the conclusion that you deserve or want more out of life than what you've been getting? The Power of Life Mastery is a no-nonsense formula for creating long-lasting and measurable change. You'll learn how to surpass perceived limitations and step into your inborn capacity for greatness. It is a straightforward and easy-to-understand guide to getting the very best out your life. Anthony Rizk is an expert in the science of personal transformation. He has helped thousands of people realize their full potentials. He has combined some of the most powerful mental techniques available into a clear-cut system that you can use to take your life to the next level. The Power of Life Mastery is an explosive course in accelerated learning and personal mastery that really works. You'll learn how to end self-sabotage and release your full potential, by applying proven strategies for maximizing your results. It covers a step-by-step, comprehensive training program in creating outstanding breakthroughs in every area of your life. Anthony will walk you through, hand in hand, the process of developing and recapturing the essence of your truest self. He will uncover time-tested and proven strategies for getting much more of what you want, and less of what you don't. In The Power of Life Mastery are the secret keys to living a 'Life by Design;" those little-known distinctions that make all the difference. It is your passport to happiness, well-being and personal fulfillment. So, hold on tight and prepare for the ride of your life.

The Science of Success: 10 Steps to Prosperity and Power (Illustrated)

Author: W. D. Wattles

Publisher: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing


Category: Self-Help


View: 350

The Science of Success: 10 Steps to Prosperity and Power is the collection of titles encapsulates the greatest writings of all time on how to succeed and to grow in power, wealth and prosperity. Featuring: W. D. Wattles. THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH Napoleon Hill. THINK AND GROW RICH Russell H. Conwell. ACRES OF DIAMONDS Russell H. Conwell. THE KEY TO SUCCESS P.T. Barnum. THE ART OF MONEY GETTING OR GOLDEN RULES FOR MAKING MONEY Page Fox. ONE THOUSAND WAYS TO MAKE MONEY Benjamin Franklin. THE WAY TO WEALTH; OR, "POOR RICHARD IMPROVED" Orison Swett Marden. PUSHING TO THE FRONT Orison Swett Marden. AN IRON WILL H. A. Lewis. HIDDEN TREASURES; OR, WHY SOME SUCCEED WHILE OTHERS FAIL

Shamanism & personal mastery






View: 408

Self Mastery

Author: Eduardo A. Morato

Publisher: eBookIt.com


Category: Self-Help

Page: 236

View: 127

Self Mastery is the most elusive of all human quests. A lifetime is never sufficient for most people. Learning to be the best that you can ever become demands the full faculties of the brain, the heart and the spirit. This search for the ultimate self begins with learning to think, using both rational, analytical and critical mind and the associative, creative, systemic and integrative mind. It then conjures that other way of knowing without knowing why you know. This is learning to intuit. Separate, but equally powerful, is the emotional mind, the one that feels and empathizes. Learning to feel brings the self to its sensitive, sensual and stimulating dimension. Next, learning to do puts into action everything that one thinks, intuits and feels. This is followed by the need to transmit and receive messages, both trivial and important, in learning to communicate. Raising the level of the self to assume greater responsibility and accept personal accountability for other is learning to lead. Finally, there is full self actualization and total human development in learning to be. At this height of personal excellence, the five pillars of being and becoming conspire to transform the self towards transcendence. These elevating pillars are wonderment, a wider world view, wisdom, walking the way of the spirit and the will to live.

The Quest for Personal Power

Transforming Stress Into Strength

Author: Phil Nuernberger

Publisher: Perigee Trade


Category: Self-Help

Page: 286

View: 141

Reflecting on the causes and impact of stress, explains how to use our inner resources and the power of the mind to eliminate stress and achieve wellness, confidence, self-reliance, and personal excellence

Group Counseling for Personal Mastery

Author: Wayne W. Dyer



Category: Education

Page: 277

View: 150

Self-Mastery (the Way of the Heaven Born)

the way of the heaven born

Author: W George Bryant Phd

Publisher: Google Books,CREATE SPACE(Amazon).


Category: Fiction

Page: 482

View: 908

Self-Mastery is An Inspirational work that assists young adults in the development of self knowledge. As such it is a book to be studied and and not just read. The format in analogous to the course materials for the organization "A course in Mircales."

The Power of Self. a Practical Guide to Knowing the Self

Author: Kim Michaels

Publisher: More to Life Publishing



Page: 250

View: 611

An inspiring and insightful guide to solving your problems or changing your life by using the creative powers you already have, the Power of Self. The key to unlocking your creative power is to know the self, including its origin and components. Achieving Self-mastery has been an enigmatic quest for humankind for eons. Yet, a few masters have solved the riddle and completed the path to enlightenment. The Power of Self outlines the secrets and principles that these masters have taught about the human mind. The author guides and inspires, making it easy to see how to unlock the infinite potential of your real Self. He also gives practical advice about how this time-honored wisdom can be applied to daily life. The spiritual masters offer a path of self-mastery, whereby we can gradually attain control over our reactions to the situations we encounter in the material world. Instead of going through life in an unaware way, we can purify the mind from all limitations until we can meet life with a higher form of awareness. The Path to Self-mastery is a process, whereby we gradually cleanse the mind from all of the limited ideas, beliefs, paradigms and assumptions that spring from the material world. We gradually throw out what colors our perception, and one day we will see the light entering the mind without having it colored at all. The real key to unlocking the power of self is not to find some kind of magical formula that forces the light. The key is to empty your mind of the elements in the human kaleidoscope that block the flow of light from your higher Self. This book gives you both the knowledge and the practical tools to master the Self.

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