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Psychology & Mental Health: Sleep apnea

Author: Nancy A. Piotrowski

Publisher: Salem PressInc


Category: Psychology

Page: 2208

View: 851

This comprehensive five-volume set covers notable theories, people, social issues, life stages, the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system, and various mental illnesses or conditions --from publisher description.

Salem Health

Psychology and Mental Health. Sleep apnea-Zimbardo, Philip




Category: Medicine and psychology

Page: 806

View: 485

Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach

Author: David Barlow

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Psychology

Page: 736

View: 499

Balancing biological, psychological, social, and cultural approaches, David Barlow and V. Mark Durand’s groundbreaking integrative approach is the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying abnormal psychology. In this Sixth Edition of their proven ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH, Barlow and Durand successfully blend sophisticated research and an accessible writing style with the most widely recognized method of discussing psychopathology. Going beyond simply describing different schools of thought on psychological disorders, the authors explore the interactions of the various forces that contribute to psychopathology. A conversational writing style, consistent pedagogical elements, integrated case studies (95 percent from the authors’ own files), video clips of clients, and additional study tools make this text the most complete learning resource available. For instructors, an Instructor’s Resource Manual, Test Bank, and a wide selection of videos are available to use when teaching the course. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Essentials of Abnormal Psychology

Author: V. Durand

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Psychology

Page: 736

View: 929

In this briefer version of Durand and Barlow’s widely taught text, the authors explain abnormal psychology through their standard-setting integrative approach--the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying the subject. Through this integrative approach, students learn that psychological disorders are rarely caused by a single influence, but rooted in the interaction among multiple factors: biological, psychological, cultural, social, familial, and even political. A conversational writing style, consistent pedagogy, and real case profiles--95 percent from the authors’ own case files--provide a realistic context for the scientific findings of the book. In addition, these features ensure that readers never lose sight of the fact that real people are behind the DSM criteria, the theories, and the research. NOW updated with a DSM-5 supplement available on the text website. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Sleep and Mental Illness

Author: S. R. Pandi-Perumal

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Medical

Page: 430

View: 857

This comprehensive volume provides clinicians with a better understanding of the correlation between sleep and mental illness.

Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders

A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions

Author: Michael L. Perlis

Publisher: Academic Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 404

View: 625

Sleep is a major component of good mental and physical health, yet over 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Edited by three prominent clinical experts, Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders is the first reference to cover all of the most common disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, parasomnias, etc) and the applicable therapeutic techniques. The volume adopts a highly streamlined and practical approach to make the tools of the trade from behavioral sleep medicine accessible to mainstream psychologists as well as sleep disorder specialists. Organized by therapeutic technique, each chapter discusses the various sleep disorders to which the therapy is relevant, an overall rationale for the intervention, step-by-step instructions for how to implement the technique, possible modifications, the supporting evidence base, and further recommended readings. Treatments for both the adult and child patient populations are covered, and each chapter is authored by an expert in the field. An extra chapter ("The use of bright light in the treatment of insomnia," by Drs. Leon Lack and Helen Wright) which is not listed in the table of contents is available for free download at: Offers more coverage than any volume on the market, with discussion of virtually all sleep disorders and numerous treatment types Addresses treatment concerns for both adult and pediatric population Outstanding scholarship, with each chapter written by an expert in the topic area Each chapter offers step-by-step description of procedures and covers the evidence-based data behind those procedures

Relief from Insomnia

Getting the Sleep of Your Dreams

Author: Charles M. Morin

Publisher: Main Street Books


Category: Self-Help

Page: 207

View: 648

A complete self-management program for overcoming sleep disorders without medication discusses sleep patterns, the sources of insomnia, sleep problems for children and the elderly, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Original.

Psychological Assessment and Therapy with Older Adults

Author: Bob G. Knight

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Psychology

Page: 296

View: 309

Due to improvements in health and healthcare, the elderly population is expanding rapidly within the developed world. However, more and more elderly people require some form of psychological support at some point in their later years. The types of problems faced by this population are quite distinct and often more complex than those faced by younger adults, and throw up many new challenges - in both assessment and treatment. Though there are books available that focus individually on assessment or treatment, few have combined the two into a single framework. Within this book Knight and Pachana argue that psychological assessment needs to be more tightly integrated with therapy, especially with older adult clients. Using the Contextual Adult Lifespan Theory for Adapting Psychotherapy (CALTAP) as a framework for applying our knowledge about developmental, social contextual, and cohort/generational factors that influence age differences in response to psychological assessment and therapy, they present an integrated framework for psychological assessment and therapy with older adults. This text is valuable for practitioners looking for a solid theoretical basis for the practice of assessment and therapy with older clients, students in graduate courses looking at later lifespan issues, and educators looking for material to enhance generalist psychotherapy courses with a lifespan perspective.

The Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability, 6th Edition

Author: Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LCP, DCMHS, CRC, CCM

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Psychology

Page: 568

View: 913

"This edition...adds an important international perspective on illness and disability. The personal narratives help bring the real world of people who are suffering to the forefront of the scientific discourse."--Doody's Medical Reviews Now in its sixth edition, this best-selling textbook continues to be the most comprehensive and diverse text available on the psychosocial aspects of disability. It examines current thought and treatment approaches to working with individuals with disabilities through the contributions of expert thinkers and practitioners in the disability field. Abundant and insightful narratives by disabled individuals offer a bridge between theory and practice for students in rehabilitation psychology and counseling courses. In addition to completely updated and reorganized material, this edition contains insightful new section introductions, empirically based research articles, and the contributions of international researchers presenting a more global and richer perspective on the psychosocial aspects of disability and illness. It also contains an increased focus on the negative impact of societal attitudes and treatment of disabled individuals on their psychological adjustment to disability. The addition of objectives at the beginning of each chapter and review questions and personal perspectives at the end of each chapter further facilitate in-depth learning. Key Features: Presents the most comprehensive and diverse coverage of psychosocial aspects of disability topics of any textbook available Examines contemporary thinking and treatment approaches in working with individuals with disabilities Provides a bridge between theory and practice through the narratives of individuals with disabilities Establishes a historical understanding of societal attitudes toward disability and treatment past and present of persons with disabilities Analyzes barriers to enabling persons with disabilities and improving social consciousness and quality of life for this population Facilitates course planning through inclusion of objectives and review questions/personal perspectives in each chapter

Psychology and Mental Health: Group therapy

Author: Jaclyn Rodriguez

Publisher: Salem PressInc


Category: Psychology

Page: 729

View: 202

Topics include: Abnormality, Addictive personality and behaviours, Aggression, Agoraphobia and panic disorders, Alcoholism, Alzheimer's Disease, Amnesia, Analytical psychotherapy, Multiple personality, Anorexia and bulimia nervosa, Antisocial personality, Anxiety disorders, Aphasias, Attention-Deficit disorder, Autism, Bed-Wetting, Behavioral family therapy, Biofeedback, Borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personalities, Brain disorders, Child abuse, Codependent personality, Cognitive therapy, Dementia, Depression, Divorce and separation, Domestic violence, Down syndrome, Dyslexia, Eating disorders, Forgetting and forgetfulness, Geriatric psychiatry, Gestalt therapy, Grief and guilt, Group therapy, Hypochondriasis, Identity crisis, Insomnia, Jealousy, Juvenile delinquency, Learning disabilities, Lobotomy, Manic-Depressive disorder, Mental health, Mental retardation, Midlife crisis, Modeling therapies, Music, dance & theater therapy, Neurosis, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, Paranoia, Phobias, Play therapy, Post-traumatic stress, Psychiatry, Psychoactive drug therapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychosis, Psychosomatic disorders, Psychosurgery, Psychotherapy, Reality therapy, Schizophrenia, Seasonal affective disorder, Sexual dysfunction, Sibling rivalry, Sleep Apnea Syndromes, Stress, Substance abuse, Suicide, Teenage suicide, Transactional analysis, and Type A Behavior pattern.

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