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Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power

Author: Byung-Chul Han

Publisher: Verso Books


Category: Information technology

Page: 87

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"The translation of this work was supported by a grant from the Goethe-Institut which is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs."--Title page verso.


Conversations with Trevor Cribben Merrill

Author: Jean-Michel Oughourlian

Publisher: MSU Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 98

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For thousands of years, political leaders have unified communities by aligning them against common enemies. However, today more than ever, the search for “common” enemies results in anything but unanimity. Scapegoats like Saddam Hussein, for example, led to a stark polarization in the United States. Renowned neuropsychiatrist and psychologist Jean-Michel Oughourlian proposes that the only authentic enemy is the one responsible for both everyday frustrations and global dangers, such as climate change—ourselves. Oughourlian, who pioneered an “interdividual” psychology with René Girard, reveals how all people are bound together in a dynamic, contingent process of imitation, and shows that the same patterns of irrational mimetic desire that bring individuals together and push them apart also explain the behavior of nations.

A Synthesis of the Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics

Author: David Todeschini




Page: 151

View: 747

A riveting exposure in synthesis - of how the Communist mind works. Russia may be defunct, but Communism is alive and well in the United States today. This manuscript is in two parts - the first part is a "synthesis" written by an annonymous author in 1955, telling how the USSR was going to take over the United States and destroy its culture. The second part of the book is the author's point-by-point analysis of how successful Communism is in the USA, and why. Also discussed are various techniques for brainwashing, and the selective presentation of information to make people think whatever you want them to think. This book is an excellent companion to my "Lie Detection Manual".

Brain-Washing - A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

Author: Anon.

Publisher: Read Books Ltd


Category: Psychology

Page: 68

View: 193

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The Psychopolitics of Liberation

Political Consciousness From a Jungian Perspective

Author: L. Alschuler

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 204

View: 785

Explaining changes in the political consciousness of the oppressed using the ideas of Paulo Freire, Albert Memmi, and Jungian psychology, this original book explores how psychological bonds of oppression are broken and offers a psychopolitical theory for the analysis of the autobiographies of four Native people in Guatemala and Canada.

The Psychopolitics of the Oriental Father

Between Omnipotence and Emasculation

Author: B. Somay

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 243

View: 217

With a foreword by Slavoj Žižek, this book explores the Father Function in the East in the process of 'Modernisation', arguing that 'Modernisation' and 'Westernisation' are euphemisms for the advent of capitalism in Asiatic and African societies which lead to fatal transformations of the cultural and political incarnatations of the Oriental Father.

The Ultimate Psychopolitics, Mass Mind Control and the Global Control System

Author: Ceres



Category: Conspiracies

Page: 221

View: 859


Author: Milton Greenblatt



Category: Mental health planning

Page: 278

View: 472

The Psychopolitics of Food

Culinary rites of passage in the neoliberal age

Author: Mihalis Mentinis

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 122

View: 396

The Psychopolitics of Food probes into the contemporary ‘foodscape’, examining culinary practices and food habits and in particular the ways in which they conflate with neoliberal political economy. It suggests that generic alimentary and culinary practices constitute technologies of the self and the body and argues that the contemporary preoccupation with food takes the form of ‘rites of passage’ that express and mark the transition from a specific stage of neoliberal development to another vis-à-vis a re-configuration of the alimentary and sexual regimes. Even though these rites of passage are taking place on the borders of cultural bi-polarities, their function, nevertheless, is precisely to define these borders as sites of a neoliberal transitional demand; that is, to produce a cultural bifurcation between ‘eating orders’ and ‘eating dis-orders’, by promoting and naturalising certain social logics while simultaneously rendering others as abject and anachronistic. The book is a worthwhile read for researchers and advanced scholars in the areas of food studies, critical psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Exam Prep for: Psychopolitics of Speech

Author: Dave Mason

Publisher: Rico Publications




View: 831

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