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Remembering Bruce Lee

And Jon Benn's Other Adventures

Author: Jon T. Benn



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 296

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Even four decades after the passing of Asian martial-arts superstar Bruce Lee, his achievements still attract adoration from millions of movie fans. The biggest fan of all may be Jon Benn, who befriended the high-kicking hero while playing "the Big Boss", a villain in Lees acclaimed 1972 movie "The Way of the Dragon". In this tell-tale autobiography, Jon reminisces fondly about his experiences with Lee and a lifetime of other adventures. From facing Lees fists of fury to riding in a cowboy posse, from almost starting the Third World War to a nude scene with sex symbol Bo Derek, much has happened to Jon for the sake of appearing in movies. But thats not all. From exploring ancient Mexican temples and falling into a volcano to eavesdropping on communists in Cold War Europe, from doing business with former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos to girls-in-hot-pants waving Passports to Pleasure, one heck of a lot has happened to Jon away from the cameras too.

Remembering Bruce

The Enduring Legend of the Martial Arts Superstar

Author: James Bishop



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

View: 592

The world was electrified in 1973 when Enter the Dragon was released. Western audiences had never seen a screen hero with such charisma, on screen presence and athletic grace. Sadly, its star, Bruce Lee, died three weeks before its release -- yet, on the basis of Enter the Dragon and four other Hong Kong productions, Bruce Lee has become an immortal icon, a man with a following that reaches every corner of the globe with an almost religious fervor. What is it about Bruce Lee that captures the attention of so many? Remembering Bruce reveals the real Bruce Lee, a passionate man whose martial arts skill and philosophical teachings have attracted generations to his message. More than an actor, Bruce Lee was a teacher who inspired countless people to honestly express themselves and become better human beings. Remembering Bruce examines Lee's legacy not just as a star and martial artist, but as a teacher and motivator. Each chapter explores a different side of Bruce Lee: -- A martial artist whose almost superhuman abilities transformed the sport -- A movie star, the first international Asian star (and his complete filmography) -- The philosopher, and the source of his values, beliefs and discipline -- The family man, devoted husband and father -- His legend, and information on the new Bruce Lee Historical Society -- The legacy, including college courses taught on his philosophical concepts.Of the many books on Bruce Lee, most deal with the mechanics of his art or are repetitive biographies. Remembering Bruce is special. Written by an educated fan who is also a martial artist, Remembering Bruce unveils the truth behind the Bruce Lee myth: that Bruce Lee was much more thana chop-socky actor -- indeed, that he was an innovative thinker, a great mind of his time whose legacy will endure.

Remembering the Master

Bruce Lee, James Yimm Lee, and the Creation of Jeet Kune Do

Author: Sid Campbell

Publisher: Blue Snake Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

View: 303

"Remembering the Master is a glimpse into the lives of Bruce Lee and James Yimm Lee, related through the memories of those closest to them during the Oakland years, where they changed the course of martial arts history with the creation of Jeet Kune Do"--

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way

Author: Bruce Lee

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 400

View: 137

Compiled from Bruce Lee's own notes and writings, Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do is the seminal book presenting the martial art created by Bruce Lee himself. Jeet Kune Do was a revolutionary new approach to the martial arts in its time and is the principal reason why Bruce Lee is revered as a pioneer by martial artists today, many decades after his death. The development of his unique martial art form—its principles, core techniques, and lesson plans—are all presented in this book in Bruce Lee's own words and notes. This is the complete and official version of Jeet Kune Do which was originally published by Tuttle Publishing in cooperation with the Lee family in 1997. It is still the most comprehensive presentation of Jeet Kune Do available. This Jeet Kune Do book features Lee's illustrative sketches and his remarkable notes and commentaries on the nature of combat and achieving success in life through the martial arts, as well as the importance of a positive mental attitude during training. In addition, there are a series of "Questions Every Martial Artist Must Ask Himself" that Lee posed to himself and intended to explore as part of his own development, but never lived to complete. Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do is the book every Bruce Lee fan must have in his collection. This Bruce Lee Book is part of the Bruce Lee Library which also features: Bruce Lee: Striking Thoughts Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon Bruce Lee: The Tao of Gung Fu Bruce Lee: Artist of Life Bruce Lee: Letters of the Dragon Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Telling It Like It Is

Author: Paul Bowden

Publisher: Paul Bowden



Page: 698

View: 291

'Telling It Like It Is' is a collection of quotations that either give good advice or are useful truths. Of course there will be quotations that you disagree with or don't identify with, but with about 700 pages how could it be otherwise! Taken as a whole though, the book tries to present a coherent view of life that has honesty and integrity and is true. Ultimately, however, you must decide for yourself whether each quote strikes a chord with you and whether all the quotes taken together present a picture of human affairs and behavior that you recognize and agree with. Whatever your final opinion, you will find this collection of quotations both fascinating and provocative.

Alchemy, the Masters' Path- Create Your Calm & Peace

Author: Alchemist Jedi



Category: Self-Help

Page: 146

View: 391

In a world where you can't look both ways to cross the street without tripping over another self-help author, it's crucial to bring something different to readers that are searching for answers. The Alchemist Jedi in his no nonsense codex Alchemy, the Masters' Path - Create Your Calm & Peace cuts the fluff out of an existential discussion that's caused centuries of war in the past and separation in modern times. Without fear this particular guidebook teaches several ancient practices that ""cultivate your mind and nurture your emotions"" to reach a place of joy and inner peace. What sets Alchemy, the Masters' Path apart is how the tale combines quick references you can keep in your pocket for a rainy day with personal anecdotes from the author's own experiences. Without giving too much away, the story of how he lost his tongue and the power he gained from silently observing the world will both terrify and inspire you. There's something magical every reader can gain from this book.

Whispers From The Dead

Author: Terence West

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 239

View: 676

Rose Webb wasn't given a choice. Fate, it seemed, had its own plan. After watching her family die at the hands of a trio of demonic Vampires, she was tortured, raped, and killed by them over and over again. There seemed only one way out... But that meant becoming the one thing she loathed above all else: a Vampire. In the aftermath of THE BRIMSTONE BETRAYAL, Rose's life has fallen to shambles under accusations of corruption and collusion with the enemy. Her career with the Brimstone Syndicate is in jeopardy as she's branded a rogue Vampire. Her partners, a Werewolf named Toby and a Goblin called Karl, don't trust her, and it seems everyone is hunting her.In a tale that takes Rose from the underbelly of Las Vegas to the deepest depths of her soul, she must face her past and listen to the whispers from the dead. Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal/Mystery/Suspense Read both trilling books from author Terence West! THE BRIMSTONE BETRAYAL [THE BRIMSTONE CONSPIRACY BOOK 1] WHISPERS FROM THE DEAD [THE BRIMSTONE CONSPIRACY BOOK 2]

A New Planet

Author: Corey Marques

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 515

View: 249

The characters and plot of this story are fictitious , and although some are derived from mythical, historical, symbolic and religious means, the story itself is fictitious. As such, the story is not intended to be taken seriously, judgmentally, nor religiously; but absorbed and discarded playfully with an open mind. Take in what you need; take what you feel, discard the rest. In no way does this book claim to know the right way to grow, because everyone must walk their own path, everyone must find their own centerpoint of view . This story comes from one perspective, one eye, one voice, one soul expressing various elements of human emotion, expression and opinion. This is a story, with a plot I believe to be of central proportions. It is up to you to find connections to your own Archetype. May you always Love your Creator and aim to shine bright like the greatest role model in the universe. Within creative bright light*Shines great insight. Aim to be the Author and Master your own world. *Everyone, every soul has a character, a story that can and does change the World. Ask yourself, who is your character?

Hand of the Omega

Author: Katherine Whitley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 601

View: 215

What would you do to save the life of someone you love? What could you sacrifice to save your own soul? Special Agent Will Taylor and his reluctant partner, Jackson Allen, have formed an uneasy and unlikely friendship, but are now bonded forever because of the complicated hand of Fate interlocking the two by family and circumstance. As they settle into their new lives, the Fallen plots the demise of mankind by horrific means; using the Society’s love and Commitment to one another to create the havoc and negativity causing tragedies the world over. No sacrifice is too great, and unimaginable pain willingly suffered as they must fight both separately and as a team to bring an end to this evil that threatens to destroy The Society, and take world along for the ride. Along the way, the hard lessons of fate, destiny and life are both taught and learned by everyone involved in the struggle for both the salvation of the world and the understanding that life is not about the individual; but about the ultimate plan. And one’s final destination.

Bruce Lee

Fighting Spirit

Author: Bruce Thomas

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 728

In the 1970s Bruce Lee emerged as the world's greatest fighting star - an accolade he has kept ever since. He battled to succeed in America in spite of the racial prejudice that denied him a starring role, eventually making films in Hong Kong that turned him into a star - the highest-paid movie star of his day. His controversial death, at the age of thirty-two when he was at the height of his powers, has given him a James-Dean style enduring appeal. In Bruce Lee - Fighting Spirit, Bruce Thomas has written a complete account not only of Lee's life and death, but of the fighting philosophy he developed (jeet kune do) which made him the greatest exponent of martial arts in modern times. In this updated edition he reassesses Lee's skills and examines the enduring impact of his legacy - on action films and martial arts today. As an icon Bruce Lee's popularity continues to grow and this book is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary man whose achievements have never been surpassed. 'An endlessly stimulating accout of Lee's life and times' Loaded

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