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Remind Me who I Am, Again

Author: Linda Grant

Publisher: Granta Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 307

View: 781

In Remind Me Who I Am, Again, Linda Grant tells the story of her mother's gradual but devastating mental deterioration, her diagnosis as a victim of Alzheimer's disease, and her family's struggle to come to terms with the catastrophic impact of the disease. Iimmensely moving, at times darkly comic, and searingly honest, it combines biography and memoir in a unique examination of the profound questions of identity, memory, and autonomy that dementia raises.

Remind Me Again What Happened

Author: Joanna Luloff

Publisher: Algonquin Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 825

“There is a smudge where my memory is supposed to be.” Claire wakes in a hospital room in the Florida Keys. She has no idea how she got there or why. The loss of so many memories is paralyzing. Some things she can piece together by looking at old photos saved by her husband, Charlie, and her best friend, Rachel, and by combing through boxes of letters and casual jottings. But she senses a mystery at the center of all these fragments of her past, a feeling that something is not complete. Is Charlie still her husband? Is Rachel still her friend? Told from alternating points of view that pull the reader into the minds of the three characters, the story unfolds as the smudge that covers Claire’s memory is gradually, steadily wiped away, until finally she can understand the why and the how of her life. And then maybe she and Charlie and Rachel can move forward, but with their lives forever changed. In Remind Me Again What Happened, debut novelist Joanna Luloff has written a moving and beautifully nuanced story of transience, the ebb and flow of time, and how relationships shift and are reconfigured by each day, hour, and minute.

Nena - Remind Me Again

Author: Madeline Bell





View: 866

Remind Me Again Why I Married You

A Novel

Author: Rita Ciresi

Publisher: Delacorte Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 513

No one blends humor and heartbreak like Rita Ciresi, whose award-winning novels are lauded as much for their generous wit as for their unflinching honesty. Ciresi’s crowd-pleasing novel Pink Slip captivated readers and critics alike, introducing two utterly unforgettable characters and a love story both bittersweet and comic. Now Ciresi returns to the people and place of that irresistible bestseller in a riotous and rueful, sexy and poignant tale of married love…a novel that asks how two people who fell desperately, passionately, heartbreakingly in love can sustain a second act. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Lisa Strauss, nee Diodetto, is spending it playing dutiful wife at a $100-a-head benefit instead of in bed with Eben, her hardworking husband of (is it only?) five years. Once upon a time, Lisa, too, was a member of the corporate workaday world--until she fell in love with her boss (Eben), gave birth to a cute but rambunctious son, and gradually morphed into a stay-at-home mom. Somewhere in the mix Lisa also is a writer with ambitions of fame and glory, but those dreams seem to be shrinking, along with her sex life. That is, until a hotshot literary agent shows interest in Lisa’s magnum opus. Suddenly, she has a pen name, and an excerpt of her book appears in Playboy. In between revising chapters, Lisa is trying--and failing miserably--to get pregnant again. She’s going house-hunting with Cynthia Farquhar, the gorgeous blond Realtor/divorcee who has become her closest confidante (and the object of Eben’s secret fantasies). And she’s wondering if this is all marriage is and can ever be: bonded for life to a man who may never again be the red-hot lover of their pre-marriage union. In fact, he just may turn out to be the conflicted protagonist of her novel--a devoted family man whose moral fiber may not be strong enough to withstand the slings and arrows of lust and temptation. As their lives begin to bizarrely mirror aspects of Lisa’s book…as marital life as they know it teeters on the edge of utter chaos, Lisa and Eben search--apart and together--for the answer to the question that has plagued husbands and wives since time immemorial: Can love survive marriage? In a wickedly funny, right-on-target look at love and relationships, Rita Ciresi peels back the layers of a marriage with equal doses of hilarity and humanity. Filled with all the zest, zingers, and unexpected surprises of life, Remind Me Again Why I Married You is this uncommonly gifted author at her lusty and liberating best.

Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man

Author: Claudia Carroll

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 824

Ever since she was a little girl, all Amelia Lockwood has ever wanted is to get married. The Tiffany ring, the Vera Wang dress ... the whole shebang. The car, the gorgeous flat and three fabulous friends only go so far in consoling her now that she's in her thirties and still not married. So when Amelia hears about a course that promises she'll be saying 'I do' before the year is out, she jumps at the chance to enrol. What Amelia doesn't realize is that a fundamental principle of the course is that you need to revisit all your past relationships to work out where you went wrong. In single-minded pursuit of her ultimate goal Amelia gets in touch with every ex-boyfriend she's ever had - right back to age sixteen - with some surprising results!

Remind Me Again

Author: Jade Scorpion




Page: 48

View: 372

Jane isn't fortunate enough to have a normal childhood. Between changing diapers, checking homework, and fixing bottles she barely had time to breathe. Jasmine can't understand why her entire life seems to be a day in hell everyday. Charlie came in and turned their entire world upside down. What's to come of their lives? Who knows?

Kingdom Hearts III: the Novel, Vol. 3 (light Novel)

Remind Me Again

Author: Tomoco Kanemaki

Publisher: Yen Press



Page: 162

View: 700

Once Sora, Donald, and Goofy finish their search for the power of waking and the last guardians of light, it's time to challenge Xehanort once and for all in the dramatic conclusion to the Dark Seeker saga, including the events of Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind!

Remind Me Again If I'm the Good Sister Or the Evil One

Graph Paper Notebook - 0. 25 Inch (1/4) Squares

Author: Jeryx Publishing

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 104

View: 319

A graph notebook features pages covered with a continuous square grid. The squares have different sizes according to your preference.The lines are often used as guides for plotting mathematical functions or experimental data and drawing two-dimensional graphs. It is the preferred page for mathematical graphing, art projects, statistical charts and home renovation projects. Here are other benefits of using a Graph Paper: - Drawing schematics, diagrams and models - Graphs - Flow charts - Orderly, bulleted notetaking - Check-box style to do lists - Budgeting - Timelines - Writing in Japanese or Chinese Who would LOVE this notebook? - Those note takers with small handwriting who want to maximize their total number of words per page - Those note takers with a tendency for messy handwriting, who need structure to focus on controlling the size and spacing of each letter Whether you need form to guide you with your letters and numbers or a notebook to easily tick off your To Do lists, you'll love our notebook.

You Remind Me of You

Author: Eireann Corrigan

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 804

A startling, remarkable poetry memoir of love and pain, hurt and recovery. For three years, Eireann Corrigan was in and out of treatment facilities for her eating disorders. By the time she graduated high school, her doctors said she was going to die if things didn't change. That July, her high school boyfriend attempted suicide. In one gunshot moment, everything was altered. In a striking and vivid voice, Eireann Corrigan recounts these events, finding meaning in the hurt, humor in the horror, and grace in the struggle that life demands. You Remind Me of You is a testament to the binding ties of love and pain, and the strange paths we take to recovery.

Relating Experience

Stories from Health and Social Care

Author: Caroline Malone

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 289

View: 530

This reader provides a diverse selection of accounts of interpersonal communication and relationships in the context of health and social care. Most of the contributions are personal narratives by people using or working in care services; the majority are contemporary and many have been written especially for this anthology. The book also includes other kinds of accounts, including attempts to encapsulate in fictional, poetic and visual form something of the nature of encounters in the context of care. There are sections on changing relationships, the way things happen, the physical context of care, difficult encounters, and working together, as well as cross-cutting themes such as power and diversity. Relating Experience is an essential resource for students of social work, nursing, health and social policy, and for all involved in health and social care services, whether as professionals, carers or service users.

Remind Me Again

Author: Madeline Bell




Page: 80

View: 859

St Martins School want a woman driver for their ski trip to Italy, Global don't have any - or do they? Can Chris save the day?

Lord, It’s Me Again

Author: Wayne Cosper

Publisher: WestBowPress


Category: Religion

Page: 286

View: 237

It seems we seldom know what we should say when we pray; we only know we need to talk to our Lord. When we ask God for direction and allow Him to lead everything—including our prayer lives—we can rest in the knowing that we will be closer to our Lord each day. This book is written by a man that has asked God to help him pray—nothing glamorous, just simple, heartfelt, and tearful prayer.

Hello God, It's Me Again

Author: Jean Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 50

View: 605

“Hello, God, It’s Me Again” is a collection of letters to God with thoughts and insights of faith. Daily situations present opportunities for reflection on the constancy of a relationship with God.

Hey, Holy Spirit, It's Me Again

365 Daily Insights Into the Workbook Lessons of a Course in Miracles

Author: Myron Jones

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 209

View: 593

This is an essential guide for anyone ready to step out of the illusion of suffering and separation! It is indispensable as a companion to anyone on the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) pathway. Journey with Rev. Myron Jones as she shares her daily insights to accompany the first 90 lessons of ACIM’s Workbook For Students. Through sharing honestly and openly her day to day personal experiences of practicing the lessons, you are lovingly led by example, to experience for yourself the transformational power of ACIM.

Begin Again, Believe Again

Embracing the Courage to Love with Abandon

Author: Sharon A. Hersh

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 886

Our hearts as women were made by God for relationships. Why is it, then, that the thing we most deeply desire—relationships—becomes the source of so much pain? Difficult marriages, the loneliness of being single, problem children, abusive employers, fractured's realities are often very different from the dreams we dreamed for ourselves as girls. How do we live with this beautiful ache for relationships in a world that doesn't always work?When we've been betrayed, how do we trust again? When we've been disappointed, how do we hope again? When we've been terribly hurt, how do we love again?In this honest, intimate, and transformative book, counselor Sharon Hersh helps you gain a new, truly biblical perspective on relationships that can help you endure the heartaches and still come up living wholeheartedly, loving with abandon, and daring to hope and believe. The stories of the women in this book, including that of the author, are signposts that point you beyond the sometimes devastating problems of life to the deep, rich reason and root of all relationships, both good and bad: God's desire for relationship with you.In Sharon's words, “Relationships are not the destination—they are the path to something more.”

Endgame Symphony

Author: MJ Grigsby

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 139

View: 987

At one time, he enjoyed lifethen tragedy forced self-medication and recrimination on him. When deep distress forces Devlin Goode beyond his ability to endure, he makes a desperate choice that initiates a chain of experiences. That choice was made with a curse for Heaven and Hell dripping from his lips. Then, when a profound memory sobers his mind, he is forced to reconsider his intentions. Losing consciousness, Devlin wakes up in, he believes, a correctional mental facility. He finds himself surrounded by dubious characters including presumed mental patients, staff, and two very mysterious and puzzling men named Sheperd and Forge. Those two appear to Devlin at odd times and with odd ramblings seemingly in an attempt to maneuver him to their own ends; ends that are a mystery to him. Although Devlin truly has no idea of what hes become involved with or where hes being led, he knows the stakes are monumental! One inexplicable event after the next forces Devlin to question his own judgment, his senses, and eventually his very sanity! Could the things he is witnessing possibly be real? Consumed with his own suffering, Devlin remains unsure of what is real and who to trust, including himself. Each encounter he has with those around him chips away at his fragile resolve. After being racked in mind, body, and spirit, Devlin Goode is in time brought to an epiphany, possibly proving to be the ultimate answer to his very existence.

Choosing Him All Over Again

A Story of Romance and Redemption

Author: Juana Mikels

Publisher: Ambassador International


Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 954

"She has everything that is supposed to make a young woman happy: handsome husband, dream job, new home, great vacations, fun friends, and plenty of money. But she isn’t happy. Leaving husband, house, and friends behind, Juana begins her search for peace and happiness in earnest. Mistakenly, she thinks all she needs is “Mr. Right,” but instead, Juana finds Jesus—and the peace she has always longed for. As she grows in her faith and her desire to please God, God rekindles in her heart a longing to be reconciled to her husband. However, the tables are now turned—her husband doesn’t want Juana back. Juana learns how to let go and trust God, to let Him go to work and do what seems like the impossible . . . but will her marriage be restored?"

''I Will Be Well Again''

A Donors Guide to Spiritual Giving

Author: Iris Mack

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 90

View: 365

This book is written to start a communication between people of all ages to consider doing something outside of themselves. It is just one of the many experiences that you can have when you avail yourself to be used by God.

Never Alone Again

Author: Heidi McGraw

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 988

Autumn Goldschmidt had everything going for her, her dreams where full, her family and friends were right by her side, nothing was going to stop her, she felt on top of the world knowing her whole life was ahead of her, but that all changed on that dreadful night when she was left all alone after her parents passed away in a car accident. If that wasnt enough, she was then ripped away from the only other family and life she knew. Autumns aunt and uncle had made the choice to ship her off to a boarding school telling her it was in her best interest. Autumn wanted to stay and had begged them to let her stay with them, but once the cab door was shut and she was closed off from the only family she knew, she allowed the walls to build up around her heart and she vowed never to return to Jackson, Montana ever again. Autumn started her life over in Homer, Nevada where she opened a small little shop, where she threw herself into her work. She made a point not to make friends or see anyone. Her life had become her shop until her best friend Nichole asked her to come back to Jackson, Montana where all her dreams had disappeared and her abandonment issues started. Once Autumn was back in Jackson Montana, she had all her raw emotions she tried to bury dead inside of her, seep out and things started to happen to her once more.

More, Now, Again

A Memoir of Addiction

Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 739

I crush up my pills and snort them like dust. They are my sugar. They are the sweetness in the days that have none. They drip through me like tupelo honey. Then they are gone. Then I need more. I always need more. For all of my life I have needed more. A precocious literary light, Elizabeth Wurtzel published her groundbreaking memoir of depression, Prozac Nation, at the tender age of twenty-six. A worldwide success, a cultural phenomenon, the book opened doors to a rarefied world about which Elizabeth had only dared to dream during her middle-class upbringing in New York City. But no success could staunch her continuous battle with depression. The terrible truth was that nothing had changed the emptiness inside Elizabeth. Her relationships universally failed; she was fired from every magazine job she held. Indeed, the absence of fulfillment in the wake of success became yet another seemingly insurmountable hurdle. When her doctor prescribed Ritalin to boost the effects of her antidepression medication, Elizabeth jumped. And the Ritalin worked. And worked. And worked. Within weeks, she was grinding up the pills and snorting them for a greater effect. It reached the point where she couldn't go more than five minutes without a fix. It was Ritalin, and then cocaine, and then more Ritalin. In a harrowing account, Elizabeth Wurtzel contemplates what it means to be in love with something in your blood that takes over your body, becomes the life force within you -- and could ultimately kill you. More, Now, Again is an astonishing and timely story of a new kind of addiction. But it is also a story of survival. Elizabeth Wurtzel hits rock bottom, gets clean, uses again, and finally gains control over her drug and her life. As honest as a confession and as heartfelt as a prayer, More, Now, Again recounts a courageous fight back to a life worth living.

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