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Rocky Spirit

The Rocky Balboa Connection to Success

Author: Felice Cantatore

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 190

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When Rocky Balboa set a goal to “go the distance” against Apollo Creed, moviegoers everywhere found themselves rooting for the underdog, including author Felice Cantatore, who was just eleven years old when he first saw the film. “Going the distance” became a metaphor for Cantatore’s own life, and the premise led to an appreciation and fascination with the film franchise. Just like Rocky, he went on to become an underdog fighter in the ring, and was also a ringside extra in the final movie of the series. Join him as he shares his passion for the Rocky movies, and learn how their message inspired him to pursue and accomplish his goals. The lives of both Cantatore and Rocky Balboa are pure examples of how the Law of Attraction, hard work, and tenacity can lead to success. You can accomplish anything you want as long as you decide to go for it. Get motivated to pursue your goals, recognize that a champion resides in your heart, and unlock your Rocky Spirit with this true story about the passion, dreams and success of an everyday man.

Rocky Stories

Tales of Love, Hope, and Happiness at America's Most Famous Steps

Author: Michael Vitez

Publisher: Paul Dry Books


Category: Photography

Page: 129

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Rocky still resonates with people around the world. These are their stories.


The Boxer and Boxing in American Cinema

Author: Leger Grindon

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

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Knockout: The Boxer and Boxing in American Cinema is the first book-length study of the Hollywood boxing film, a popular movie entertainment since the 1930s, that includes such classics as Million Dollar Baby, Rocky, and Raging Bull. The boxer stands alongside the cowboy, the gangster, and the detective as a character that shaped America's ideas of manhood. Leger Grindon relates the Hollywood boxing film to the literature of Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, and Clifford Odets; the influence of ring champions, particularly Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali; and controversies surrounding masculinity, race, and sports. Knockout breaks new ground in film genre study by focusing on the fundamental dramatic conflicts uniting both documentary and fictional films with compelling social concerns. The boxing film portrays more than the rise and fall of a champion; it exposes the body in order to reveal the spirit. Not simply a brute, the screen boxer dramatizes conflicts and aspirations central to an American audience's experience. This book features chapters on the conventions of the boxing film, the history of the genre and its relationship to famous ring champions, and self-contained treatments of thirty-two individual films including a chapter devoted to Raging Bull.

Pets Have Souls Too

Author: Jenny Smedley

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Extrasensory perception in animals

Page: 205

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Do our pets have souls? Jenny Smedley's work with people and their pets has led to overwhelming evidence not only that they do, but that they also have the capacity to help, heal and even be reborn, giving comfort and unconditional love to all. With true stories from their owners, you'll find out about:·pets who revisit their owners after death·pet messengers, who bring back news of passed loved ones·psychic pets ·pets and reincarnation ·wild animals and their souls·how to communicate with your pet on a soul level


Author: Laurence Mitchell

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides


Category: Travel

Page: 376

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?Perhaps the greatest attraction of all, considering the long years of isolation, is the welcome the visitor can expect to receive,' writes Serbia author Laurence Mitchell. This guide helps visitors explore one of southeast Europe's most exciting destinations with unrivalled information on all aspects of the country's vibrant cultural life. In this unique guide, Laurence Mitchell leads travellers to rural monasteries, tranquil national parks and hip nightclubs. Here traditional folk customs, swinging summer festivals and cost eateries are all ingredients in the country's cultural melting pot. This fully revised third edition provides fresh information, which will appeal to business visitors, adventure travellers and those with art, history and wildlife interests. As a prime destination for winter sports, mountain resorts ? as well as a range of health spas in spectacular settings ? are covered. Raise a glass of belo vino and toast Serbia's reawakening. New to tourism, but determined to show the world all its attributes: delicious food, beautiful countryside, friendly people, low prices, good music ? including the acclaimed EXIT festival, safe travel and excellent city nightlife. The scars of war have faded and visitors can certainly expect a warm welcome. ?A good introduction to the country.' The Telegraph ?Quite simply fantastic, almost faultless?Each page filled me with the desire to see the country and meet the people?Again, all I can say is congratulations on the guide.' A reader comment

Bad News on the Doorstep

Inspired by a True Story

Author: Joseph Rocco Cervasio

Publisher: Author House


Category: Social Science

Page: 432

View: 733

The Greatest Generation was in full bloom during the enigmatic decade of the fifties. In northern New Jersey, The Newark Star Ledger on the doorstep every morning was bringing changing news as that pastoral period came to an end. A blue-collar ethnic family saga evolves that takes you on an epic journey through unfulfilled dreams, with spiritual forks in every road. In the shadows lurk glamorous alternatives of gangland activities and the allure of the entertainment business. But it was a legendary high school football game that truly signaled winds of change would be rushing in. An outstanding athlete and young man, Frank Bonaducci made a decision in that rivalry that would affect peoples lives forever. Surrounding him is his family, as well as a menagerie of unforgettable charactersfrom Bloomfield Avenue in Newark, to the Silver Lake section of Belleville, to Nutleys Park Oval. They roam the pages of this touching story, teaching life-long lessons. Their roles craft a tapestry of life, creating a yearning in our hearts for these days gone by. Every one should have an uncle like "Petee 5 Corners" and an Aunt Bella who danced across imaginary stages as "Bella LaStarr". Each chapter reads like a short story that will touch your heart and soul. The book depicts frustrations of coming of age and traditional rights of passage that honor family traditions . . . more than the family members themselves. It wont take long to learn . . . that when you look back, . . . you should glance, not stare. In his first novel, Joseph Rocco Cervasio escorts us through New Jerseys fabled Essex County in a way that will make Bad News on the Door Step . . . the good news you are seeking. A demanded public speaker, Cervasio has tested throughout the country the stories that have evolved into the tales of this fiction. And you will react the same way his audiences have over the years--youll laugh and cry and say, . . . "no way". Writing with compassion and spiritual discernment that penetrate the wonder of these times, Cervasio takes you from 1959 to the present. From an Italian American feast during New Years Eve at Grandpa Joes, to the end zone of a football field, to Rahway State Prison, to a hot autumn afternoon at the Five Corners of Fifth Street and Bloomfield Avenue, to the glamor of Havana; you are bound to find a familiar character or even family member, . . . particularly if you are from Jersey! When Buddy Holley, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper crashed in a snow-covered cornfield in Iowa on February 3, 1959, they became the final ingredient to launch the Bonaducci family into a trek every reader will cherish. Witness the battle between self-sacrifice and selfish lusts, as the kingdoms of modest middle class living and mob affiliation collide headon. Ten years in the making, Bad News on the Door Step is a labor of love that introduces Joseph Rocco Cervasio as a consumate storyteller, passionate about changing peoples lives for the better.

Rocky Mountain Spirit

A Social History of Kandos

Author: Kay Andos



Category: Kandos (N.S.W.)

Page: 445

View: 591

Return of the Light Prince

Author: Howard Dimond

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 236

View: 719

Return of the Light Prince Dear reader This novel contains some of the most profound and provocative ideas about a subject that many of us have already formed an opinion on. This in itself is the reason why this novel was kept by me for some time in an unpublished state and yet I remained unsure what to do, or the next step to take. I’d like to quickly explain the quandary I am experiencing but to understand you need to keep asking why, and never stop. Some questions of a factual nature could be ~ Why does the planet Earth travel on an orbital path at about eighteen and a half miles per second, or why does Mercury complete an orbit around our Sun in eighty eight days? Yes, it is true the answer to these questions above can partly be found in physics but this is clearly a statement of the obvious without any explanation as to why. However the most immediate responses can be found from those, whose mindset sits mainly, in one of three camps. That is the acceptance of creationism, evolutionary theory or a growing body of pragmatists who believe in their mind of doubts that there maybe another equally more plausible answer. Writing this book was not easy. The harder part though is breaking through the mindset of hundreds of years of work and research, including the special work completed by the naturalist Darwin. There is no shortage of support for a range of advocates of religious history and equally for the continuing and developing theory of evolution and herein lies the problem. This book does raise and explain another equally plausible reason. We will all go home tonight to the rest of our lives. But consider this, have you ever had an experience so confronting in nature, so rich in ideas that you have felt compelled to stop and listen and be measured by its effect. This for me has been the most exciting life experience of my time. The real impact of this work will break through via the medium of moving images rather than just the mere words in the book I have written. The reasons for this are the obvious ones. The mass audience this work lends itself to, will rationalize more on what they have seen given that most of us have a depth of interests that try to keep up with issues on a day to day basis. I hope you enjoy reading this work as much as I had the enjoyment in writing it. Howard Dimond Author

Results of Spirit-leveling, Fiscal Year 1900-'01

Author: Herbert Michael Wilson



Category: United States

Page: 219

View: 493

Whispering Silence

Author: Raffaele Carlettini





View: 942

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