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Rural Development

From Vision to Action

Author: Alex F. McCalla

Publisher: World Bank Publications


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 157

View: 246

The Context; If Rural Development Is So Important, Why Is Not Happening; Formulating Country Strategies and Building Consensus; Improving the Existing Portfolio; Using the International Arena to Generate Greater Commitment; Areas of Concentration and Future Directions.

Technologies for Sustainable Rural Development: Having Potential of Socio-Economic Upliftment (TSRD–2014)

Author: Jai Parkash Shukla

Publisher: Allied Publishers



Page: 256

View: 365

Rural development technologies are critically important for the country to improve the quality of life in villages. In this context, held a National Workshop on “Technologies for Sustainable Rural Development: Having Potential of Socio-Economic Upliftment (TSRD–2014)” to frame a road map for the future which will lead to the development of rural areas and improve the socio-economic condition of rural masses through the intervention of Science and Technology.

The Political Economy of Rural Development

Modernisation Without Centralisation?

Author: Ottar Brox

Publisher: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 133

View: 519

The Political Economy of Rural Development argues for a new analysis of rural economic growth patterns, based on research the author conducted in Scandinavia. Ottar Brox reverses a long-standing conviction in urban planning theory by asserting that improving the economic opportunities for individuals in rural areas is an indirect investment in urban hubs. Peasant resistance, he reveals, is the logical result of urban neglect of local interests. The Political Economy of Rural Development is a convincing argument for new, localized economic strategies and will be invaluable to those interested in rural planning and economics.

Rural Development Perspectives





Category: Rural development


View: 413

Rural Development

Concept, Approach and Strategy

Author: B. K. Prasad

Publisher: Sarup & Sons


Category: Community development

Page: 450

View: 367

Rural Development Planning in Africa

Author: Meleckidzedeck Khayesi

Publisher: Springer


Category: Political Science

Page: 253

View: 430

This book applies a range of theories that focus on current concerns in rural Africa. The contributors lay out the conceptualization, analysis, methods, assumptions, perceptions, and ideas considered in each individual case. Specifically, this project inspires research in the field of rural development in Africa through multi-faceted endeavors that promote the ability of planning to uplift people’s well-being and quality of life.

Gender and Rural Development: Introduction

Author: Olanike F. Deji

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Social Science

Page: 375

View: 479

Gender equality is gaining global recognition as a catalyst for sustainable development, and a proven stratagem for alleviating poverty and enhancing food security in developing countries of Africa, where agriculture is the main economic stay. The book Gender and Rural Development: Volume 1 introduces gender discussions into key topics in the curriculum for Nigerian university agricultural undergraduate studies, with the purpose of enhancing gender responsive agricultural and rural development programs, projects, policies and budgets required for sustainable development. (Series: Spektrum. Berliner Reihe zu Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik in Entwicklungsl�¤ndern/Berlin Series on Society, Economy and Politics in Developing Countries - Vol. 106)

Rural Development

Principles, Policies and Management

Author: Katar Singh

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 348

View: 240

Rural Development: Principles, Policies and Management, Third Edition, has been revised and repackaged as a comprehensive textbook on Rural Development and Planning. This book is primarily targeted at graduate and post-graduate students of Rural Development, Agricultural Policy and Planning and Rural Management. New chapters have been added, keeping in mind the curricula taught in most colleges, academic institutes, and universities in India. The updated content also takes into account training programmes in Rural Development, Rural Economics, Rural Management, Agricultural Policy and Planning. The book focuses on the basic concepts, policy instruments, strategies, policies and programmes, and the management of rural development. In particular, it emphasises the pivotal role of human resources as both a means and an end of development. Recent developments and progress of rural development programmes like equity and growth-oriented programmes and natural resources and infrastructure programmes have been well-documented and analysed. Some new pedagogical features introduced in the book include: - `Learning Outcomes` at the beginning of each chapter - Two new sections, namely, ‘Main Points’, and ‘Questions for Discussion’ at the end of each chapter Aspirants of competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commissions and the admission tests conducted by academic institutes offering post-graduate programmes in Rural Management and Agri-business Management will also find this book useful. The book will also be of much interest to governmental and non-governmental organisations including donors and other funding agencies engaged in rural development.

Economic Dimensions of Rural Development

Author: Rahul Mudgal

Publisher: Sarup & Sons


Category: Community development

Page: 327

View: 295

Rural Development

A Geographical Perspective

Author: Keith Hoggart

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 318

View: 402

This book, originally published in 1987, provides an integrative, analytical aproach to rural areas in advanced economies. Causation and the consequences of societal change have been emphasised, in a framework which draws out processes which oeprate at different geographical scales (and with varying intensities across space).

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