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Silence in Court

Author: Patricia Wentworth

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 223

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This London courtroom drama alternates between a murder trial and the events leading up to the crime When Carey Silence first arrived at No. 13 Maitland Square, she was orphaned and penniless. Being taken in by her cousin, the very rich and domineering Honoria Maquisten, seemed the answer to her prayers. But what Carey encounters is hardly the safe haven she imagined. Mystery and scandal hang over the household like a shroud. And what is she to make of Jefferson Stewart, her handsome, self-appointed protector? Then Honoria shows Carey a magnificent diamond-and-ruby necklace that she promises will one day belong to her. The next day Honoria announces she’s going to draw up a new will. But before she can put pen to paper, she dies from a fatal dose of sleeping pills. The police descend and Carey is arrested for murder. A classic courtroom drama with mystery, motive, and an abundance of suspects, Silence in Court, from the author of the Miss Silver Mysteries, will keep readers guessing right until the end.

INSPECTOR STODDART'S COMPLETE MURDER MYSTERIES – 4 Intriguing Golden Age Thrillers in One Volume

Including The Man with the Dark Beard, Who Killed Charmian Karslake, The Crime at Tattenham Corner & The Crystal Beads Murder

Author: Annie Haynes

Publisher: e-artnow


Category: Fiction

Page: 715

View: 256

The Ray Cummings MEGAPACK ®: 25 Golden Age Science Fiction and Mystery Tales

Author: Ray Cummings

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 1547

View: 911

To anyone interested in the roots of modern science fiction, the name of Ray Cummings should be well known. He wrote science fiction and fantasy before the name "science fiction" had been coined, publishing fantastic yarns in Argosy, Munsey's Magazine, and other mainstream pulp magazines. Of course, as soon as the science fiction pulps debuted, he moved to them, where his work received a hearty welcome from fans. Cummings publishing more than 750 novels and short stories over his long career, producing work in many genres, including the mystery field (see "Atom Boy" in this Megapack for one prime example). We are pleased to showcase 25 of his tales, ranging from science fiction to fantasy to mystery...more than 1,500 pages of great reading! Included are: THE GIRL IN THE GOLDEN ATOM (1919-1920) THE GIRL IN THE GOLDEN ATOM, PART 2 THE SILVER VEIL (1921) THE FIRE PEOPLE (1922) TWO PROPOSALS (1923) JETTA OF THE LOWLANDS (1930) THE WHITE INVADERS (1931) REQUIEM FOR A SMALL PLANET (1958) BRIGANDS OF THE MOON (1931) WANDL THE INVADER (1932) TARRANO THE CONQUEROR (1930) PHANTOMS OF REALITY (1930) DR. FEATHER IN "A SHOT IN THE DARK" (1936) DR. FEATHER IN "MURDER IN THE FOG" (1937) DR. FEATHER IN "THE DEAD MAN LAUGHS" (1938) DR. FEATHER IN "CLUE IN CRIMSON" (1943) THE WORLD BEYOND (1938) GADGET GIRL (1944) PRECIPICE (1945) PHOTOGRAPH OF DEATH (1945) STAMP OF DOOM (1946) THE SCALPEL OF DOOM (1947) ATOM BOY (1947) THE LIFTED VEIL (1947) BEYOND THE VANISHING POINT (1958) THE GIRL FROM INFINITE SMALLNESS (1940) PLANET STORIES' FEATURE FLASH: MEET RAY CUMMINGS And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see more entries in the series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns -- and much, much more!

THE ABBEY COURT MURDER (Murder Mystery Classic)

Intriguing Golden Age Murder Mystery from the Renowned Author of The Bungalow Mystery, The Blue Diamond and Who Killed Charmian Karslake?

Author: Annie Haynes

Publisher: Musaicum Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 190

View: 281

Lady Judith Carew finds herself in the middle of a gruesome murder at the Abbey Court and all the clues point at her direction. Is she the real murderer or is it someone else? How will Inspector Furnival get to the root of the mystery? Annie Haynes was a renowned golden age mystery writer and a contemporary of Agatha Christie, another famous crime writer, which often led to her comparison with the latter, and unfavourably so. Haynes's fictions are now lauded for their quick-pace action and sustaining aura of suspense till the end.

Golden Age Murder Mysteries - Annie Haynes Edition: Complete Inspector Furnival & Inspector Stoddart Series

Abbey Court Murder, House in Charlton Crescent, Crow Inn's Tragedy, Man with the Dark Beard, Who Killed Charmian Karslake, Crime at Tattenham Corner, Crystal Beads Murder…

Author: Annie Haynes

Publisher: Musaicum Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 1257

View: 351

This carefully edited collection of Annie Haynes mysteries has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Table of Contents: "The Abbey Court Murder" – Lady Judith Carew finds herself in the middle of a gruesome murder at the Abbey Court and all the clues point at her direction. Is she the real murderer? "The House in Charlton Crescent" – Lady Anne is herself at the receiving end of a puzzling murder mystery when the killer strikes her for hiring a private detective. Would Inspector Furnival be able to solve the mystery of the double murders and find the criminal before it's too late? "The Crow's Inn Tragedy" – A famous lawyer is strangled in his own office and a notorious gang of criminals is at large. What do they want and how would Inspector Furnival foil their evil plot? "The Man with the Dark Beard" – Basil Wilton is accused of murdering his own father but is he the real killer or is the-man-with-the-dark-beard someone else known to him who is on a murdering spree? "Who Killed Charmian Karslake?" – The riddle around the murder of Charmian Karslake, an American actress, gets murkier at every step. Can Inspector Stoddart solve this puzzle? "The Crime at Tattenham Corner" – A gruesome death just before an important horse race looks out of place until Inspector Stoddart is called in to look into the matter. "The Crystal Beads Murder" – A broken necklace is the sole clue for Inspector Stoddart to solve a high-profile murder until it's too late! Annie Haynes (1865-1929) was a renowned golden age mystery writer and a contemporary of Agatha Christie, another famous crime writer. Haynes's fictions are now lauded for their quick-pace action and sustaining aura of suspense till the end.

The Golden Age

Nostalgia in Word and Image

Author: Elizabeth Rogers

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing



Page: 165

View: 111

This volume investigates the diverse applications and conceptions of the term ‘The Golden Age’. The phrase resonates with the theme of nostalgia, which is popularly understood as a wistful longing for the past, but which also denotes homesickness and the unrecoverability of the past. While the term ‘Golden Age’ typically conjures up idealised visions of the past and gestures forward to utopian visions of future golden ages, the idea of nostalgia is suggestive of a discontented present. The Golden Age and nostalgia are therefore related ideas, but are also partly in conflict with one another, as many nostalgic sentiments are not idealised, and may indeed be dark, ironic or self-aware. There are, of course, many other ways to characterise the relationship between the Golden Age and nostalgia, and the tension between the two can produce myths and romantic idylls, or, in religious terms, images of pre-lapsarian innocence, or dogmas relating to values associated with childhood. The Golden Age is also often used to refer to specific, respected periods of cultural production in all kinds of literature and visual media. Indeed, nearly every period, genre, nation, and cultural form has some kind of mythic, often illusory, Golden Age against which it is defined, and in which nostalgia often plays a part. This collection interrogates the notion of the Golden Age and its connection to feelings of nostalgia from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, with a strong focus on the relationship between word and image. It will interest scholars working on the subject of the Golden Age/nostalgia, particularly in English literature, film studies, comics studies, history, and the fine arts.


Author: Kathleen Keating

Publisher: Toronto ; New York : McGraw-Hill Ryerson


Category: Law

Page: 78

View: 917

Movie Roadshows

A History and Filmography of Reserved-Seat Limited Showings, 1911-1973

Author: Kim R. Holston

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 382

View: 483

"This work examines a film distribution system paralleling the rise of early features and persisting until 1972. The focus is on roadshows released in the United States but an appendix identifies international roadshows and films forecast but not released as roadshows. Included are plots, contemporary critical reaction, premiere date, production background, and methods of promotion--i.e., the ballyhoo"--

Death of a Dissident

Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky



Category: Fiction

Page: 226

View: 901

On the eve of a show trial, a Soviet dissident is stabbed through the heart. On a frigid night in silent Moscow, Aleksander Granovsky paces the floor of his government flat. He has dedicated his life to exposing the brutality of the Russian penal system, and in two days he will be tried for the crime of smuggling essays to the West. Granovsky is drafting a speech to deliver in court when an assassin appears and pierces his heart with the point of a rusty sickle. The case falls in the lap of Porfiry Rostnikov, a Moscow police inspector whose three decades on the force have made him an expert in navigating the labyrinths of the Soviet bureaucracy. But it will take every ounce of Rostnikov's skill to find the killer and survive the investigation, as every question he asks takes him closer to the heart of the KGB. About the Author. Stuart M. Kaminsky (1934-2009) was one of the most prolific crime fiction authors of the last four decades. Born in Chicago, he spent his youth immersed in pulp fiction and classic cinema - two forms of popular entertainment which he would make his life's work. After college and a stint in the army, Kaminsky wrote film criticism and biographies of the great actors and directors of Hollywood's Golden Age. In 1977, when a planned biography of Charlton Heston fell through, Kaminsky wrote Bullet for a Star, his first Toby Peters novel, beginning a fiction career that would last the rest of his life. Kaminsky penned twenty-four novels starring the detective, whom he described as "the anti-Philip Marlowe." In 1981's Death of a Dissident, Kaminsky debuted Moscow police detective Porfiry Rostnikov, whose stories were praised for their accurate depiction of Soviet life. His other two series starred Abe Lieberman, a hardened Chicago cop, and Lew Fonseca, a process server. In all, Kaminsky wrote more than sixty novels. He died in St. Louis in 2009. Review quote. "Impressive. . . . Kaminsky has staked a claim to a piece of the Russian turf. . . . He captures the Russian scene and characters in rich detail." - The Washington Post Book World. "Quite simply the best cop to come out of the Soviet Union since Martin Cruz Smith's Arkady Renko in Gorky Park." - The San Francisco Examiner. "Stuart Kaminsky's Rostnikov novels are among the best mysteries being written." - The San Diego Union-Tribune. "For anyone with a taste for old Hollywood B-movie mysteries, Edgar winner Kaminsky offers plenty of nostalgic fun . . . The tone is light, the pace brisk, the tongue firmly in cheek." - Publishers Weekly. "Marvelously entertaining." - Newsday. "Makes the totally wacky possible . . . Peters [is] an unblemished delight." - Washington Post. "The Ed McBain of Mother Russia." - Kirkus Reviews.

Buyer's Guide


Author: William White



Category: Library science


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