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Silver Bullets

Author: Élmer Mendoza

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 859

Tormented by past heartbreak and contemporary politics, for Edgar 'Lefty' Mendieta the news of the murder of lawyer Bruno Canizales represents just another day at the office in the drug-ridden city of Culiacán. It soon becomes clear that there is no shortage of suspects in a city where it's hard to tell the gangsters from the politicians. Canizales was the son of a former government minister and the partner of a drug baron's daughter, with his own penchant for cross-dressing and dangerous sex. What is less clear is why the assassin chose to use a silver bullet. And why, two days later, they seem to have struck again. In this sweltering city where a desire for the truth can be as dangerous as any drug, Mendieta's search for justice takes him from mansions to drug dens, in Élmer Mendoza's seminal founding text of Latin America's 'narco-lit' wave.

Silver Bullets

How Interoperable Data Will Revolutionize Information Sharing and Transparency

Author: Pete O'Dell

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 360

Silver Bullets isn't about understanding the technology of standard, interoperable data; it's about why the technology is important and how you can use it. If you care about effective operations, no matter your job title, this book is for you. Interoperable data is a major game changer for business and information technology, government and commercial, national and international organizations. This book will let you make it happen, versus wondering what happened and how you were left behind. As Frederick Brooks famously noted in The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, there is no single-approach solution - no Silver Bullet - that delivers significant improvements in productivity, reliability, or simplicity. But in Silver Bullets, Pete O'Dell shows how a single concept - standardized data interoperability - yields improvements in any industry to which it is applied. O'Dell builds his case by reviewing the past. From the Great Wall of China to shipping containers, from punched cards to the VISA network, standardization has fueled enormous breakthroughs. O'Dell investigates current data standardization including XML and the Common Alerting Protocol, using case studies to illustrate success stories ranging from homeland defense to diabetes management. Finally, O'Dell offers practical suggestions on how to get started with interoperable data and points to emerging leaders in commercial, governmental and not-for-profit fields. This accessible, plain-spoken book is full of parables, anecdotes and stories, delivering humor as well as insight. Reading it enables you to make practical decisions about your organization's future and growth. Silver Bullets shines a clear light into your inoperable future.

No Silver Bullets

Five Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry

Author: Daniel Im

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group


Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 358

What if I told you that you were only one step away from unlocking new levels of maturity and growth in your church? The myth of the silver bullet still exists because we desperately want it to. We all prefer quick fixes and bandage solutions to the long, hard, slow work that produces real change. So the moment we learn about a new ministry or strategy and see its effect in another church, we run to implement it in our own. Unfortunately, this impulse is usually met by opposition, skepticism, and ultimately, rejection. What if the solution isn't a new model or a complicated strategy, but a shift in perspective? What if you could keep your church's current vision, values, and model, and simply make a few micro-shifts...leading to macro-changes? This book explores five micro-shifts that have the potential to produce macro-changes in your church. As you read, you will discover how to integrate these micro-shifts into the life of your church, starting with the way you disciple. You will finish by developing a plan to structure, communicate, and evaluate these changes to ensure that they take root and pave the way for lasting change and kingdom impact.

Oracle Silver Bullets

Real-world Oracle Performance Secrets

Author: Don Burleson

Publisher: Rampant TechPress


Category: Computers

Page: 267

View: 260

Targeted at Oracle professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues, Oracle In-focus books target specific areas of Oracle technology in a concise manner. Plenty of working code is provided without a lot of theory, allowing database managers to solve their problems quickly without reviewing data that they already know. All code scripts are available for instant download from a companion web site.

Silver Bullets

Author: Suzetta Perkins

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 236

In this sizzling, exciting novel, four women show that age is just a number by seeking out new forms of pleasure, love, and romance. Whether it be getting a tattoo, using whips and chains, or preparing dinner in nothing but stilettos, four divas—all best friends and over fifty years old—decide that they need to spice up their love lives. And they’re willing to go to any length to achieve that. So Emma, Queenie, Yolanda, and Connie set out to get the pleasure they crave. For Emma, that means rekindling her sex life with her doting husband, whom she decides to take care of for once. Yolanda, who is still turning heads and could have anyone she wants, finally meets a man who suits her tastes—but can she suit his? Queenie, who is fifty-eight and divorced, entertains her on-again, off-again male friend one night when he’s lucky enough to get his hands on some Viagra. And Connie, who has never been married, is in love with a man who won’t put a ring on her finger. Will she be able to convince him to marry her, or, more importantly, does she even want that herself? As things start heating up, the ladies’ lives get sexier…and more complicated. Soon, the four divas soon face more drama than they bargained for…

Casting the silver bullets

a suggested method of raising the necessary taxation to pay for the war...

Author: John Scurr



Category: History

Page: 127

View: 648

Silver Bullets II

Author: James Edwards



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 128

View: 186

How America can achieve energy independence and industrial renaissance through new technologies.

Leadership Without Silver Bullets

A Guide to Exercising Leadership

Author: Phillip Ralph

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

View: 299

This book aims to inspire and ignite leadership action that makes a difference for you, your organisation and the world we live in. Its purpose is to clearly state the case for leadership and its importance to all of us at this time. At an organisational level, there is little doubt that real leadership is the engine room of performance. In the absence of systemic, results-focused leadership, breakthrough performance and high commitment will not be achieved. To make progress on our most significant issues, we need a new paradigm of leadership that supersedes the outdated industrial age leadership paradigm and liberates us from old ways of thinking about how to manage and lead people. A new paradigm needs to guide our actions and decisions in a constructive, values-driven way. It is one that will empower each of us to take full responsibility and accountability at all levels of organisations, in government, and in the community. Importantly, a new paradigm will create an environment of high levels of commitment and learning. Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide to Exercising Leadership will show you: * a fresh, honest examination of leadership today * why and how the industrial age leadership paradigm continues to dominate today and hinder performance * the type of leadership demanded for the future * an important new emerging paradigm and what you can do in your own organisation * leadership to successfully adapt What people are saying about Leadership Without Silver Bullets: I have had the privilege of seeing the results of Phillip Ralphs work as a leadership coach. He is outstanding. I can highly recommend this book as both practical and inspiring with valuable insights on how leadership in organisations really works. Michael Rennie, Managing Partner McKinsey and Company, Australia and New Zealand Engaging style, easy to read, great mix of theory and live experience. Phillip Ralph has written a practical handbook for leaders who want to dig deeper and transform themselves and their organisations. Courage required. Faint-hearted types advised to steer clear of this book. Phil Clothier, CEO Barrett Values Centre, United Kingdom This is not just another book claiming to deliver the secrets of leadership success. Instead, through the use of thought-provoking examples and practical ideas, Phillip shares his unique take on what defines real leaders... Shaneen Argall, Director, Human Resources SMS Management & Technology, Melbourne, Australia Phillip Ralph is a leading consultant to CEOs and executives and he partners with organisations to achieve breakthrough, team and organisational performance. He is an author, coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. Phillip is the founder of The Leadership Sphere.

Silver Bullets

Strategic Intelligence for Better Design Firm Management

Author: Jack Reigle

Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group Incorporated


Category: Architecture

Page: 229

View: 433

A Silver Bullet represents the hope that a 'single shot' idea or solution will completely transform a design practice and business into its most successful incarnation. The truth is that it takes many silver bullets to get the job done, and while the process isn't magical, it can be rewarding and fulfilling. In this inspired and lucid exploration of the strategic intelligence needed for managing a design firm Jack Reigle draws on his extensive strategy experience, offering insight and practical approaches to move your firm to new levels of achievement. This book presents powerful changes you can make to your thinking to build a more vibrant, flexible and successful design business, withstanding any challenge and rising above the competition year after year.

Silver Bullets: ...and Other Energy Efficiency Myths and Magic!

Author: Andrew Vaillencourt

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 222

View: 994

Trying to save energy? The good news is that plenty of companies out there are willing to sell you all the energy-saving widgets, gadgets, trinkets and thingamabobs you can wave a checkbook at. How do they work? (Who cares?) Do they work? (Who knows?) Are you wasting your money? (Maybe.) Confused by all the technobabble and pushy sales tactics? This book can help! Join veteran energy consultant Andrew Vaillencourt on an irreverent journey through the most egregious myths, junk science, and bad sales practices of the energy efficiency industry. Along the way the most misapplied energy efficiency devices and strategies get disassembled to find out where they went wrong and how they can be fixed. You will learn some things you can do as a building or facility operator to make sure you are getting what you need. Best of all, the tricks of the salesman will be exposed and evaluated. This is not a textbook on energy. This light-hearted and minimally technical book takes ANYONE who has to worry about energy costs and turns them into a cynical, informed, and perhaps a little more smug consumer in the highly competitive and rapidly growing marketplace of energy efficiency products and services.

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