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Spot of Grace

Remarkable Stories of How You DO Make a Difference

Author: Dawna Markova

Publisher: New World Library


Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 205

You don’t have to discover penicillin, feed the poor in the streets of Calcutta, or be the first person to swim to Antarctica to make a remarkable difference in the world. The stories in Spot of Grace tell about moments when one person did something very simple — asked a question in wonder, smiled from the heart, risked a reach across the chasm of isolation so many of us experience. Extraordinary things start with these ordinary gestures. And as they grow and flourish, they can make a profound difference in someone else’s life.

A Pace of Grace

Author: Linda Kavelin Popov

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Self-Help

Page: 352

View: 222

In today’s anxiety-ridden, stress-infused world, even a moment of quiet reflection has become a time- consuming luxury most of us just can’t afford. How did we reach this point? How did we lose our direction and sense of control? And, most important, how can we reclaim our lives? Linda Kavelin Popov asked herself these same questions, after the pressures of her own workaholic lifestyle nearly destroyed her. Now, as cofounder of the International Virtues Project she helps others achieve a pace of grace—a pace for our lives that can balance and sustain us physically and spiritually. Through a four-part program that teaches you how to purify your life, pace yourself, practice the presence, and plan a sustainable life, A Pace of Grace offers simple ways to rediscover the essential elements of a life well lived. Complete with Linda’s ten rules for health, this comprehensive guide is the first step in recapturing the joy and vibrancy inherent in each of us.

This Spot of Ground

Spiritual Baptists in Toronto

Author: Carol B. Duncan

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press


Category: Religion

Page: 275

View: 999

This Spot of Ground: Spiritual Baptists in Toronto represents the first detailed exploration of an African-Caribbean religion in the context of contemporary migration to Canada. Toronto is home to Canadas largest black population, a significant portion of which comprises Caribbean migrants and their descendants. This book shows how the development of the Spiritual Baptist religion in Canada has been shaped by the immigration experiences of church members, the large majority of whom are women, and it examines the ways in which religious experiences have mediated the members’ experiences of migration and everyday life in Canada. This Spot of Ground is based on a critical ethnography, with in-depth interviews and participant observations of church services and other ritual activities, including baptism and pilgrimage and field research in Trinidad that explores the transnational linkages with Spiritual Baptists there. The book addresses theoretical and methodological issues also, including the development of perspectives suitable for examining diasporic African religious and cultural expressions characterized by transnational migration, an emphasis on oral tradition as the repository of cultural history, and linguistic and cultural hybridity. This Spot of Ground contributes new information to the study of Caribbean religion and culture in the diaspora, providing a detailed examination of the significance of religion in the immigration process and identity and community formations of Caribbean people in Canada.

The Stages of Grace

Author: Connie Ruben; Kate O'Neill

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 150

View: 443

This book was written out of a desire to share with others who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease what I have experienced as Grace’s caregiver and friend. I wanted to capture the emotions, the expected and unexpected issues, the painful times as well as the humorous and loving moments that Grace and I have shared as a result of this disease. This is not meant to be a handbook for dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, but I hope that by sharing my feelings and experiences, readers may recognize that they are not alone on this particular journey.

The Spots of the Godly and of the Wicked

Author: Jeremiah Burroughs

Publisher: Puritan Publications


Category: Religion


View: 590

In this present work, Jeremiah Burroughs deals both kindly and forcibly with a peculiar angle on the doctrine of sin and sanctification. In comparing the manner in which the unconverted sin in parallel to the manner in which saints still sin, even the best of saints, Burroughs explains how sin affects these two groups, and how God deals with both as a result. He works masterfully from Deuteronomy 32:5, “Their spot is not the spot of his children.” The wicked have spots. The godly have spots. But the nature of these spots is what makes these sermons so powerful and utterly practical for the saint who understands the ways of Christ and God in their own sanctification. The spots of the wicked are not like the spots of the righteous. Burroughs explains why this is the case. The reader will be left to read to find out “why”. This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

A Blind Spot for Boys

Author: Justina Chen

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

View: 576

"A great photo knocks your heart open. So give some thought to that. What knocks your heart open." Sixteen-year-old Shana is officially on a Boy Moratorium. After a devastating breakup, she decides it's time to end the plague of Mr. Wrongs and devote herself to her true passion: photography. Enter Quattro, the undeniably intriguing lacrosse player who slams into Shana one morning in Seattle. Sparks don't simply fly; they ignite--and so does Shana's interest. But just as she's about to rethink her ban on boys, she receives crushing news: Her dad is going blind. Shana and her parents vow to make the most of the time her father has left to see, so they plan a photo safari to Machu Picchu. But even as Shana travels away from Quattro, she can't get him out of her mind. Love and loss, humor and heartbreak collide in this new novel from acclaimed author Justina Chen.

No Challenge Left Behind

Transforming American Education Through Heart and Soul

Author: Paul D. Houston

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 210

This provocative book offers insights on public education in a landscape of global competition, the economic gulf between social classes, the explosion of information, and competing expectations.

Rhythms of Grace

Author: Marilynn Griffith

Publisher: Revell


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 639

Dancer Grace Okoye has finally found the love of her life. But can she choose between him and God? Real, raw emotion and the promise of redemption run through this soulful book.

The Adventures of Grace

A Clash of Fortitudes

Author: Thomas Bristol

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 187

View: 358

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Kitchen Table Wisdom

Stories That Heal

Author: Rachel Naomi Remen

Publisher: Riverhead Books (Hardcover)


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 337

View: 396

In a special tenth anniversary edition of the inspirational best seller, the founder of Commonweal discusses the problem of isolation and disconnection in American society and sets forth her vision of how life should be lived, drawing on her work as a psycho-oncologist and her own experience with a life-threatening disease. Reissue. 50,000 first printing.

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