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Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2016

Author: Barbara Boyd

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 352

View: 791

Screenshots offer step-by-step instructions for tackling over one hundred PowerPoint 2016 tasks, including how to use templates, format text, add charts, incorporate media, and organize slides

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2016

Author: Elaine Marmel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 448

View: 780

Screenshots offer step-by-step instructions for tackling over two hundred Microsoft Office 2016 tasks, including formatting text, creating presentations, building spreadsheets, and emailing.

Easy Office 2016

Author: Patrice-Anne Rutledge

Publisher: Que Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 408

View: 665

Easy Office 2016 See it done. do it yourself. It’s that Easy! Easy Office 2016 teaches you the fundamentals to help you get the most from Office 2016. Fully illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through each task, building the skills you need to make the most of the new features and tools of Office 2016. No need to feel intimidated; we’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Learn how to… • Get super productive with Office 2016’s powerful new tools • Create, edit, and read Office files on the Web and mobile devices • Craft high-impact documents with powerful visuals • Prepare and analyze data visually with Excel charts and PivotTables • Make winning presentations with PowerPoint’s new tools; even add audio and video • Work with others to review and refine your documents • Use Outlook to take control of your messages, schedules, and tasks • Take notes anywhere with OneNote; never forget a great idea again • Use Publisher’s powerful publishing tools to create brochures, newsletters, postcards, flyers, and more

Office 2016 In Depth (includes Content Update Program)

Author: Joe Habraken

Publisher: Que Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 1008

View: 819

Beyond the Basics… Beneath the Surface…In Depth Do more in less time! Whatever your Microsoft Office experience, don’t let Office 2016 make you feel like a beginner! This book is packed with intensely useful knowledge, tips, and shortcuts you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s the fastest, best way to master Office 2016’s full power, and the great new features built into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote. This friendly, expert guide will make you way more productive… whether you’re creating documents, analyzing data, delivering presentations, designing newsletters, taking quick notes, or managing your life! Take full advantage of Office 2016’s cloud integration Use Insights for Office to quickly access information Easily create complex Word documents, from books to mail merges Coauthor Word documents with collaborators in real time Build flexible, reliable Excel workbooks with formulas and functions Transform data into insight with Excel charts and PivotTables Discover best practices for creating great PowerPoint slides, handouts, and notes Take advantage of the new Tell Me Box, which provides access to contextual and traditional Office help features including the new Insights pane Use Outlook 2016’s Clutter feature to clear away low-priority email Create visually compelling documents of all kinds with Publisher 2016 Gather, organize, share, and use knowledge with OneNote 2016 Get more done faster by integrating OneNote with other Office 2016 components Discover Microsoft’s new mobile Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10 All In Depth books offer Comprehensive coverage, with detailed solutions Practical, real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own This book is part of Que’s Content Update Program. As Microsoft updates features of Office, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the software. See inside for details.

Getting the Message Across

Using Slideware Effectively in Technical Presentations

Author: Stéphane Faroult

Publisher: Apress


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 169

View: 960

Create memorable presentations on technical and complex topics in slideware such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote for Mac. Learn good pacing and rhythm as well as judicious use of special effects. Whether the goal is to help a sale or to educate, and whether the final delivery is a live presentation, a webinar, or a short video presentation, this book focuses on the particular difficulties linked to technical presentations. You will learn to create a story when there is none, gain the interest of an audience who may not feel as strongly for the topic as the speaker does, turn abstract concepts into visual models, overcome the limitations of the medium (limited space, two dimensions), maintain interest through rhythm, and use effects, not to look cool or get that "WOW" moment, but to serve the message. Getting The Message Across presents a number of field-tested ideas for raising interest. The use of various techniques and careful scripting will help you, even if you aren't a natural-born show-person, to communicate effectively, and to make your audience remember your message, and not necessarily your slides. This book will teach you: Rhythm and animations, and the use of transitions To hold audience interest even with "dry" topics To create memorable presentations Techniques useful for PowerPoint, Keynote for Mac, and any similar presentation medium or environment What You Will Learn Turn austere topics into interesting stories. Give rhythm and pacing to your presentations. Build a narrative during transitions and animations. Hold audience interest and make listeners feel clever. Make people remember your presentation rather than your cool use of slideware. Who This Book Is For People who have to communicate effectively on strongly technical topics. This book targets educators and trainers as well as technical consultants who need to present complex solutions to customers or leads, as well as would-be speakers at scientific or technical conferences. Getting The Message Across is a book for people who want to make their presentations not only more attractive, but really memorable. It is for people who aren't looking for a standing ovation, but who are willing to do what they can to be understood and to make their messages remembered. Getting The Message Across focuses on using slideware such as PowerPoint and Keynote. Such slideware, for all its flaws, is still one of the best ways to communicate, not only live, but also in dematerialized communications (webinars, video tutorials) for reaching an ever-growing audience.

Essential Office 365

Author: Kevin Wilson

Publisher: Elluminet Press


Category: Computers

Page: 204

View: 744

Learn to use the new Office 2016 suite and Office 365 the easy way. Now in full color, this guide explores... Upgrading to Office 2016 and notable new features Getting started with Office Online using Sway, Docs, OneDrive, Mail & Calendar Constructing professional looking documents with Word 2016 Adding and using graphics, photographs and clipart Changing fonts, creating tables, graphs and formatting text Creating presentations for your lessons, lectures, speeches or business presentations using PowerPoint 2016 Adding animations and effects to PowerPoint slides Using Excel 2016 to create spreadsheets that analyse, present and manipulate data. Creating Excel charts, graphs, functions and formulas The basics of Microsoft Access databases Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues using Microsoft Outlook 2016 Maintaining calendars and keeping appointments with Outlook. Taking notes with OneNote and more... Clear instruction, and easy-to-follow tutorials with illustrated photographs, graphics and screen prints, guide you through the procedures every step of the way. If you want to get up and running quickly and easily with the new Office 2016 suite and Office 365, this is the guide you need.

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016: Introductory, Spiral bound Version

Author: Patrick Carey

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Computers

Page: 1024

View: 175

Now readers can develop the Microsoft Office 2016 skills they need to be successful in college and beyond with the emphasis on critical-thinking, problem-solving, and in-depth coverage found in NEW PERSPECTIVES MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: INTRODUCTORY. Updated with all-new case scenarios, this edition engages readers by clearly applying skills to real-world situations to make concepts more relevant. New Productivity Apps provide a visual introduction to Microsoft OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and Edge with fun, hands-on activities. All content and activities throughout NEW PERSPECTIVES MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: INTRODUCTORY help readers understand the importance of what they’re learning. This edition focuses on improving learning outcomes and transferring skills to other applications and disciplines for further success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells



Category: English literature


View: 148

Introduction to the New Statistics

Estimation, Open Science, and Beyond

Author: Geoff Cumming

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 564

View: 142

This is the first introductory statistics text to use an estimation approach from the start to help readers understand effect sizes, confidence intervals (CIs), and meta-analysis (‘the new statistics’). It is also the first text to explain the new and exciting Open Science practices, which encourage replication and enhance the trustworthiness of research. In addition, the book explains NHST fully so students can understand published research. Numerous real research examples are used throughout. The book uses today’s most effective learning strategies and promotes critical thinking, comprehension, and retention, to deepen users’ understanding of statistics and modern research methods. The free ESCI (Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals) software makes concepts visually vivid, and provides calculation and graphing facilities. The book can be used with or without ESCI. Other highlights include: - Coverage of both estimation and NHST approaches, and how to easily translate between the two. - Some exercises use ESCI to analyze data and create graphs including CIs, for best understanding of estimation methods. -Videos of the authors describing key concepts and demonstrating use of ESCI provide an engaging learning tool for traditional or flipped classrooms. -In-chapter exercises and quizzes with related commentary allow students to learn by doing, and to monitor their progress. -End-of-chapter exercises and commentary, many using real data, give practice for using the new statistics to analyze data, as well as for applying research judgment in realistic contexts. -Don’t fool yourself tips help students avoid common errors. -Red Flags highlight the meaning of "significance" and what p values actually mean. -Chapter outlines, defined key terms, sidebars of key points, and summarized take-home messages provide a study tool at exam time. -http://www.routledge.com/cw/cumming offers for students: ESCI downloads; data sets; key term flashcards; tips for using SPSS for analyzing data; and videos. For instructors it offers: tips for teaching the new statistics and Open Science; additional homework exercises; assessment items; answer keys for homework and assessment items; and downloadable text images; and PowerPoint lecture slides. Intended for introduction to statistics, data analysis, or quantitative methods courses in psychology, education, and other social and health sciences, researchers interested in understanding the new statistics will also appreciate this book. No familiarity with introductory statistics is assumed.

Fundamentals of Office 365

Author: Kevin Wilson

Publisher: Luminescent Media


Category: Computers

Page: 118

View: 892

Use Office 365 the easy way. Clear concise and to the point... Learn how to use and navigate Microsoft Office 365 a new revolutionary technology that allows users and businesses to work in a ‘virtual office’ in the cloud. This visual guide covers basics of the core applications. With plenty of screen prints, photographs and illustrations, this guide explores The concept of ‘the cloud’ What office 365 is What version to get, home, student or professional etc Setting up a Microsoft Account Purchasing and downloading Office 365 Applications Installing office 365 Applications Using office on demand to work from anywhere Office web apps to access your work anywhere Using Microsoft SkyDrive/OneDrive and SkyDrive Pro A look at the core office 365 applications Constructing professional looking documents with Word 2013 Adding and using graphics, photographs and clipart Changing fonts, creating tables, graphs and formatting text Creating presentations for your lessons, lectures, speeches or business presentations using PowerPoint 2013 Adding animations and effects to PowerPoint slides Using Excel 2013 to create spreadsheets that analyse, present and manipulate data. Working with functions and formulas Creating Excel charts and graphs Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues using Microsoft Outlook 2013 Maintaining calendars and keeping appointments with Outlook. and more... Techniques are illustrated step by step using photography and screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow text from an established expert in the field. Whether you are new to Microsoft Office, upgrading or an experienced user this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the skills needed to use Office like an expert.

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



Category: American literature


View: 656

Nouveau Voyage 2

French for Junior Cycle

Author: Martina Leahy

Publisher: Gill Education



Page: 432

View: 587

Nouveau Voyage 2 for second and third years completes the Nouveau Voyage series for Junior Cycle French. Book 2 continues the journey into the French language, where you will be guided by Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques to assess your own progress and improve your learning. Learning intentions at the start of each chapter. My learning sections to check you are following the key points. Objectif boxes to assess yourself as you go. Success criteria to help you really understand what is expected in your tasks. The Cartable connecte sections, videos and narrated photo stories throughout extend your French adventure online and visually. The Un peu de revision sections at the end of each unit enable you to assess your progress in a variety of ways. NEW to Book 2 Conseils pour le Brevet unique exam-focused guidance regularly reminds you how to achieve maximum marks in each exam task. Exam Practice Section revises key exam phrases and provides exam advice. The Un petit rappel sections revise concepts learned in first year. Evaluation par paire for peer-assessment and structured feedback in oral tasks. PowerPoint FREE Mon Portfolio booklet Included with your book, this valuable booklet allows you to keep samples of your own work and track your progress throughout second and third year. There is a FREE eBOOK with this textbook TEACHER RESOURCES PowerPoint presentations with relevant vocabulary and grammar from each unit are available on www.gillexplore.ie A Teacher's Handbook is available with Assessment for Learning (AfL) guidelines to accompany the strategies in the book, full CD script and video scripts, class tests and solutions for each unit, exam resources and revision checklist for each section of the exam. A Teacher's CD-ROM can be provided to give you an alternative way to access all digital and other teacher material. The eBook blends all the digital resources available for the textbook in one place Videos Narrated photo stories Audio Weblinks WATCH author Maria Harney's TOP TIPS for language teaching in the mixed-ability classroom.

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