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That's Not My Tractor

Author: Fiona Watt

Publisher: Usborne Books


Category: Board books

Page: 10

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This text features interesting textures to feel, such as smooth paintwork or bumpy tyres. The combination of simple text, illustrations and things to feel will help very young children develop sensory and language awareness.

Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten

Raise IQ by up to 30 points and turn on your child's smart genes

Author: David Perlmutter, M.D.

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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Nature didn’t finish your child’s brain at birth. It’s up to you to maximize your child’s mental skills without causing additional stress. Acclaimed neurologist and bestselling author of Grain Brain, David Perlmutter, MD, offers these valuable tools: Simple games to reinforce memory pathways in the brain Information on common household products and children’s toys that contain brain-damaging neurotoxins The right foods and supplements to boost intelligence and turn on your child’s smart genes How to turn the television, the computer, and video games into educational tools Proven ways to reduce the risk of your child developing ADD and ADHD Between birth and age five, your child has up to thirty IQ points at stake. Scientists now know that the human brain is undergoing a constant and dramatic transformation in the first years of life. During this peak time of development, every activity and experience leaves an indelible mark on your baby’s brain, for better or worse. The right kind of stimulation and nutrition will create connections in the brain that promote intelligence and raise IQ. The wrong kinds of activities and foods can stifle intellectual development, destroy brain cells, and leave your child more vulnerable to learning or behavior problems down the road. So, what can you do during the first five years to ensure that your child is primed to excel? The good news is that raising a smarter child is easier than you think. It doesn’t require making an investment in expensive equipment or high priced tutors. It’s as simple as playing the right games, serving the right foods, and maintaining a brain-enhancing environment in your home by eliminating common household toxins. In Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten by Dr. David Perlmutter, you’ll learn easy and highly effective strategies that can vastly improve your child’s brain power and reduce his or her chances of developing ADD and ADHD. For example, you can: Stimulate Memory: Changing a component on the over-the-crib mobile every week makes the baby compare what was there before to what’s there now, reinforcing memory pathways in the brain that are critical for learning. Spread out those shots: Schedule more frequent trips to the pediatrician for vaccinations, so that fewer shots are administered at once. Flooding the immune system with a cocktail of different vaccines can damage the nervous system. Get rid of toxins: Protecting a child from neurotoxins found in foods, toys and even baby bottles can help preserve precious IQ points. Inside, Dr. Perlmutter provides a scientifically backed food and supplement plan for children and nursing mothers and details the many brain-building activities that you can do with your child. In addition, he reveals the numerous toys and household products that contain harmful, brain-damaging toxins and shows how to identify and combat common childhood problems like ADD and food allergies that may affect your child’s development. Your job over the first five years is to help your child build the best brain possible. With Dr. Perlmutter’s help, you can mine the countless opportunities you have each day to make your child smarter, happier and better prepared to excel.

Techniques of Close Reading

Author: Barry Brummett

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 137

View: 628

Techniques of Close Reading is a brief, supplemental text that trains students in an ability to see what texts--be they written, oral, visual, or mediated--may be saying. Renown scholar and teacher Barry Brummett explains and explores the various ways to "read" messages (speeches, cartoons, magazine ads, etc.), teaching students the ability to see deeper levels of meaning and to share those insights with others. Techniques of Close Reading differs from other books in rhetorical criticism, textual analysis, or critical thinking by: - Focusing on the act and techniques of criticism rather than on schools of thought, grand theories, and specific methods, thus helping students to engage in the act of critical close reading in ways that are congenial to a wide range of methods (for that reason, it is highly adaptable to other texts currently in use that are focused on specific methods) - Explaining the relationships among theory, methods, and techniques of rhetorical criticism - Examining the ethics and risk of doing and reading rhetorical criticism via plenty of examples, figures, and exercises taken from everyday life

Everything I Know About Women I Learned from My Tractor

Author: Roger Welsch Motorbooks International





View: 497

The Current Digest of the Soviet Press




Category: Russian newspapers


View: 614

A Reptile on my Tractor

The Rampant Robot and other stories

Author: Graeme R Quick

Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 144

View: 367

Following the publication of Tall But True Tractor Tales the author has unearthed 50 more stories related to tractors and farm machines (more tall but true tales) and those who work with them. Most of the individuals whose mishaps and misadventures with machinery appear in this book have agreed to allow the world to share and laugh at their misfortune. The author has responded to the challenge of illustrating these events with cartoons and photographs.

Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles : Norwegian Torque Wrench Techniques and Other Fine Points of Tractor Restoration

Author: Roger L. Welsch





View: 459

How to Paint Your Tractor


Publisher: Voyageur Press


Category: Farm tractors

Page: 160

View: 153

Farm Implements




Category: Agricultural machinery


View: 745

It's Your Decision

An Alternate Step

Author: Danny Rhodes

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Psychology

Page: 116

View: 807

Still Lost? It's Your Decision, An Alternate Step just may be the answer you are looking for. You have not yet found sanctuary from the devastation of alcoholism in the current forms of treatment available. You are not alone. You have tried Alcoholics Anonymous and they couldn't do it, and you are not a seeker of "Higher Powers" to save your butt. That leaves you in a dead zone most people will tell you is impossible to recover from. AA believes an alcoholic will never recover; you are forever in a recovery mode. Day by day. This author has a different view. AA can't help you. No higher power is going to help you. The author of this book can't help you.Take a long hard look in a mirror. Although you look similar to the reflection staring back at you, what you see and how others see you are actually two different people.So who has the best view of that image in the mirror? That answer may be a key to the end results you are searching for.

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