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The Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Operators I

Distribution Theory and Fourier Analysis

Author: Lars Hörmander

Publisher: Springer


Category: Mathematics

Page: 440

View: 113

The main change in this edition is the inclusion of exercises with answers and hints. This is meant to emphasize that this volume has been written as a general course in modern analysis on a graduate student level and not only as the beginning of a specialized course in partial differen tial equations. In particular, it could also serve as an introduction to harmonic analysis. Exercises are given primarily to the sections of gen eral interest; there are none to the last two chapters. Most of the exercises are just routine problems meant to give some familiarity with standard use of the tools introduced in the text. Others are extensions of the theory presented there. As a rule rather complete though brief solutions are then given in the answers and hints. To a large extent the exercises have been taken over from courses or examinations given by Anders Melin or myself at the University of Lund. I am grateful to Anders Melin for letting me use the problems originating from him and for numerous valuable comments on this collection. As in the revised printing of Volume II, a number of minor flaws have also been corrected in this edition. Many of these have been called to my attention by the Russian translators of the first edition, and I wish to thank them for our excellent collaboration.

Ograni?ennye Kvantovye Simmetri?eskie Prostranstva

Author: Leonid Lʹvovych Vaksman

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 256

View: 912

This book provides exposition of the basic theory of quantum bounded symmetric domains. The area became active in the late 1990s at a junction of noncommutative complex analysis and extensively developing theory of quantum groups. It is well known that the classical bounded symmetric domains involve a large number of nice constructions and results of the theory of $C^*$-algebras, theory of functions and functional analysis, representation theory of real reductive Lie groups, harmonic analysis, and special functions. In a surprising advance of the theory of quantum bounded symmetric domains, it turned out that many classical problems admit elegant quantum analogs. Some of those are expounded in the book. Anyone with an interest in the subject will welcome this unique treatment of quantum groups. The book is written by a leading expert in a very clear, careful, and stimulating way. I strongly recommend it to graduate students and research mathematicians interested in noncommutative geometry, quantum groups, $C^*$-algebras, or operator theory. --Vladimir Drinfeld, University of Chicago

Analysis, Complex Geometry, and Mathematical Physics

In Honor of Duong H. Phong

Author: Paul M. N. Feehan

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Geometry, Differential

Page: 359

View: 271

This volume contains the proceedings of the Conference on Analysis, Complex Geometry and Mathematical Physics: In Honor of Duong H. Phong, which was held from May 7-11, 2013, at Columbia University, New York. The conference featured thirty speakers who spoke on a range of topics reflecting the breadth and depth of the research interests of Duong H. Phong on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. A common thread, familiar from Phong's own work, was the focus on the interplay between the deep tools of analysis and the rich structures of geometry and physics. Papers included in this volume cover topics such as the complex Monge-Ampère equation, pluripotential theory, geometric partial differential equations, theories of integral operators, integrable systems and perturbative superstring theory.

Pseudo-differential Operators

Partial Differential Equations and Time-frequency Analysis

Author: Luigi Rodino

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 414

View: 712

This volume is based on lectures given at the workshop on pseudo-differential operators held at the Fields Institute from December 11, 2006 to December 15, 2006. The two main themes of the workshop and hence this volume are partial differential equations and time-frequency analysis. The contents of this volume consist of five mini-courses for graduate students and post-docs, and fifteen papers on related topics. Of particular interest in this volume are the mathematical underpinnings, applications and ramifications of the relatively new Stockwell transform, which is a hybrid of the Gabor transform and the wavelet transform. The twenty papers in this volume reflect modern trends in the development of pseudo-differential operators.

Handbook of Differential Geometry

Author: Franki J.E. Dillen

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Mathematics

Page: 574

View: 434

In the series of volumes which together will constitute the "Handbook of Differential Geometry" we try to give a rather complete survey of the field of differential geometry. The different chapters will both deal with the basic material of differential geometry and with research results (old and recent). All chapters are written by experts in the area and contain a large bibliography. In this second volume a wide range of areas in the very broad field of differential geometry is discussed, as there are Riemannian geometry, Lorentzian geometry, Finsler geometry, symplectic geometry, contact geometry, complex geometry, Lagrange geometry and the geometry of foliations. Although this does not cover the whole of differential geometry, the reader will be provided with an overview of some its most important areas. . Written by experts and covering recent research . Extensive bibliography . Dealing with a diverse range of areas . Starting from the basics

Mathematical Reviews




Category: Mathematics


View: 390

The Blagoveščenskiĭ Identity and the Inverse Scattering Problem

Author: Kenrick Bingham



Category: Scattering (Physics)

Page: 86

View: 185

Featured Reviews in Mathematical Reviews 1997-1999

With Selected Reviews of Classic Books and Papers from 1940-1969

Author: Donald G. Babbitt

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 541

View: 715

This second volume of Featured Reviews makes available special detailed reviews of some of the most important mathematical articles and books published from 1997 through 1999. Also included are excellent reviews of several classic books and articles published prior to 1970. Among those reviews, for example, are the following: Homological Algebra by Henri Cartan and Samuel Eilenberg, reviewed by G. Hochschild; Faisceaux algebriques coherents by Jean-Pierre Serre, reviewed by C. Chevalley; and On the Theory of General Partial Differential Operators by Lars Hormander, reviewed by J. L. Lions. In particular, those seeking information on current developments outside their own area of expertise will find the volume very useful. By identifying some of the best publications, papers, and books that have had or are expected to have a significant impact in applied and pure mathematics, this volume will serve as a comprehensive guide to important new research across all fields covered by MR.

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae

Mathematica. Dissertationes

Author: Mari Lukkarinen



Category: Mathematics

Page: 74

View: 492

Distributions and Convolution Equations

Author: Semen Grigorʹevich Gindikin

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 465

View: 687

The authors apply the results of many years of their own original research to a systematic presentation of the theory of distributions in this monograph which can also be used as a (very expensive) textbook on the theory of distribution for graduate students. The first part is devoted to the Cauchy problem, while the second part deals with the Wiener-Hopf equation and related topics in the theory of boundary value problems for convolution equations. To make their work more accessible to readers new to this field, the authors restrict initial treatment of problems to the half-line and formulate only principal results, in their simplest form. Special results and possible generalizations are presented as problems and exercises. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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