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The Bad Samaritan

Author: Alobwed'Epie

Publisher: African Books Collective


Category: Fiction

Page: 185

View: 534

The Bad Samaritan is set in a kleptomaniac and highly corrupt imaginary African country called Ewawa. Due to mismanagement, financial institutions collapse. Salaries are slashed and there is unprecedented unemployment leading to country exodus. Professor Esole and his wife are not only aggrieved by the salary slashes, but also by the dubious closure of the Post Office Savings Bank with their savings. Desperate for money, they resort to borrowing from private sources at exorbitant interest rates. Esole toddles into politics with the aim of righting things. Will his naive approach to politics make or mar?"

The Bad Samaritan

Author: Lyon Bell

Publisher: Brown Dog Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 627

In March 1990, 13 works of art, then valued at over $300 million, were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, by thieves who gained entry posing as police officers. The robbery gained worldwide attention and speculation was rife as to who could have carried out this audacious heist. The robbers were never identified - although the FBI suspected an organised crime syndicate, based in New England. A reward of $10 million for information leading to recovery of the lost masterpieces remains unclaimed. In September 2015, June Harper is kidnapped from Massachusetts General Hospital, where she is personal assistant to Megan Anderson, the chief pharmacist. The investigation is led by FBI special agents Ruth Rowland and Lawrence Brooks. The main problem in identifying the perpetrator is that there is no obvious motive for the abduction - the case becomes even more complicated when June's husband, Ryan, is murdered a few days later. Although separated by 25 years, these three crimes - robbery, kidnap, murder - are linked. But how?

The Bad Samaritan

Author: Robert N. Chan

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 149

This smart, sexy financial thriller with a sense of humor is also a roman clef, illuminating the financial skullduggery that almost destroyed the world economy. Never has a financial crisis been such fun, as The Bad Samaritan puts the thrill back in thriller. Blithe, a prostitute, and Cole, a homeless man and convicted child molester, encounter some really bad people. Scoundrels become heroes, heroes transmogrify into scoundrels and a bullet from Blithes gun kills a beloved captain of industry. With Blithe under arrest for a murder she probably didnt commit, only Cole can save her. To do so he needs to extricate himself from a scheme to bring about a total economic collapse. Desperate, he turns to the most depraved person he knows.

The Bad Samaritan

A Brock Callahan Mystery

Author: William Campbell Gault

Publisher: Head of Zeus


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

View: 1000

Newly rich, married, and bored, Brock investigates an upper-class tragedy. Private detective Brock Callahan, onetime star of the Los Angeles Rams, is racing toward a touchdown when the morgue's phone call wakes him up. His only rich relative, Uncle Homer, has just flown through the windshield of his midlife-crisis Ferrari, and Brock will never have to work again. The private detective hangs up his license, marries his longtime girlfriend, and decamps for the California hills -- where he finds life among the nouveau riche to be duller than he ever imagined. However, there is one old lady -- the quick-witted Maude Marner -- who charms the old jock. But the day after she drops hints that she might have some work for him, she is found dead, having choked to death on her car's exhaust in a gruesome apparent suicide. As Brock digs into the dark corners of upper-crust suburbia, he finds that no matter how you dress it up, murder is always déclassé.

Bad Samaritan

A Novel of Suspense Featuring Charlie Peace

Author: Robert Barnard

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 751

When British policemen Charlie Pearce and Mike Oddie investigate the unsurprising murder of the village parish Lothario, they question Rosemary Sheffield, the vicar’s wife. Rosemary, who has recently “lost” her faith and been accused of immoral behavior with a Yugoslavian refugee, makes a perfect suspect. Another winning combination of plot, character, and wit from Barnard.

The Bad Samaritan

A Novel

Author: Justin Sturm




Page: 222

View: 785

The Bad Samaritan

Author: Arndt Schorr

Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing



Page: 236

View: 858

Is there a devil? Does he spread evil like the gigantic web of a malignant spider, manipulating a misguided world with demons and dark magic, and by spreading a pack of lies disguised as information? Is the end at hand? Arndt Schorr, with his riveting story of conflict between Heaven and Hell, answers all those questions with a resounding "Yes." The Bad Samaritan is Lucifer, the fallen angel, having plagued the Earth through the ages, in varying human forms, finally emerging in the Twenty-First Century as the head of a colossal, world-wide media corporation, distorting the news to manipulate public opinion by using fear, hate and mistrust. Century News is everything he ever dreamed of. Lucifer, posing as a crusty old entrepreneur from Philadelphia named Scott Anderson, owns an unprecedented number of Television and Cable networks, newspapers and gossip magazines, all of which dominate their markets in every corner of the globe. The novel opens with two major and historic events taking place at the same time: The first is the start of yet another drawn-out and mind-blowingly expensive American presidential election, with the devil backing one candidate and Heaven supporting the other. That same evening, Century's magnificent new corporate headquarters in Manhattan celebrates its grand opening - a glittering occasion attended by politicians, movie-stars and celebrities and hangers-on of every type; many of whom are demons - and none of whom is an angel. Angels, however, do play a large role in this story, under the leadership of Gabriel, the Angel of Death, and his somewhat more compassionate brother, the Archangel Michael --who supports Gabriel and a suffering humanity equally, at every turn. The Fourth Angel War is raging. It involves violence, betrayal and vicious scheming on both sides; from unseen celestial battles reflected by bloody wars on Earth, to assassination, torture and depravity taking place in broad daylight in the halls of power - plus enough sadomasochistic sex to make 50 Shades of Grey seem like a manual for beginners. Of course there can be only one victor in all of these contests. Heaven has decreed it -- and Arndt Schorr has produced this masterpiece of a page-turner to help you find out who that might be . . . This book takes tongue-in-cheek look at the existence of powerful spiritual forces, and the religious values and beliefs that millions of people ignore on a daily basis.

Bad Samaritans

The Guilty Secrets of Rich Nations and the Threat to Global Prosperity

Author: Ha-Joon Chang

Publisher: Random House


Category: Developing countries

Page: 276

View: 519

Using irreverent wit, an engagingly personal style, and a battery of examples, Chang blasts holes in the "World Is Flat" orthodoxy of Thomas Friedman and other liberal economists who argue that only unfettered capitalism and wide-open international trade can lift struggling nations out of poverty.

Bad Samaritan

A Sister Agatha Mystery

Author: Aimée Thurlo

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 908

Sister Agatha of the Our Lady of Hope monastery in Bernalillo, New Mexico has become reknowned—and occasionally infamous— for her crime solving skills. Now she must bring her skills to bear on her most important case yet—her friend and ally Sheriff Tom Green is a suspect in the brutal murder of his rival in the upcoming election.

Justice in the Shadow of Death

Rethinking Capital and Lesser Punishments

Author: Michael Davis

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Law

Page: 293

View: 846

With wide public support in 1994, Congress established more than sixty new capital crimes. In Justice in the Shadow of Death, Davis argues that, if the United States is ever to join the majority of the world in abolishing capital punishment, opponents of the death penalty must make a stronger philosophical case against it. He systematically dissects the arguments in favor of capital punishment and demonstrates why they are philosophically superior to opposing arguments. Justice in the Shadow of Death is an important book for philosophers, political theorists, policy analysts, and criminal justice specialists.

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