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The Canterbury Tales

Fifteen Tales and the General Prologue : Authoritative Text, Sources and Backgrounds, Criticism

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer

Publisher: W. W. Norton


Category: Poetry

Page: 600

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This Norton Critical Edition includes the most admired of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales."

Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Author: Frank Grady

Publisher: Modern Language Association


Category: Education


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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales was the subject of the first volume in the Approaches to Teaching series, published in 1980. But in the past thirty years, Chaucer scholarship has evolved dramatically, teaching styles have changed, and new technologies have created extraordinary opportunities for studying Chaucer. This second edition of Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales reflects the wide variety of contexts in which students encounter the poem and the diversity of perspectives and methods instructors bring to it. Perennial topics such as class, medieval marriage, genre, and tale order rub shoulders with considerations of violence, postcoloniality, masculinities, race, and food in the tales. The first section, "Materials," reviews available editions, scholarship, and audiovisual and electronic resources for studying The Canterbury Tales. In the second section, "Approaches," thirty-six essays discuss strategies for teaching Chaucer's language, for introducing theory in the classroom, for focusing on individual tales, and for using digital resources in the classroom. The multiplicity of approaches reflects the richness of Chaucer's work and the continuing excitement of each new generation's encounter with it.

Chaucer’s Squire’s Tale, Franklin’s Tale, and Physician’s Tale

An Annotated Bibliography, 1900 to 2005

Author: Kenneth Bleeth

Publisher: University of Toronto Press



Page: 597

View: 777

The latest volume in the Chaucer Bibliographies series, meticulously assembled by Kenneth Bleeth, is the most comprehensive record of scholarship on Chaucer's Squire's Tale, Franklin's Tale, and Physician's Tale

Annotated Chaucer Bibliography


Author: Stephanie Amsel

Publisher: Oxford University Press



Page: 800

View: 638

"Beloved author of The Canterbury Tales and foundation of the English literary tradition, Geoffrey Chaucer has been popular with readers, writers, and scholars for over 600 years. More than 4,600 books, essays, poems, stories, recordings, and websites pertaining to Chaucer were published between 1997 and 2010, and this full biography identifies each of them separately, providing full publication information and a descriptive summary of contents, thoroughly cross-listed and indexed. The bibliography also cites reviews for individual books, and offers several useful discovery aids to enable users to locate individual items of interest, whether a study of the Wife of Bath's love life, a video about Chaucer's language, advice on how to teach a particular poem by Chaucer, or a murder mystery that features Chaucer as detective. Designed for the international audience of Chaucer students and scholars, the bibliography identifies not only traditional academic studies but pedagogical and popular materials as well. It covers digital and print matter, including a comprehensive range of materials that pertain to Chaucer's life, works, and ongoing influence: books, essays, poems, stories, translations and modernizations, websites, recordings, and films. A unique feature, not found in previous Chaucer bibliographies, is the classification "Chaucer in fiction." The book extends into the twenty-first century the unbroken legacy of cumulative Chaucer bibliographies, and is a fundamental reference work for those interested in early English literature, the history of the English language, medieval studies, manuscript studies, and studies of gender, identity, and nation. Its taxonomy of classifications is highly refined and its author and subject indexes are comprehensive. It contains nearly 200 items published before 1997 missed in previous Chaucer bibliographies"--Back cover.

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching





Category: Civilization, Medieval


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Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 2005. Volume 36

Author: University of California. Center for medieval and renaissance studies




Page: 624

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American Book Publishing Record




Category: American literature


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Tradition and Innovation in Early Modern Spanish Studies

Essays in Memory of Carroll B. Johnson

Author: Sherry Marie Velasco

Publisher: Juan De LA Cuesta


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 353

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Who is Buried in Chaucer's Tomb?

Studies in the Reception of Chaucer's Book

Author: Joseph A. Dane

Publisher: Michigan State University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 319

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Joseph A. Dane examines the history of the books we now know as "Chaucer’s"—a history that includes printers and publishers, editors, antiquarians, librarians, and book collectors. The Chaucer at issue here is not a medieval poet, securely bound within his fourteenth-century context, but rather the product of the often chaotic history of the physical books that have been produced and marketed in his name. This history involves a series of myths about Chaucer—a reformist Chaucer, a realist Chaucer, a political and critical Chaucer who seems oddly like us. It also involves more self-reflective critical myths—the conveniently coherent editorial tradition that leads progressively to modern editions of Chaucer. Dane argues that the material background of these myths remains irreducibly and often amusingly recalcitrant. The great Chaucer monuments—his editions, his book, and even his tomb—defy our efforts to stabilize them with our critical descriptions and transcriptions. Part I concentrates on the production and reception of the Chaucerian book from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, a period dominated by the folio "Complete Works" and a period that culminates in what Chaucerians have consistently (if uncritically) defined as the worst Chaucer edition of 1721. Part II considers the increasing ambivalence of modern editors and critics in relation to the book of Chaucer, and the various attempts of modern scholars to provide alternative sources of authority.

The Literary World




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