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Christian Citizenship in the Middle East

Divided Allegiance or Dual Belonging?

Author: Mohammed Girma

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 160

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For Christians living as a persecuted minority in the Middle East, the question of whether their allegiance should lie with their faith or with the national communities they live in is a difficult one. This collection of essays aims to reconcile this conflict of allegiance by looking at the biblical vision of citizenship and showing that Christians can live and work as citizens of the state without compromising their beliefs and make a constructive contribution to the life of the countries they live in. The contributors come from a range of prestigious academic and religious posts and provide analysis on a range of issues such as dual nationalism, patriotism and the increase of Islamic fundamentalism. An insightful look into the challenges religious minorities face in countries where they are a minority, these essays provide a peace-building and reconciliatory conclusion for readers to consider.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series


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Evangelism and Politics

A Christian Perspective on the Church and the State

Author: John C. Barrett

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 68

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In a fallen world, politics will be a brutal, at times violent, sport. Grandstanding, demonizing, misleading, and lying are the native language of political debate. Violence is historically how political conflicts are ultimately resolved. This fact raises important questions about our faith. Should Christians participate in politics and government? If so, how should we participate? Evangelism & Politics argues that Christians should participate in politics and government but their ultimate goal in doing so is evangelism, not political change. The way Christians participate in politics is therefore generally more important than the specific policies they advocate for. In short, Christian participation in politics should be marked by the fruit of the spirit. At the same time, Christians should not be naive in thinking godly engagement in politics guarantees political success. Ungodly tactics are effective and Christians will be at a political disadvantage when they refuse to use such methods. Nevertheless, Christians should refuse to use them because they see God, not the government, as their ultimate protector and provider and godly engagement in politics as a way of providing an evangelistic witness to society that fulfills the Great Commission.

The Efficient Epworthian

Being the "Epworth League Methods"

Author: Dan B. Brummitt

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 434

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This volume is 'Epworth League Method' revised, rewritten, enlarged, brought down to date. . . . The purpse of the book is not to offer exhaustive discussion of the League's many-sided life. It is meant to be, mainly, suggestive and provocative of independent work. It leaves much to the initiative of the resourceful young people of the Epworth League. Also it is a guide to the sources of ten times as much practical aid as is given within its limited compass. --from the Introduction

Comparative Constitutional History

Volume One: Principles, Developments, Challenges

Author: Francesco Biagi

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Political Science

Page: 300

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While comparative constitutional law is a well-established field, less attention has been paid so far to the comparative dimension of constitutional history. The present volume aims to address this shortcoming by bringing focus to comparative constitutional history.

Preparation for Citizenship in Current Courses of Study in Catholic High Schools

Author: Sister Judith Lang



Category: Catholic high schools

Page: 110

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One Holy and Happy Society

The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards

Author: Gerald R. McDermott

Publisher: Penn State Press


Category: Religion

Page: 216

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Jonathan Edwards (1703&–58) was arguably this country's greatest theologian and its finest philosopher before the nineteenth century. His school if disciples (the &"New Divinity&") exerted enormous influence on the religious and political cultures of late colonial and early republican America. Hence any study of religion and politics in early America must take account of this theologian and his legacy. Yet historians still regard Edward's social theory as either nonexistent or underdeveloped. Gerald McDermott demonstrates, to the contrary, that Edwards was very interested in the social and political affairs of his day, and commented upon them at length in his unpublished sermons and private notebooks. McDermott shows that Edwards thought deeply about New England's status under God, America's role in the millennium, the nature and usefulness of patriotism, the duties of a good magistrate, and what it means to be a good citizen. In fact, his sociopolitical theory was at least as fully developed as that of his better-known contemporaries and more progressive in its attitude toward citizens' rights. Using unpublished manuscripts that have previously been largely ignored, McDermott also convincingly challenges generations of scholarly opinion about Edwards. The Edwards who emerges from this nook is both less provincial and more this-worldly than the persona he is commonly given.





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Thomas Paine

Common Sense for the Modern Era

Author: Elsie Begler



Category: Political scientists

Page: 318

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