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The Commodore at Sea

The Spartan Planet

Author: Arthur Bertram Chandler



Category: Interplanetary voyages

Page: 374

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The Commodore

Author: Patrick O'Brian

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Aubrey, Jack (Fictitious character)

Page: 288

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Jack Aubrey's long service is at last rewarded, as he is promoted to the rank of Commodore and given a squadron of ships to command. His mission is twofold - to make a large dent in the African slave trade, and to intercept a French fleet.

The Commodore

Author: John D. Lowe

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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What if you had to be at a particular train station in England at a particular time on a particular day and you didn't know why? What if you met that one person there that meant everything to you but you hadn't met before and she had been compelled to be at that station at that time on that day as well? What if many things between you were familiar but yet you didn't know why? In The Commodore these are the questions that Jack and Emma ask themselves as they meet for the first time in a train station in Fleet, England in June of 2001. They had to be there and as they talk they inadvertently bring up connections between themselves that they had not been familiar with until they met on this day. As a train arrives at Fleet Station in December of 1942, in war torn England, military analysts Sam Harbour and Madison Bell are quietly joking with each about something that becomes familiar to Jack and Emma on that June day in 2001. From Eisenhower's secret London bunker to FDR's Hyde Park estate Madison Bell and Sam Harbour try to change history.

The Commodore

Author: C.S. Forester

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 830

1812 and the fate of Europe lies in the hands of newly appointed Commodore Hornblower . . . Dispatched to northern waters to protect Britain's Baltic interests, Horatio Hornblower must halt the advance of Napoleon's empire into Sweden and Russia. But first he must battle the terrible Baltic weather: fog, snow and icebound waterways; overcome Russian political and commercial intrigues; avoid the seductive charms of royalty as well as the deadly reach of assassins in the imperial palace; and contend with hostile armies and French privateers. With the fate of Europe balanced on a knife edge, the responsibility lies heavy on a Commodore's shoulders . . . This is the eighth of eleven books chronicling the adventures of C. S. Forester's inimitable nautical hero, Horatio Hornblower.

Live at the Commodore

The Story of Vancouver's Historic Commodore Ballroom

Author: Aaron Chapman

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press


Category: Music

Page: 220

View: 802

Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom is, like New York's CBGB's and Los Angeles's Whiskey a Go-Go, one of the most venerated rock clubs in the world; originally built in 1930, it's hosted a who's-who of music greats before they made it big: The Police, The Clash, Blondie, Talking Heads, Nirvana, New York Dolls, U2, and, more recently, Lady Gaga and the White Stripes. Filled with never-before-published photographs, posters, and paraphernalia, Live at the Commodore is a visceral, energetic portrait of one of the world's great rock venues. Aaron Chapman is a musician and journalist, and the author of Liquor, Lust, and the Law.

The Commodore’s Story

Author: Ralph Middleton Munroe

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing


Category: History

Page: 351

View: 736

The changes which brought the city of Miami of today are delightfully described in this book of personal reminiscences, written by one of Florida’s earliest settlers in collaboration with his life-long friend, Vincent Gilpin. Ralph Munroe first went to Biscayne Bay in 1887. Soon after that time he and his friends built his home, The Barnacle, in Coconut Grove, where he has lived ever since. From this center his influence has been felt for almost fifty years—during the vivid and exciting period of early exploration and settlement,—during the slow development which led up to Flagler and the railroad,—through the boom, the disastrous hurricanes against which the Commodore’s warnings went unheeded, down to the present time. No one interested in southern Florida or in the sea can afford to miss this picturesque story of a Biscayne Bay pioneer who is today so widely and affectionately known. One of Florida’s earliest lovers, the Commodore has been unswervingly devoted to the best interests of the region and has been close to the most significant incidents of its growth. Beautifully illustrated throughout with photographs from Ralph Munroe’s private collection, the earliest on the Bay.

In the Commodore's Hands

Author: Mary Nichols

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 137

Stowaway…or wife! Commodore John Drymore's mission is clear. Sail to France, rescue Comte Giradet from prison and bring him and his daughter back to England safely. But Lisette Giradet defies the Commodore at every turn and soon gets under his skin more deeply than the bullet in his arm. Desperate to rescue her brother from the guillotine, Lisette smuggles herself back on board ship. With her life in jeopardy, she's given no choice—she must assume the role of the commodore's wife!

The Commodore Puzzle Book

BASIC Brainteasers

Author: LEE

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 126

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The Commodore (Vol. Book 17) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels)

Author: Patrick O'Brian

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 836

The seventeenth novel in the best-selling Aubrey/Maturin series of naval tales, which the New York Times Book Review has described as "the best historical novels ever written." Having survived a long and desperate adventure in the Great South Sea, Captain Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin return to England to very different circumstances. For Jack it is a happy homecoming, at least initially, but for Stephen it is disastrous: his little daughter appears to be autistic, incapable of speech or contact, while his wife, Diana, unable to bear this situation, has disappeared, her house being looked after by the widowed Clarissa Oakes. Much of The Commodore takes place on land, in sitting rooms and in drafty castles, but the roar of the great guns is never far from our hearing. Aubrey and Maturin are sent on a bizarre decoy mission to the fever-ridden lagoons of the Gulf of Guinea to suppress the slave trade. But their ultimate destination is Ireland, where the French are mounting an invasion that will test Aubrey's seamanship and Maturin's resourcefulness as a secret intelligence agent. The subtle interweaving of these disparate themes is an achievement of pure storytelling by one of our greatest living novelists.

All of the Commodore's Men

Just to know who's driving, what a help it would be!

Author: Brendan Murphy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 314

View: 315

Since the things discussed in this book could be dangerous to one’s health or freedom in that the police these days generally shoot first and think later, it is only prudent to state for the record “Do not attempt to do any of the things discussed in this book”. This book in no way suggests, condones or recommends, implicitly or explicitly, the engaging in violence of any kind against any person, place, or thing ever for any reason. This book does however emphatically suggests that when a patriotic citizen is in direct conflict with a tinhorn puppet regime such as the Inyo County, Nevada regime so clearly is, it is almost unpatriotic not do all that one can to expose the criminal nature of that regime. In this instance, due to the fact that the Thomas Monroe Trust would ultimately be dragged into any attempt to silence me permanently through direct legal action, the Thomas Monroe Trust ordered their Inyo County government puppets to tolerate the things that I did against them as individuals during the last 10 years thinking that I would eventually run out of steam. Never in a million years did they realize that a book chronicling the entire conflict was being written while the conflict was happening. The characters in this book are very much real and are from the former District Attorney to the judges and police in truth nothing but useful idiots in this titanic struggle between good and evil! What is hanging in the balance is the Thomas Monroe Trust’s continued presents in the region manifested as Demington Medical Center. And Demington Medical Center will only continue to exist if the Inyo valley community allows it to!

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