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The Dragon's Path

Book 1 of The Dagger and the Coin

Author: Daniel Abraham

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 240

The dragons are gone, the powerful magics that broke the world diluted to little more than parlour tricks, but the kingdoms of men remain and the great game of thrones goes on. Lords deploy armies and merchant caravans as their weapons, manoeuvring for wealth and influence. But a darker power is rising - an unlikely leader with an ancient ally threatens to unleash again the madness that destroyed the world once already. Only one man knows the truth and, from the shadows, must champion humanity. The world's fate stands on the edge of a Dagger, its future on the toss of a Coin . . .

The Dragon’s Path

Author: Global Dogan

Publisher: DISCOZUU




View: 226

The Dragons Den and Other Stories

Author: J Bregazzi

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction


View: 492

'THE DRAGONS DEN and OTHER STORIES', is asmall collection of quite diversified tales. The verity and subject matter come from a quality of experience, some from real life with authentic backgrounds and others generated in the mind of the myth. There are several adventure stories and yet others were pushed by an unseen influence of transformations and miracles, with amoral behind them. Here is something for everybody in twelve very different stories, a touch of romance and many with a twist in the tail, also a scattering of poems thrown in for good measure..._________________________________________________________

Bearded Dragons

Author: Philip Purser

Publisher: TFH Publications Inc



Page: 170

View: 676

Learn everything you need to know about Bearded Dragons, including detailed information on grooming and handling. This book also contains information on keeping and breeding Lawsons Dragon.

Dragon Path

Path of the Golden Dragon

Author: William Kerr

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 392

View: 274

Matt Berkeley, former U.S. Navy Special Warfare officer, attempts to stem the tide of corruption sweeping the Caribbean island of St. Michael. Corruption brought by the Golden Dragon Society and its migration from Hong Kong following the transfer of the colony from British rule to that of the People's Republic of China.Drawn into the Dragon's grasp by the brutal death of his closest friend, the assassination of St. Michael's president, and his unexpected feelings for terminally ill Dr. Sarah Hawkins, St. Michael's Assistant Medical Examiner, Berkeley's search for truth plunges him into a world of political intrigue and murder.

Luciferian Witchcraft - Book of the Serpent

Author: Michael Ford



Category: Religion

Page: 464

View: 420

Second Edition completely revised and edited version now available! Luciferian Witchcraft is a complete grimoire of Left Hand Path initiation. Many books have been written of the so-called left hand path, very few actually were written by initiates. Beginning with a lengthy exploration of the forms of the Adversary throughout history, a foundation of ideology is given by identification with the Adversary. The reader is then led through dark and twisting corridors with Four Chapters, a complete system of the History of the Adversary and the Witchcraft associated with the Left Hand Path. What is found within Luciferian Witchcraft is a Talismanic text which presents the medieval concepts of the Black Book being a conjuration itself of the Devil, a complete initiatory system detailing High Ceremonial Magick, The lore of the Adversary and ritualistic and forbidden sex magick. Approach with caution, you may open the gates of hell within'¦

13 Day War

Author: Richard S. Tuttle

Publisher: KBS Publishing


Category: Fantasy fiction, American


View: 299

Massive Federation armies invade Alcea through magical portals seeking to devastate the entire continent. Out-numbered four to one, the Alceans grimly prepare for the bloody conflict, but victory on the battlefield is not good enough for young King Arik. Knowing that the Great Demon has initiated the war between the two countries solely to provide a million tears to fulfill an ancient prophecy, King Arik demands that the Knights of Alcea spare as many of the enemy soldiers as they can. While defeat on the battlefield means death for the Alceans, a victory that allows the Great Demon to fulfill the ancient prophecy will mean eternal servitude to Alutar.

The Labyrinth Key

Author: Howard V. Hendrix

Publisher: Del Rey


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 581

In a secret war waged in worlds both virtual and real, the fates of nations depend on the definitive weapon. And that weapon is knowledge—knowledge to die for. . . . The race is heating up between the U.S. and China to develop a quantum computer with infinite capabilities to crack any enemy’s codes, yet keep secure its own secrets. The government that achieves this goal will win a crucial prize. No other computer system will be safe from the reach of this master machine. Dr. Jaron Kwok was working for the U.S. government to build such a computer. But in a posh hotel in Hong Kong, a Chinese policewoman sifts through the bizarre, ashlike remains of what’s left of the doctor. With the clock ticking, alliances will be forged—and there are those who will stop at nothing to discover what the doctor knew. As the search for answers intensifies, it becomes chillingly clear that the quantum computer both sides so desperately want will be more powerful, more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined. For in the twenty-first century, machines become gods, gods become machines, and the once-impossible now lies within reach. The key to unlimited knowledge will create the ultimate weapon of mass destruction—or humanity’s last chance to save itself. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.

Through the Skylight

Author: Ian Baucom

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 442

Two tantalizing tales, magically intertwined, cross cultures and span centuries as three kids set out to save the lives of three others—who just happen to live in the Middle Ages! A stone lion roars... A sleek black cat speaks... A faun leaps from the canvas of a painting... When Jared, Shireen, and Miranda are each given one glittering gift from an old Venetian shopkeeper, they never fathom the powers they are now able to unleash; they never expect that their very reality is about to be utterly upended. And the adventure has hardly begun. For in another time, centuries earlier, another trio—Rashid, Maria, and Francesca—have been thrown together under terrible circumstances: They have been kidnapped and, along with hundreds of other children, will be sold into child slavery. Unless, that is, they can find some way to save them all. But all their fates lie in the hands of Jared, Shireen, and Miranda. The future—and the lives—of these three very modern children become entirely intertwined with those of the children from the past. Danger, it seems, has a way of spanning centuries. “Reminiscent to Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart.” —School Library Journal

The Dragon’S Reign

Book 1 of the Dragon’S Prophecy Trilogy

Author: Rebekah Arthur

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 151

View: 469

Born to fulfill a prophecy foreseen by the dragons themselves, Jakindra and Jaran struggle to learn their magical heritage and how to harness it. They must find within themselves the key to what they must do to fulfill their destinies with an imposing enemy bent on their destruction, bringing war to their kingdom and endangering the people of Zakiya. Even from a young age, the twins have to learn these things while trying to discover themselves and who they are meant to grow into with the threat not only of their own deaths but in the face of great loss.

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