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Gender Politics and Everyday Life in State Socialist Eastern and Central Europe

Author: S. Penn

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 292

View: 172

This book showcases extensive research on gender under state socialism, examining the subject in terms of state policy and law; sexuality and reproduction; the academy; leisure; the private sphere; the work world; opposition activism; and memory and identity.

Falafel Nation

Cuisine and the Making of National Identity in Israel

Author: Yael Raviv

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 304

View: 402

Revised version of the author's thesis (doctoral)--New York University, 2002.

Parties, Trade Unions, and Society in East-Central Europe

Author: Michael Waller

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 184

View: 215

This collection of essays is divided into two parts, and originates in a conference hosted by the Political Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in March 1993.

Art and Democracy in Post-Communist Europe

Author: Piotr Piotrowski

Publisher: Reaktion Books


Category: Art

Page: 312

View: 664

When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, Eastern Europe saw a new era begin, and the widespread changes that followed extended into the world of art. Art and Democracy in Post-Communist Europe examines the art created in light of the profound political, social, economic, and cultural transformations that occurred in the former Eastern Bloc after the Cold War ended. Assessing the function of art in post-communist Europe, Piotr Piotrowski describes the changing nature of art as it went from being molded by the cultural imperatives of the communist state and a tool of political propaganda to autonomous work protesting against the ruling powers. Piotrowski discusses communist memory, the critique of nationalism, issues of gender, and the representation of historic trauma in contemporary museology, particularly in the recent founding of contemporary art museums in Bucharest, Tallinn, and Warsaw. He reveals the anarchistic motifs that had a rich tradition in Eastern European art and the recent emergence of a utopian vision and provides close readings of many artists—including Ilya Kavakov and Krzysztof Wodiczko—as well as Marina Abramovic’s work that responded to the atrocities of the Balkans. A cogent investigation of the artistic reorientation of Eastern Europe, this book fills a major gap in contemporary artistic and political discourse.

A History of Eastern Europe

Crisis and Change

Author: Robert Bideleux

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 704

View: 726

A History of Eastern Europe: Crisis and Change is a wide-ranging single volume history of the "lands between", the lands which have lain between Germany, Italy, and the Tsarist and Soviet empires. Bideleux and Jeffries examine the problems that have bedevilled this troubled region during its imperial past, the interwar period, under fascism, under communism, and since 1989. While mainly focusing on the modern era and on the effects of ethnic nationalism, fascism and communism, the book also offers original, striking and revisionist coverage of: * ancient and medieval times * the Hussite Revolution, the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation * the legacies of Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the Hapsburg Empire * the rise and decline of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth * the impact of the region's powerful Russian and Germanic neighbours * rival concepts of "Central" and "Eastern" Europe * the 1920s land reforms and the 1930s Depression. Providing a thematic historical survey and analysis of the formative processes of change which have played the paramount roles in shaping the development of the region, A History of Eastern Europe itself will play a paramount role in the studies of European historians.

Kitchen Pollutants Control and Ventilation

A Ventilation Guide to Asian & European Kitchen Environment

Author: Angui Li

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 407

View: 538

This book has been written by two experts in ventilation and indoor air quality with vast experience in the field of kitchen ventilation in both Asia and Europe. The authors share their extensive knowledge of the subject and present the results of their research programs as well those of other researchers. Discussing advanced theories of and design approaches for kitchen ventilation, it is a useful reference resource for a wide range of readers, including HVAC researchers, designers and architects.

Economy, Finance and Business in Southeastern and Central Europe

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Economies of the Balkan and Eastern European Countries in the Changing World (EBEEC) in Split, Croatia, 2016

Author: Anastasios Karasavvoglou

Publisher: Springer


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 903

View: 224

This volume comprises papers presented at the 8th international conference “The Economies of the Balkan and Eastern European Countries in the Changing World” (EBEEC) held in Split, Croatia in 2016. The papers cover a wide range of current issues relevant for the whole of Eastern Europe, such as European integration, economic growth, labour markets, education and tourism. Written by experienced researchers in the field of economic challenges for Eastern Europe, the papers not only analyse recent problems, but also offer policies to resolve them. Furthermore, they offer insights into the theoretical and empirical foundations of the economic processes described. The proceedings of the conference appeals to all those interested in the further economic development of the Balkan and Eastern European countries.

Eastern Europe

Author: Richard Frucht

Publisher: ABC-CLIO



Page: 325

View: 668

East Central Europe in the Modern World

The Politics of the Borderlands from Pre- to Postcommunism

Author: Andrew C. Janos

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 488

View: 418

A study of East Central Europe and its place in the modern world. Combining narrative with analysis, it presents the past and present of East Central Europe in the larger context of the political and economic history of the continent.

Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens

Domestic Workers in the South,1865-1960

Author: Rebecca Sharpless

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 476

As African American women left the plantation economy behind, many entered domestic service in southern cities and towns. Cooking was one of the primary jobs they performed, feeding generations of white families and, in the process, profoundly shaping southern foodways and culture. Rebecca Sharpless argues that, in the face of discrimination, long workdays, and low wages, African American cooks worked to assert measures of control over their own lives. As employment opportunities expanded in the twentieth century, most African American women chose to leave cooking for more lucrative and less oppressive manufacturing, clerical, or professional positions. Through letters, autobiography, and oral history, Sharpless evokes African American women's voices from slavery to the open economy, examining their lives at work and at home.

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