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Gardens of Earthly Delight

Sixteenth and Seventeenth-century Netherlandish Gardens : the Frick Art Museum, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, April 3, 1986 - May 18, 1986

Author: Kahren Hellerstedt

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Art

Page: 82

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The Teahouse

Small Business, Everyday Culture, and Public Politics in Chengdu, 1900-1950

Author: Di Wang

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: History

Page: 355

View: 504

This study examines economic, social, political, and cultural changes as funneled through the teahouses of Chengdu during the first half of the twentieth century.

Romantic Medical Saint in the City

Volume 14

Author: Xiao Ya

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction

Page: 550

View: 660

Wang Yunjie accidentally knew the director's secrets while he was revengeed by the director. However, he got blessed by misfortune and got a magic bracelet unexpectedly. This bracelet helped him to be the best doctor and any incurable diseases could be easily cured by him. His status rose so rapidly that those who used to underestimate him now had to start humble. His life was totally changed.☆About the Author☆Xiao Ya, an online novelist. She is good at writing urban novels especially about doctor. Her work Romantic Medical Saint in the City is developed in the profession of doctors, with her fluent writing telling the story of an intern doctor changing his life.

Story of the Forbidden Palace

Volume 1

Author: Yi Fei

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 223

life is like a dream glory is always a joy there were only a few who lived the rich and the poor were all poor when i became the daughter of a count and entered the palace to become the concubine of a king only after falling into a deep struggle did he finally understand that his fate could no longer be decided by others power and status wealth and glory they were all fleeting and fleeting however a deep love for a girl was not enough to win against such a passing cloud after all i am no longer the naive woman who would do anything for her love however when i stand at the pinnacle of power proudly looking down on all things that prostrate themselves at my feet only now did i realize that everything was no longer what i wanted the snow-covered sky fluttered in the wind with incomparable holiness however it was unable to conceal the loathsome feeling in the hearts of humans and the struggle for the forbidden palace had never stopped

Master of Ways of World

Volume 4

Author: Feng SuiYuan

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 338

The entire world had changed. Demons, monsters, ghosts, monsters, monsters, and monsters were rampant! An ordinary youth had stepped onto the path of defying the heavens! The first natives were furious, and the gods left Shang! Who was the chess player and who was the chess piece? Looking at the tens of thousands of struggles, I wield the Heaven's Pride Dao! This is a novel with a new theme. Please enjoy it slowly.

Praga. Arte E Storia. Ediz. Inglese

Author: Giuliano Valdés

Publisher: Casa Editrice Bonechi


Category: Travel

Page: 128

View: 814

Discover the rich history and culture of some of the world¿s most influential historical places with these highly illustrated books, packed with informative and enlightening descriptions and information

An Imperfect God

George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America

Author: Henry Wiencek

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 926

An Imperfect God is a major new biography of Washington, and the first to explore his engagement with American slavery When George Washington wrote his will, he made the startling decision to set his slaves free; earlier he had said that holding slaves was his "only unavoidable subject of regret." In this groundbreaking work, Henry Wiencek explores the founding father's engagement with slavery at every stage of his life--as a Virginia planter, soldier, politician, president and statesman. Washington was born and raised among blacks and mixed-race people; he and his wife had blood ties to the slave community. Yet as a young man he bought and sold slaves without scruple, even raffled off children to collect debts (an incident ignored by earlier biographers). Then, on the Revolutionary battlefields where he commanded both black and white troops, Washington's attitudes began to change. He and the other framers enshrined slavery in the Constitution, but, Wiencek shows, even before he became president Washington had begun to see the system's evil. Wiencek's revelatory narrative, based on a meticulous examination of private papers, court records, and the voluminous Washington archives, documents for the first time the moral transformation culminating in Washington's determination to emancipate his slaves. He acted too late to keep the new republic from perpetuating slavery, but his repentance was genuine. And it was perhaps related to the possibility--as the oral history of Mount Vernon's slave descendants has long asserted--that a slave named West Ford was the son of George and a woman named Venus; Wiencek has new evidence that this could indeed have been true. George Washington's heroic stature as Father of Our Country is not diminished in this superb, nuanced portrait: now we see Washington in full as a man of his time and ahead of his time.

Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

Author: Jon Manchip White

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: History

Page: 208

View: 750

Remarkably accurate picture of Egyptian life from the end of the third millenium BC to the Greek occupation in 330 BC. "A handy reference tool." — Horn Book. 120 illustrations.

The Hidden Places of Ireland

Author: David Gerrard

Publisher: Travel Publishing Ltd


Category: Travel

Page: 474

View: 681

Often called the Emerald Isle, Ireland is rich in greenery, but there is an abundance of every variety of landscape. This guide focuses on the well-known as well as the more secluded venues for food, accommodation and places of interest in the country.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature

Gran - Hum





Page: 796

View: 569

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