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The Ethics of Managed Care: Professional Integrity and Patient Rights

Author: W.B. Bondeson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 185

View: 769

This collection provides a philosophical and historical analysis of the development and current situation of managed care. It discusses the relationship between physician professionalism and patient rights to affordable, high quality care. Its special feature is its depth of analysis as the philosophical, social, and economic issues of managed care are developed. It will be of interest to educated readers in their role as patients and to all levels of medical and health care professionals.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society

Author: Sarah E. Boslaugh

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 1888

View: 963

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society explores the social and policy sides of the pharmaceutical industry and its pervasive influence in society. While many technical STM works explore the chemistry and biology of pharmacology and an equally large number of clinically oriented works focus on use of illegal drugs, substance abuse, and treatment, there is virtually nothing on the immensely huge business (“Big Pharma”) of creating, selling, consuming, and regulating legal drugs. With this new Encyclopedia, the topic of socioeconomic, business and consumer, and legal and ethical issues of the pharmaceutical industry in contemporary society around the world are addressed. Key Features: 800 signed articles, authored by prominent scholars, are arranged A-to-Z and published in a choice of electronic or print formats Although arranged A-to-Z, a Reader's Guide in the front matter groups articles by thematic areas Front matter also includes a Chronology highlighting significant developments in this field All articles conclude with Further Readings and Cross References to related articles Back matter includes an annotated Resource Guide to further research, a Glossary, Appendices (e.g., statistics on the amount and types of drugs prescribed, etc.), and a detailed Index The Index, Reader’s Guide, and Cross References combine for search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic edition The SAGE Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society is an authoritative and rigorous source addressing the pharmacology industry and how it influences society, making it a must-have reference for all academic libraries as a source for both students and researchers to utilize.

The Ethics of Surgical Practice

Cases, Dilemmas, and Resolutions

Author: James W. Jones

Publisher: OUP USA


Category: Medical

Page: 340

View: 611

This volume provides a collection of case studies representing a wide range of the ethcial issues surgeons confront today. This excellent text for academic courses in surgical ethics is a fascinating read for practicing surgeons. The editors guide us through 60 brief, realistic, and ethically complex problems, offering a series of five possible resolutions to each and guiding us through the relative benefits and weaknesses of the options until a best ethical choice is arrived at. The volume includes sections on Consent and Disclosure, Self-Regulations, Research and Innovation, Conflicts of Interest, Business Dealings, and End of Life Issues, each with a brief introduction by the editors.

Institutional Integrity in Health Care

Author: Ana Smith Iltis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 193

View: 745

This volume addresses the nature of health care organizational ethics, including such issues as corporate fraud and institutional moral integrity, and covers the broad range of issues that must be addressed for a coherent discussion of organizational moral responsibility. Its unique coverage makes it of interest to researchers, students and professionals working in the fields of bioethics, health care administration and management, organizational science, and business ethics.

Reframing Disease Contextually

Author: Mary Ann Gardell Cutter

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

Page: 195

View: 586

This volume will be of interest to philosophers of medicine, bioethicists, and philosophers, medical professionals, historians of western medicine, and health policymakers. The book provides an overview of key debates in the history of modern western medicine on the nature, knowledge, and value of disease. It includes case studies of e.g. AIDS, genetic disease, and gendered disease.

Magill's Medical Guide: Smell - Zoonoses

Author: Anne Chang



Category: Medical

Page: 3104

View: 777

Covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine and concise information boxes for all diseases and disorders.

The Philosophy of Medicine Reborn

A Pellegrino Reader

Author: Edmund D. Pellegrino

Publisher: Notre Dame Studies in Medical


Category: Medical

Page: 451

View: 827

Edmund D Pellegrino has played a central role in shaping the fields of bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. This volume offers a presentation of Pellegrino's thought and its development. Suitable for medical ethicists, students, scholars, and physicians, it offers insights into the emergence of a field and the work of one of its pioneers.

The Ethics of Surgery

Conflicts and Controversies

Author: Robert M. Sade M.D.

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Medical

Page: 384

View: 587

According to popular belief, technical skill is far more important for surgeons than thoughtful deliberation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although surgeons must sometimes make decisions rapidly on the basis of incomplete evidence and must respond to unexpected catastrophes in the operating room rapidly, those events are intermittent - most of the time surgeons deliberate on diagnostic problems and thoughtfully manage postoperative care, which is often intellectually challenging. The relationship of surgeons with their patients is, in a real sense, far more intimate and trusting than that of any other professional, a claim that is supported by the fact that patients surrender their bodies to their surgeons in a state of total helplessness and vulnerability when they undergo anesthesia. Because of that responsibility, no other professional group has a greater sense of dedication to the welfare of their patients than surgeons. Surgical culture is deeply steeped in ethics, and surgeons confront and resolve ethical dilemmas as much or more than most other professionals, although they often may not recognize the situations they resolve are problems in ethics - they are just part of the daily routine. This book is a compendium of articles from the recent surgical literature that address ethical issues chosen by surgeons because they are controversial and pertinent to the practice of surgery. The reader will not find a great deal of sophisticated dissection of fine philosophical distinctions in these discussions of ethical conflicts and controversies in surgery. Instead, they will discover differing viewpoints from thoughtful essayists, mostly surgeons, whose feet are firmly in contact with the ground and who have extensive experience in the real world of surgery, medicine, and law.

The Health Care Professional as Friend and Healer

Building on the Work of Edmund D. Pellegrino

Author: David C. Thomasma

Publisher: Georgetown University Press


Category: Medical

Page: 320

View: 495

This book illuminates issues in medical ethics revolving around the complex bond between healer and patient, focusing on friendship and other important values in the healing relationship. Embracing medicine, philosophy, theology, and bioethics, it considers whether bioethical issues in medicine, nursing, and dentistry can be examined from the perspective of the healing relationship rather than external moral principles. Distinguished contributors explore the role of the health professional, the moral basis of health care, greater emphasis on the humanities in medical education, and some of the current challenges facing healers today.

Ten True Animal Rescues

Author: Jeanne Betancourt

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 66

View: 441

Tells the true stories of a gorilla that cared for a little boy who fell into her cage at the zoo, a cat that saved an infant's life, and a dolphin that rescued a drowning woman.

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