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Savoring the Past

The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789

Author: Barbara Ketcham Wheaton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Cooking

Page: 368

View: 171

Wheaton effortlessly brings to life the history of the French kitchen and table. In this masterful and charming book, food historian Barbara Ketcham Wheaton takes the reader on a cultural and gastronomical tour of France, from its medieval age to the pre-Revolutionary era using a delightful combination of personal correspondence, historical anecdotes, and journal entries.

The French Kitchen

A Cookbook

Author: Joanne Harris

Publisher: Random House


Category: Cooking, French

Page: 256

View: 311

Joanne Harris's bestselling novels, Chocolat, Blackberry Wine and Five-Quarters of the Orange, are affectionately known as her culinary trilogy. In them, Joanne Harris whets our appetites with some tantalisingly delicious recipes taken from her own grandmere's recipe book. For, like Framboise, the heroine of Five-Quarters of the Orange, Joanne has family recipes which have been passed down through the generations and which she shares with us now in a mouth-watering celebration of French cuisine. From pumkin soup to Moules Mariniere, from Tarte aux cassis to Fouace Aveyronnaise (Grandmother's festival loaf), and taking in salads, starters, fish, poultry and plenty more along the way, these are simple and stylish recipes from the heart of the French family kitchen. Illustrated with stunning integrated photographs and complemented by anecdotes from her family, past and present, The French Kitchen will be a must-have cookbook for all lovers of food and France.

The French Kitchen

200 Recipes From the Master of French Cooking

Author: Michel Roux jr

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Cooking

Page: 320

View: 699

French gastronomy is renowned for its classic recipes passed from generation to generation. From Burgundy to the Auvegne, Provence, the Loire and the Pyrenees, traditional family cooking has always been at the heart of the French kitchen and lifestyle. With its delicious dishes and exquisite ingredients as diverse as they regions from which they came from, heritage cooking and family values from provincial France have stood the test of time. In this book Michel Roux Jr., star of MasterChef and owner of the two-Michelin star Le Gavroche in London, explores the heritage of his native French cuisine. With classic recipes using delicious ingredients, Michel Roux Jr. will help you brings provincial French cooking into your kitchen and helps you to recreate the 'je ne sais quoi' that only French cuisine can embody.

In the French Kitchen with Kids

Easy, Everyday Dishes for the Whole Family to Make and Enjoy

Author: Mardi Michels

Publisher: Appetite by Random House


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 860

From the writer and recipe developer behind eat. live. travel. write comes a new cookbook for parents, children and Francophiles of all ages. Forget the fuss and bring simple, delicious French dishes to your home kitchen with Mardi Michels as your guide. Twice a week during the school year, you'll find Mardi Michels--French teacher and the well-known blogger behind eat. live. travel. write--directing up to a dozen children in her school's science lab as they slice, dice, mix, knead and, most importantly, taste. Whether they're learning to make an authentic ratatouille tian or tackling quiche made with pastry from scratch, Mardi's students can accomplish just about anything in the kitchen once they put their minds to it. In her first book, Mardi shows that French food doesn't have to be complicated. The result is an elegant, approachable cookbook featuring recipes tailored for young chefs and their families. From savory dishes like Omelettes, Croque-Monsieurs or Steak Frites to sweet treats like Profiteroles, Madeleines or Crème Brûlée, readers will find many French classics here. With helpful timetables to plan out baking projects, as well as tips on how to get kids involved in the cooking, this book breaks down any preconceived notion that French cuisine is too fancy or too difficult for kids to master. With Mardi's warm, empowering and encouraging instructions, kids of all ages will be begging to help out in the kitchen every day of the week.

The French Kitchen Cookbook

Recipes and Lessons from Paris and Provence

Author: Patricia Wells

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Cooking

Page: 320

View: 303

A master class in fresh, delicious, French-inspired cooking Since 1995, students have waited months and sometimes years for the privilege of learning to cook with Patricia Wells at Chanteduc, her eighteenth-century Provençal farmhouse, and at her Parisian cooking studio. Now, the culinary legend invites home cooks into her life in France, making the recipes from her popular classes available to fans who dream of embarking on their own gastronomic adventure in the world's culinary capital. Beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated with stunning color photographs, The French Kitchen Cookbook offers simple yet profound pleasures to Patricia's students: the satisfaction of preparing a perfect fruit tart; the gratification of extracting a warm, fragrant, golden brioche from the oven; the giddiness of sharing a meal with a group of former strangers who quickly become lifelong friends. Patricia's meticulously written recipes explain the basics—rules that will help anyone become a better cook—while providing the deep satisfaction that comes from creating exquisite food that extracts the best of fresh ingredients. Here are some of her best recipes for appetizers, desserts, and everything in between, dishes inspired by the vibrant Provençal countryside and the bustle of Parisian life, including Miniature Onion and Goat Cheese Tatins, Zucchini and Basil Velouté, Fricassée of Chicken with Fennel, Capers, Tomatoes and Sausage, and Apricot and Lavender Honey Sorbet. "The French Kitchen Cookbook is about a way of life and a lifestyle of food and entertaining," Patricia writes. "It is all about the joys of combining good food, good wine, and friends altogether around the table—an experience we can enjoy day in and day out, any time."

A Lifetime of Cooking, Teaching and Writing from The French Kitchen

Author: Diane Holuigue



Category: Cooking, French

Page: 752

View: 109

Combining the concepts of classical French cooking introduced and explained in Di's best-selling The French Kitchen (first published in 1983); teachings from her essential and instructive manual The Clever Cook and a breathtaking array of inspiring and informative travel writings, this is a testament to Di Holuigue's impressive culinary career.

The Skinny French Kitchen

Author: Harry Eastwood

Publisher: Random House


Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 592

Harry Eastwood has taken on the challenge of a lifetime: marrying her love of classic French cookery with a desire to maintain her waistline. The Skinny French Kitchen is the result of Harry's year spent tasting, testing and tweaking the great French classics in her tiny Parisian kitchen up seven flights of stairs. Every recipe has been slimmed down to a fraction of its usual calorie cost without robbing it of flavour or its French character. From light and delightful Tarte aux Pommes and Mousse au Chocolat to irresistible Coq au Vin Blanc and Croque Monsieur, Harry has proved once again that fat and flavour don't always go hand in hand . . .

Classic French Cooking

Recipes for Mastering the French Kitchen

Author: Elisabeth Luard

Publisher: M Q Publications


Category: Cookery, French

Page: 336

View: 764

Presents recipes that are the building blocks for French cooking.

Recipes from the French Kitchen Gar

Author: Octopus Publishing Group

Publisher: Cassell Illustrated




View: 190

In the French Kitchen Garden

The Joys of Cultivating a Potager

Author: Georgeanne Brennan

Publisher: Chronicle Books (CA)


Category: Cooking

Page: 119

View: 812

The tradition of the kitchen garden, or potager, has for centuries been a cornerstone of the French country way of life-a year-round communion between the kitchen and the garden culminating in simple, gratifying meals prepared fresh with the flavors of the season. Taking up where the very popular Potager left off, In the French Kitchen Garden is a lovingly written, beautifully illustrated guide to cultivating a potager. Georgeanne Brennan imparts her passion for the potager while offering advice on adapting a kitchen garden to any climate or space. Punctuated with impromptu recipes for delicious dishes incorporating the fresh produce of each season, this book encourages everyone to adopt the creative, relaxed style of the French country cook.

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