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The Hammer of the Scots

Edward I and the Scottish Wars of Independence

Author: David Santiuste

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 240

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Known to posterity as Scottorum Malleus _ the Hammer of the Scots _ Edward I was one of medieval England's most formidable rulers. In this meticulously researched new history, David Santiuste offers a fresh interpretation of Edward's military career, with a particular focus on his Scottish wars. This is in part a study of personality: Edward was a remarkable man. His struggles with tenacious opponents _ including Robert the Bruce and William Wallace _ have become the stuff of legend. ??There is a clear and perceptive account of important military events, notably the Battle of Falkirk, but the narrative also encompasses the wider impact of Edward's campaigns. Edward attempted to mobilize resources _ including men, money and supplies _ on an unprecedented scale. His wars affected people at all levels of society, throughout the British Isles. ??David Santiuste builds up a vivid and convincing description of Edward's campaigns in Scotland, whilst also exploring the political background. Edward emerges as a man of great conviction, who sought to bend Scotland to his will, yet also, on occasion, as a surprisingly beleaguered figure. Edward is presented here as the central character in a turbulent world, as commander and king.

The Hammer of the Scots

The History and Legacy of Edward Longshanks' Conquest of Scotland

Author: Charles River Charles River Editors

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 106

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*Includes pictures *Includes accounts of battles fought between Edward Longshanks, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading *Includes a table of contents "By God, Sir Earl, either go or hang." - Edward Longshanks From their very beginnings, England and Scotland fought each other. Emerging as unified nations from the early medieval period, their shared border and inter-related aristocracy created endless causes of conflict, from local raiders known as border reivers to full blown wars between their monarchies. Every century from the 11th to the 16th was colored by such violence, and there were periods when not a decade went by without some act of violence marring the peace. Out of all of this, the most bitterly remembered conflict is Edward I's invasion during the late 13th century. Eventually beaten back after Edward's death at the famous Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, this was the period of some of Scotland's greatest national heroes, including William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. It still resonates in the Scottish national memory, all the more so following its memorable but wildly inaccurate depiction in the 1995 film Braveheart, which had Scottish audiences cheering in cinemas. Though the fondly remembered heroes of this war are Scottish, the man who defined it was an English monarch, a man whose ruthless efficiency and brutality would earn him the title Hammer of the Scots. This was, for better or for worse, Edward I's war. The Hammer of the Scots: The History and Legacy of Edward Longshanks' Conquest of Scotland analyzes the history behind the fighting between Edward and Scottish leaders like William Wallace. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Edward Longshanks and the conquest of Scotland like never before, in no time at all.

The Hammer of the Scots

(Plantagenet Saga)

Author: Jean Plaidy

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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The seventh book in Jean Plaidy's wonderful Plantagenet series, telling the story of King Edward I. The news of Henry III's death reached his son Edward on the long road home from the Holy Land. Now he was England's king and a man fit for his destiny. Through all the years of his reign, through stark personal tragedy and chill forebodings as his son grew into a weak, corrupted price, Edward I strove to weld a nation united from England, Scotland and Wales. When the mighty Wallace raised the Scots in arms and the Welsh Llewellyn strove for power, Edward stood firm to his resolve, still knowing in his heart how much would be lost when his crown passed down to his dissolute son ...

The Scottish Invention of America, Democracy and Human Rights

A History of Liberty and Freedom from the Ancient Celts to the New Millennium

Author: Alexander Leslie Klieforth

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: History

Page: 434

View: 552

The Scottish Invention of America, Democracy and Human Rights is a history of liberty from 1300 BC to 2004 AD. The book traces the history of the philosophy and fight for freedom from the ancient Celts to the medieval Scots to the Scottish Enlightenment to the creation of America. The work contends that the roots of liberty originated in the radical political thought of the ancient Celts, the Scots' struggle for freedom, John Duns Scotus and the Scottish declaration of independence (Arbroath, 1320) that were the primary basis of the American Declaration of Independence and the modern human rights movement.

History of the British Isles to 1714 Ad

Author: John Priestley



Category: History

Page: 297

View: 627

This is a general history of the British Isles, from the retreat of the ice caps through the prehistoric period, the Iron Age, the Roman era, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Norman Conquest and right through to the Tudor and Stuart dynasties.

Rebel King

Hammer of the Scots

Author: Charles Randolph Bruce

Publisher: Bruce & Bruce Incorporated


Category: Fiction

Page: 407

View: 883

Lord Robert de Bruce leads his small ragtag army to regain Scotland's national freedom against perhaps the most powerful army of medieval history, led by the cunning and ruthless King Edward I of England, a.k.a. "The Hammer of the Scots", and "Longshanks"

The Ends of Kings

Author: Geoff Brown

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited


Category: History

Page: 160

View: 908

Richly illustrated guide with full colour photographs showing where the tombs etc are located with over 100 colour photographs. A unique examination of how kings met their ends - a horrible history for grown ups.

The History of Scotland, from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Rebellie 1745-46 Contained in Tales of a Grandfather, 1

Author: Walter Scott





View: 818

The Great Scot

A Novel of Robert the Bruce, Scotland's Legendary Warrior King

Author: Duncan A. Bruce

Publisher: Truman Talley Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 628

Robert the Bruce was Scotland's greatest King ever. The Bruce, as he was known, was crowned King of Scots in 1306, a time when the ancient kingdom of Scotland was under harsh and illegal English occupation. As soon as King Robert began his reign, his army was treacherously attacked at Methven, resulting in a calamitous defeat for the Scots which forced the Bruce into hiding. Yet, steadily between 1307 and 1313 King Robert won battle after battle, shunning pitched medieval clashes, and fighting as a guerilla force, a form of warfare which he, perhaps, invented. The war peaked in 1314 when the Bruce faced a formidable English invasion. With brilliant tactics and resolute bravery the vastly outnumbered Scots defeated and routed the knights, archers, and foot soldiers of mighty England at the Battle of Bannockburn. And that's only the first part of this epic tale of the Bruce's long and event-filled life. The Great Scot is a novel filled with valor, treachery, passionate love, journeys great and small, and people of every rank and situation-all from the pages of Scottish history.

An Outline of the Relations Between England and Scotland (500-1707)

Author: Robert S. Rait

Publisher: Library of Alexandria


Category: England

Page: 225

View: 253

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