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The Kingdoms of Hairpetah

The Quest to Grislick

Author: Chiedu Obusez



Category: Fiction

Page: 468

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King Naeyhet or of Sadehsia was heavily burdened by the mysterious deaths of his five grand dukes. These were clear signs that his kingdom was nigh its end, as the rumors had forewarned. Thick in the air, like toxic fumes, were the whispers of doom; f or similar were the sequence of events that had occurred to a neighboring kingdom called Arzurdehsia. Now all that remained, if the rumors were indeed true, was his death. Kansimah, Naeyhetor's powerful wizard, had dismissed the rumors and was unsure about the source of this evil, but when Naeyhet or was suddenly struck by a potent spell that turned him as cold as stone, he too feared the worst. It was in this late hour that a company was formed and sent on a perilous quest to the castle of Haegehzyer--a dangerous witch--to engage her. Can the company save Naeyhet or and Sadehsia before the curse consumes the kingdom? Were Kansimah's suspicions true that Haegehzyer played no role in the demise of Sadehsia's nobles or was he simply too fearful of the villainous witch? Follow the company as the travel across the land of Hairpetah to the domain of Haegehzyer in the Kingdoms of Hairpetah.

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