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The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling's Endless Road

Author: Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 557

“Pierson is an even better writer than she is a rider.”—Boston Globe “World’s Toughest Motorcycle Riders”—long-distance motorcycling is not a pastime but an obsession. In this candid, eloquent, sharply observed book, Melissa Holbrook Pierson introduces us to this strange endeavor and the men and women who live to ride impossibly long distances, eating up road, almost without cease. And who find it nothing but fun. Perhaps the most determined of them is John Ryan, a magnetic, enigmatic man who loves nothing better than breaking records of amazing distance—at no small risk to himself and his health. But why? Pierson, who rediscovered the joys of motorcycling in the midst of a personal crisis, puts on her helmet and joins Ryan in his element in order to understand his singular desire and discipline, his passion and his obsession. The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing offers an intimate glimpse of an unusually independent yet supportive community as well as a revealing, unforgettable portrait of its most daring member. In electric, pitch-perfect prose, Pierson gives us rare insights into not only a subculture but also the deeply human craving for something more that drives it.


Author: Joseph Pontillo

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 648

This book is about love, deep love, adoration, arrogance, self-righteousness, and overpowering and consuming hatred and revenge, which is and becomes over-the-top, uncontrollable hatred that lingers for decades. There is a fine line between love and hate. Anyone who has ever been in any kind of relationship in life can attest to that.

Forever and Always

Author: Leigh Greenwood

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 196

From USA Today Bestselling Author Leigh Greenwood comes a historical Western romance filled with gritty cowboy heroes, strong-willed heroines, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West. HE KNOWS SHE CAN NEVER BE HIS... Logan Holstock, oldest of three brothers orphaned on the Santa Fe Trail, has always been content knowing his brothers were alive and happy somewhere in the vast and brutal West-until he learns he may be dying. Certain he has little time left, Logan sets out to find them and end his days near a family he's never known...and stumbles across a strong yet vulnerable widow who makes him yearn for what can never be his. Logan knows he shouldn't love Sibyl Spencer-he couldn't bear leaving her a widow all over again. But as he finds himself drawn deeper into the lives of this small Western town, he can't escape the longing to find peace in her arms. When he discovers that his death sentence is anything but, Logan swears he will do whatever it takes to prove himself to the woman he loves...and show he believes their love is worth fighting for. Cactus Creek Cowboys: To Have and to Hold (Book 1) To Love and to Cherish (Book 2) Forever and Always (Book 3) Praise for Bestselling Historical Western Romances by Leigh Greenwood: "Leigh Greenwood has once again proven he can write a compelling and romantic Western."-Fresh Fiction "This is a solid, enjoyable western from a veteran storyteller."-RT Book Reviews "Greenwood's books are bound to become classics."-Rendezvous

Churchill's Wizards

The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945

Author: Nicholas Rankin

Publisher: Faber & Faber


Category: History

Page: 704

View: 294

The real story of how Winston Churchill and the British mastered deception to defeat the Nazis - by conning the Kaiser, hoaxing Hitler and using brains to outwit brawn. By June 1940, most of Europe had fallen to the Nazis and Britain stood alone. So, with Winston Churchill in charge the British bluffed their way out of trouble, drawing on the trickery which had helped them win the First World War. They broadcast outrageous British propaganda on pretend German radio stations, broke German secret codes and eavesdropped on their messages. Every German spy in Britain was captured and many were used to send back false information to their controllers. Forged documents misled their intelligence. Bogus wireless traffic from entire phantom armies, dummy airfields with model planes, disguised ships and inflatable rubber tanks created a vital illusion of strength. Culminating in the spectacular misdirection that was so essential to the success of D-Day in 1944, Churchill's Wizards: The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945 is a thrilling work of popular military history filled with almost unbelievable stories of bravery, creativity and deception. Nicholas Rankin is the author of Dead Man's Chest, Telegram From Guernica and Ian Fleming's Commandos. 'This is a story clamouring to be told. We could not have imagined the scope of the inventiveness, the daring of these people's imaginations . . . I could not stop reading this book.' Doris Lessing

After the Ball

Author: Eileen Dewhurst

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 503

The events of Eileen Dewhurst’s suspense novel are seen through the eyes of eighteen-year-old Angela Canford. She is intelligent but a bit awkward and very unsophisticated, the only child of rich and over-protective parents. At the theatre she meets a man who is worldly and attractive and older. Predictably she falls for him and together they witness a scene of terrifying violence which sets in motion a chain of events that shatters irrevocably Angela’s hitherto sheltered life. The action moves from England to the South of France where the atmosphere becomes more and more mysterious and tense until the exiting denouement in a small Provençal village. The final revelations are likely to be a surprise to the reader, as they are to Angela herself. Here is a story of drama and character, sharply observed and most ingeniously plotted.

The Battle of the Crater

A Complete History

Author: John F. Schmutz

Publisher: McFarland


Category: History

Page: 428

View: 238

The Battle of the Crater is one of the lesser known yet most interesting battles of the Civil War. This book, detailing the onset of brutal trench warfare at Petersburg, Virginia, digs deeply into the military and political background of the battle. Beginning by tracing the rival armies through the bitter conflicts of the Overland Campaign and culminating with the siege of Petersburg and the battle intended to lift that siege, this book offers a candid look at the perception of the campaign by both sides.

The man who woke up dead

Author: Neville Ramdeholl

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 284

View: 306

Nigel Evans walks into the local police precinct and startles the bored desk sergeant about his part in the bank heist that cleaned out the assets of the city and about a gruesome murder that sends Inspector Maccoddy, the commish, and law enforcement into a tantrum. Oh well, not so much into a tantrum but also into a tailspin. A well-known police informant who would not last two seconds on the street for ratting on his bank robber friends, Evans survives an attempt and flees for his life. Unknowingly, he unleashes a deadly game of kiss-and-kill into which walks the unorthodox Cory Russini, private dick extraordinaire hired by Evans’s beautiful, enticing, and alluring wife to hand her a divorce. Never giving up, Tom, Dick, and Harry, on their mysterious boss’s orders, booby-traps Russini’s car by mistake, and he walks smack-dab into an assassination attempt meant for Evans. After getting his behind scorched, this strange and eccentric private dick and the flat-footed Inspector Maccoddy find common cause as the assassination attempt brings them into a personal game of confrontation and suspicion of each other. Now Evans, who goes underground, and his wife file for divorce only to find themselves under siege army-style as the gang, in a daring assault, tries to kill them all. But love also plays a hand in this game of criminal pursuit. Russini develops a raging soul feeling for his beautiful client. And then the bodies start to turn up. Russini begins to suspect an unlikely figure whose cunning and ruthlessness appalls him. One insignificant but strange death intrigues him, and it takes a ghoulish act to smash the Tom, Dick, and Harry gang.

The Burning Hills

A Novel

Author: Louis L'Amour

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 296

Wounded, dehydrated, and escaping a violent feud with the men of Bob Sutton’s ranch, Trace Jordan is near collapse when he descends from the heat of the desert into a cool, secluded canyon. He wakes to find a beautiful woman gently caring for his injuries. Maria Cristina and her family have also suffered at the hands of Sutton and his men. The experience has left her hostile and defiant. But Jordan sees another side of Maria, and the more time they spend together, the greater his concern for her safety becomes. Sutton’s men are watching and waiting for him to show himself. If he escapes, Maria will be left behind to face their brutality. But if he convinces her to join him, he will be leading her into a heat-blasted, waterless desert. And if that doesn’t kill them, the Apaches will.

Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion

The Making of a President, 1884

Author: Mark Wahlgren Summers

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: History

Page: 408

View: 756

The presidential election of 1884, in which Grover Cleveland ended the Democrats' twenty-four-year presidential drought by defeating Republican challenger James G. Blaine, was one of the gaudiest in American history, remembered today less for its political significance than for the mudslinging and slander that characterized the campaign. But a closer look at the infamous election reveals far more complexity than previous stereotypes allowed, argues Mark Summers. Behind all the mud and malarkey, he says, lay a world of issues and consequences. Summers suggests that both Democrats and Republicans sensed a political system breaking apart, or perhaps a new political order forming, as voters began to drift away from voting by party affiliation toward voting according to a candidate's stand on specific issues. Mudslinging, then, was done not for public entertainment but to tear away or confirm votes that seemed in doubt. Uncovering the issues that really powered the election and stripping away the myths that still surround it, Summers uses the election of 1884 to challenge many of our preconceptions about Gilded Age politics.

Daughters of the Nile

Author: Stephanie Dray

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 665

New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Dray’s historical fiction series comes to a stunning conclusion as the daughter of Cleopatra risks everything to revive her dynasty. After years of abuse as the emperor’s captive in Rome, Cleopatra Selene is now a powerful queen, ruling over the exotic kingdom of Mauretania with her husband, King Juba II, by her side. But when a jealous Augustus Caesar demands that her children be given over to him to be fostered in Rome, Selene is drawn back into the web of imperial plots and intrigues that she vowed to leave behind... Determined and resourceful, Selene must shield her loved ones from the emperor’s wrath, all while vying with ruthless rivals like King Herod. But unless she can find a way to overcome the threat to her marriage, kingdom, family, and faith, Selene may very well be the last of her line...

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