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All for the Regiment

The Army of the Ohio, 1861-1862

Author: Gerald J. Prokopowicz

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: History

Page: 265

View: 982

An inside look at the Army of the Ohio describes how this group of amateur soldiers fared throughout the Civil War, experiencing victory at Shiloh and failure at Perryville.

The Regiment

The Definitive Story of the SAS

Author: Michael Asher

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: History

Page: 624

View: 214

On 4 May 1980, seven terrorists holding twenty-one people captive in the Iranian Embassy in London’s Prince’s Gate, executed their first hostage. They threatened to kill another hostage every thirty minutes until their demands were met. Minutes later, armed men in black overalls and balaclavas shimmied down the roof on ropes and burst in through windows and doors. In seconds all but one of the terrorists had been shot dead, the other captured. For most people, this was their first acquaintance with a unit that was soon to become the ideal of modern military excellence – the Special Air Service regiment. Few realized that the SAS had been in existence for almost forty years, playing a discreet, if not secret, role almost everywhere Britain had fought since World War II, and had been the prototype of all modern special forces units throughout the world. In The Regiment, Michael Asher – a former soldier in 23 SAS Regiment – examines the evolution of the special forces idea and investigates the real story behind the greatest military legend of the late twentieth century.

The Story of the Regiment

Author: William Henry Locke



Category: Pennsylvania

Page: 401

View: 539

The Regiment

A Trilogy

Author: John Dalmas

Publisher: Baen Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 751

View: 331

The poverty-stricken planet of Tyss has only one exportable resource, its extraordinary soldiers, hired by the Confederation of Worlds to train other warriors in their own mystic fighting abilities, a talent that soon becomes essential as the Confederation is confronted by an invading force from another part of the galaxy, in an omnibus volume containing The Regiment, The White Regiment, and The Regiment's War.

Women of the Regiment

Marriage and the Victorian Army

Author: Myna Trustram

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 262

View: 633

This book is a detailed study of the domestic background of life in the Victorian army. It describes the lives of women who lived on the edge of the regimental community as wives, daughters, prostitutes, lovers and workers. It examines the development of policy on marriage of men in the ranks and discusses the links between the military regulation of marriage and Victorian legislation on prostitution. The early history of the service family and the sources of welfare available to families - the poor law, philanthropy, and the regimental system itself - are examined in the light of attitudes to soldiers' marriages. Women of the Regiment reveals the hitherto unexplored role played by the military in shaping Victorian social policy, domestic ideology and attitudes to sexuality. Its originality lies in its feminist discussions of an institution notorious as a male stronghold; as such it makes a vital contribution to our understanding of the nature of masculinity and women's oppression.

The Regiment

15 Years in the SAS

Author: Rusty Firmin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 304

View: 298

From its early beginnings in World War II, the Special Air Service (SAS) has won renown in some of the most dramatic, dangerous and controversial military special operations of the 20th century. It is a secretive and mysterious unit, whose operations and internal structures are hidden from the public eye. Now, one of its longest-serving veterans offers a glimpse into the shadowy world of the SAS. Rusty Firmin spent an incredible 15 years with 'The Regiment' and was a key figure in the assault of the Iranian Embassy in London in May 1980. Newly revised and available in paperback, this is the unforgettable chronicle of Rusty's combat experiences – a fascinating and intimate portrayal of what it was like to be part of the world's most respected Special Operations Force.

The Regiment

Author: Farley Mowat

Publisher: Dundurn


Category: Fiction

Page: 408

View: 531

The story of an astonishing band of Canadian soldiers and their part in the Allied victory in Italy. The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (the Hasty Ps) was Canada’s most decorated regiment in the Second World War, winning thirty-one battle honours. Famed for their role in the Allied invasion of Sicily and the conquest of Italy, for six years the members of the regiment suffered brutal conditions, fighting bravely in the face of fierce opposition from the enemy, and ultimately triumphing. In The Regiment (originally published in 1955), Farley Mowat, famed Canadian fiction writer and regiment member, tells the story of the Hasty Ps, from their recruitment in September 1939 until the end of the war. Mowat was a second lieutenant and platoon leader with the regiment, and writes movingly of the great suffering his fellow soldiers endured, their bravery in battle, and the lasting friendships he forged as a member of the group.

The Regiment

A History of the 104th U.S. Infantry, A.E.F., 1917-1919

Author: James H. Fifield



Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 504

View: 404

Daughter of the Regiment

Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 584

Irish immigrant Maggie Malone wants no part of the war. She'd rather let "the Americans" settle their differences-until her brothers join Missouri's Union Irish Brigade, and one of their names appears on a list of injured soldiers. Desperate for news, Maggie heads for Boonville, where the Federal army is camped. There she captures the attention of Sergeant John Coulter. When circumstances force Maggie to remain with the brigade, she discovers how capable she is of helping the men she comes to think of as "her boys." And while she doesn't see herself as someone a man would court, John Coulter is determined to convince her otherwise. As the mistress of her brother's Missouri plantation, Elizabeth Blair has learned to play her part as the perfect hostess-and not to question her brother Walker's business affairs. When Walker helps organize the Wildwood Guard for the Confederacy, and offers his plantation as the Center of Operations, Libbie must gracefully manage a house with officers in residence and soldiers camped on the lawn. As the war draws ever closer to her doorstep, she must also find a way to protect the people who depend on her. Despite being neighbors, Maggie and Libbie have led such different lives that they barely know one another-until war brings them together, and each woman discovers that both friendship and love can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Members of the Regiment

Army Officers' Wives on the Western Frontier, 1865-1890

Author: Michele J. Nacy

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 128

View: 484

Examining the lives of officers' wives who lived on the western frontier, this study challenges the notion that the western Army garrison was a male-only environment and widens the definition of frontier women to include those who experienced the west from within garrison walls.

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