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The Times Complete History of the World

Author: R. J. Overy

Publisher: Collins


Category: Historical geography

Page: 432

View: 780

From cavemen to the Cold War, from Alexander the Great to global warming, from warfare through the ages to the great voyages of exploration, The Times Complete History of the World is the book that has all the answers, the detail and the authoritative text in one breathtaking single historical source.With over 600 full-colour maps and charts on a wide range of historical subjects and representing the work of a team of professional historians, this new edition continues a tradition of nearly thirty years of excellence, style, authority and cutting-edge design.This edition is internet-linked, permitting further in-depth exploration of key subjects.With fully up-to-date text, including material on Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism, Israel and the EU, this book, edited by leading modern historian Professor Richard Overy, is broad-ranging and more visually enticing than ever.

Rethinking History, Dictatorship and War

New Approaches and Interpretations

Author: Claus-Christian Szejnmann

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: History

Page: 272

View: 503

British Images of Germany

Admiration, Antagonism & Ambivalence, 1860-1914

Author: R. Scully

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 395

View: 663

British Images of Germany is the first full-length cultural history of Britain's relationship with Germany in the key period leading up to the First World War. Richard Scully reassesses what is imagined to be a fraught relationship, illuminating the sense of kinship Britons felt for Germany even in times of diplomatic tension.

Collins Atlas of 20th Century History

Author: R. J. Overy



Category: Atlases

Page: 192

View: 613

A brand-new historical atlas covering the entire 20th century, and part of the new Collins History Atlas series. human history. The Collins Atlas of 20th Century History is the best guide to an incredibly eventful 100 years, a tour through ten decades of conflict, hope and innovation. the basis for examining all the century's major developments, from the height of the Imperial Age to the challenges of the post-Cold War era. military conflicts that shaped the century, but also to the themes and challenges which faced humanity: health, the environment, education, drugs, terrorism, science and technology, telecommunications, and energy resources. 20th Century historian, Richard Overy, the Collins Atlas of 20th Century History is both a visual feast and a work of substantial scholarship.

Historical Record of the Seventy-ninth Regiment of Foot

Or Cameron Highlanders

Author: Robert Jameson

Publisher: Edinburgh : W. Blackwood



Page: 143

View: 547

Invitation to Public Speaking - National Geographic Edition

Author: Cindy L. Griffin

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 400

View: 160

INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING was designed to provide you with solid public speaking skills that will serve you well. This text shows you the power and importance of public speaking in your life as well as in the community. This special National Geographic Learning edition includes dynamic and exciting stories and tips from young people who are committed to sharing their passion for conservation and learning, accompanied by spectacular National Geographic photographs. Speech-building help and examples of student speeches in every chapter help you understand the basic concepts so that you learn how to give successful speeches. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Times Compact Atlas of the World

Author: Times Books (Firm)

Publisher: Times Books


Category: History

Page: 240

View: 930

This new edition of the TIMES COMPACT WORLD ATLAS, in a convenient, portable format, has been fully revised to bring all the maps and geographical information completely up-to-date to give an accurate picture of today's world. As with all the atlases in the Times range, it offers great authority, outstanding quality and attention to detail.Detailed reference maps in the distinctive and respected Times style provide balanced, systematic coverage of all parts of the world. Each continent is introduced by a political map showing individual countries, followed by regional maps showing towns and cities, roads, railways, international boundaries and topography. Key features of the atlas include:The introductory section covers major world geographical themes - from earthquakes and volcanoes to population growth, communications and climate change - giving a global snapshot of our contemporary world.Authoritative updated mapping of the whole world.Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for the world's states and territories.Hundreds of place names updated.Over 25,000 index entries. This is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy-to use format, retaining the authority, style and detail of the larger atlases in the range.

The Historical Atlas of the World At War

Author: Brenda Lewis

Publisher: Chartwell Books


Category: History

Page: 400

View: 234

The Historical Atlas series explores pivotal events and areas of cultural interest in great detail. Most books in this series are available both in hardcover, and in paperback with flaps, and the interior pages are illustrated throughout with full-color maps, diagrams, photographs, and charts. The series offers readers a clear, easy-to-follow narrative of the subjects that have shaped human history ranging from wars to religions, and from ancient cultures to transportation. The Historical Atlas of the World at War details the history of war, from the tribal origins of war to the major world wars of the twentieth century. War has shadowed the whole of human history, featuring its greatest triumphs and greatest tragedies, and underlying all of it, the paramount need of all living things to survive. With thoroughly researched text and illuminating illustrations, this volume the complete spectrum of war, accompanied by highly detailed maps, beautifully designed, charting the key events of the various wars that have shaped the world as we know it today. Over the centuries the methods of war have changed beyond all recognition, but the reasons for war remain the same—desire for territory and resources, ideology and strategic disputes. The Historical Atlas of the Wrold at War analyzes military development from Ancient times to the present. There is emphasis throughout on the weaponry, and the fighters who used them, as well as detailed analysis of military strategy, with accurate charts showing the tactics deployed in the most significant battles and maps charting the movements of troops and armies in major campaigns stretching across continents.

The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, Art, and Finance






View: 440

Chips and Chapters

A Book for Amateur and Young Geologists

Author: David Page



Category: Geology

Page: 303

View: 824

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