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Honoring the Medicine

The Essential Guide to Native American Healing

Author: Kenneth S. Cohen

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 448

View: 604

For thousands of years, Native medicine was the only medicine on the North American continent. It is America’s original holistic medicine, a powerful means of healing the body, balancing the emotions, and renewing the spirit. Medicine men and women prescribe prayers, dances, songs, herbal mixtures, counseling, and many other remedies that help not only the individual but the family and the community as well. The goal of healing is both wellness and wisdom. Written by a master of alternative healing practices, Honoring the Medicine gathers together an unparalleled abundance of information about every aspect of Native American medicine and a healing philosophy that connects each of us with the whole web of life—people, plants, animals, the earth. Inside you will discover • The power of the Four Winds—the psychological and spiritual qualities that contribute to harmony and health • Native American Values—including wisdom from the Wolf and the inportance of commitment and cooperation • The Vision Quest—searching for the Great Spirit’s guidance and life’s true purpose • Moontime rituals—traditional practices that may be observed by women during menstruation • Massage techniques, energy therapies, and the need for touch • The benefits of ancient purification ceremonies, such as the Sweat Lodge • Tips on finding and gathering healing plants—the wonders of herbs • The purpose of smudging, fasting, and chanting—and how science confirms their effectiveness Complete with true stories of miraculous healing, this unique book will benefit everyone who is committed to improving his or her quality of life. “If you have the courage to look within and without,” Kenneth Cohen tells us, “you may find that you also have an indigenous soul.”


Author: Tom Brown Jr.

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group


Category: Religion

Page: 234

View: 672

America's most acclaimed outdoorsman tells the life story of his greatest spiritual teacher, a Native American who mastered the skills of survival and learned universal truths from the beauties of nature, whose quest for inner peace sheds new light on our own spiritual odyssey. Reprint.

Walking with Grandma

Into the Woods

Author: G. Bilodeau-Gramm

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 144

View: 244

So much of children’s time is spent indoors, and they have little contact with nature. Author G. Bilodeau-Gramm seeks to change that. In Walking with Grandma, she inspires adults to get outside with their children and grandchildren to discover and explore. Through the eyes of Becca and her grandmother, this story shares a wide range of information and knowledge about the outdoors. It offers a look at the spiritual side of nature by promoting an understanding of the language of the heart. It discusses ancient teachings such as being thankful for the gifts nature provides, being aware of the messages from nature spirits, and recognizing the sacredness in all things. It includes wisdom from indigenous elders and even those in other realities. It encourages children to act with gratitude, respect, and compassion, and it demonstrates many ways to use the five senses to appreciate the world. With follow-up lessons and activities included, Walking with Grandma teaches children about life by using examples found in nature. It communicates the magic, wonder, and joy of the outdoors.

Change Maker

How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life

Author: Rebecca Austill-Clausen

Publisher: She Writes Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 576

Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist: Body, Mind & Spirit Nautilus Silver: Death & Dying/Grief and Loss IPPY Silver: New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit Change Maker is Rebecca Austill Clausen’s story of her discovery that she could communicate with her brother after he died. Following this realization, a world she never imagined opened up to her—even as she doubted her sanity and feared she would lose the respect of her colleagues, as well as the love and support of her family. Austill Clausen struggled with how her spiritual awakening and eventual spiritual transformation could mesh with the practical everyday world—the one where she had a rapidly growing rehabilitation business to run, and where she was known as a knowledgeable, science-based expert in the field of occupational therapy. Each chapter of Change Maker explores spiritual beliefs and understanding, includes an original black-and-white illustration by Micki McAllister, and ends with an “Illumination”—guidance, suggestions, encouragement, and inspiration for readers who wish to pursue their own spiritual journey. The end result is a book that blends the best of memoir, self-help, new-age philosophy, and inspiration.






Page: 88

View: 740

Backpacker brings the outdoors straight to the reader's doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often. The authority on active adventure, Backpacker is the world's first GPS-enabled magazine, and the only magazine whose editors personally test the hiking trails, camping gear, and survival tips they publish. Backpacker's Editors' Choice Awards, an industry honor recognizing design, feature and product innovation, has become the gold standard against which all other outdoor-industry awards are measured.

The Culture of Feedback

Ecological Thinking in Seventies America

Author: Daniel Belgrad



Category: Ecology

Page: 264

View: 963

When we want advice from others, we often casually speak of "getting some feedback." But how many of us give a thought to what this phrase means? The idea of feedback actually dates to World War II, when the term was developed to describe the dynamics of self-regulating systems, which correct their actions by feeding their effects back into themselves. By the early 1970s, feedback had become the governing trope for a counterculture that was reoriented and reinvigorated by ecological thinking. The Culture of Feedback digs deep into a dazzling variety of left-of-center experiences and attitudes from this misunderstood period, bringing us a new look at the wild side of the 1970s. Belgrad shows us how ideas from systems theory were taken up by the counterculture and the environmental movement, eventually influencing a wide range of beliefs and behaviors, particularly related to the question of what is and is not intelligence. He tells the story of a generation of Americans who were struck by a newfound interest in--and respect for--plants, animals, indigenous populations, and the very sounds around them, threading his tapestry with cogent insights on environmentalism, feminism, systems theory, and psychedelics. The Culture of Feedback repaints the familiar image of the '70s as a time of Me Generation malaise to reveal an era of revolutionary and hopeful social currents, driven by desires to radically improve--and feed back into--the systems that had come before.

Tom Brown's Field Guide to the Forgotten Wilderness

Author: Tom Brown

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group


Category: Nature

Page: 222

View: 289

Describes the natural beauty to be found in urban and suburban landscapes

The Way of the Scout

Author: Tom Brown, Jr.

Publisher: Berkley Trade


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 281

View: 486

Presents twelve episodes illustrating the expert skills in tracking taught to the author by an Apache expert, showing how the Native American art of survival can bring the spiritual rewards of higher consciousness and inner peace

Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Author: Tom Brown

Publisher: Berkley Trade


Category: Gardening

Page: 256

View: 346

For untold thousands of years, human beings have thrived on the nutritional and medicinal wealth of the plant life in the natural world. In these fascinating, wide-ranging, wonderfully informative stories, Tom Brown--director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School--tells all about the uncommon benefits of the common trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants we find all around us. This indispensible guide includes information on: How to use every part of the plant--leaves, flowers, bark, bulbs, and roots Where to find useful plants, and the best time of the year and stages of growth to harvest them How to prepare delicious food dishes, soups, breads and teas from the riches of the great outdoors An incredible range of experience-proven medicinal uses to treat headaches, burns, digestive disorders, skin problems, and a host of other maladies

The Quest

Author: Tom Brown

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group


Category: Nature

Page: 208

View: 652

The author relates his search for spiritual enlightenment in the wilderness under the guidance of an Apache shaman and explores humanity's mystical relationship with nature.

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