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The Trail of the Gypsy Wagon

Across the Country and Back by Car: 1939 a

Author: Alberta Neilans

Publisher: Gj Publishing


Category: Automobile travel

Page: 120

View: 340

Four young women, four new tires, and a cross country road trip in 1939. From Buffalo, New York, to San Francisco, California - they ride mules down into the Grand Canyon, reach the top of Pike's Peak, swim in the Great Salt Lake, and even dance with cowboys.

The Trail of The Gypsy Wagon

Across the Country and Back by Car: 1939

Author: Lisa Neilans Blair




Page: 128

View: 952

This is the same journal we published before, only now we have added more photos and maps!

Invaders of the Planet Earth

Author: Richard Brightfield

Publisher: Skylark


Category: Children's stories

Page: 115

View: 630

Readers must decide whether or not to accept the aid of the alien Vorks in combating the Taurons, the oppressive, powerful conquerors of Earth, in a multiple-plot science fiction adventure.

Song of the Heart

Author: Kristin Michaels

Publisher: Backinprint.Com


Category: Fiction

Page: 213

View: 737

Paige, in England to collect the folksongs she loves and sings, finds her cottage usurped by a TV producer who beguiles her into swapping her place for a gypsy wagon. He also takes her along he old dragon trail and her whole life changes.

The Gypsy Caravan

From Real Roma to Imaginary Gypsies in Western Music

Author: David Malvinni

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 140

A formidable challenge to the study of Roma (Gypsy) music is the muddle of fact and fiction in determining identity. This book investigates "Gypsy music" as a marked and marketable exotic substance, and as a site of active cultural negotiation and appropriation between the real Roma and the idealized Gypsies of the Western imagination. David Malvinni studies specific composers-including Liszt, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Janacek, and Bartók-whose work takes up contested and varied configurations of Gypsy music. The music of these composers is considered alongside contemporary debates over popular music and film, as Malvinni argues that Gypsiness remains impervious to empirical revelations about the "real" Roma.

Gypsy Wagon

Author: Armando Rafael Rodríguez

Publisher: Chicano Studies Research Center


Category: Social Science

Page: 90

View: 119

The Trail of the Trents

Author: Logan Douglas Trent




Page: 289

View: 974

Gypsy Caravan Sites

Notes for Guidance of Local Authorities in the Implementation of Part II of the Caravan Sites Act 1968




Category: Housing policy

Page: 21

View: 718

The Gypsies

Author: Jan Yoors

Publisher: Waveland Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 260

At the age of twelve, Jan Yoors ran away from his cultural Belgian family to join a wandering band, a kumpania, of Gypsies. For ten years, he lived as one of them, traveled with them from country to country, shared both their pleasures and their hardshipsand came to know them as no one, no outsider, ever has. Here, in this firsthand and highly personal account of an extraordinary people, Yoors tells the real story of the Gypsies fascinating customs and their never-ending struggle to survive as free nomads in a hostile world. He vividly describes the texture of their daily life: the Gypsies as lovers, spouses, parents, healers, and mourners; their loyalties and enmities; their moral and ethical beliefs and practices; their language and culture; and the history and traditions behind their fierce pride. The exultant celebrations, the daring frontier crossings, the yearly horse fairs, the convoluted business deals in which Gypsy shrewdness combined with all the apparatus of modern technology are all brought to life in this memorable portrait of the most romanticized, yet most maligned and least-known people on earth. An insiders story, The Gypsies lifts the veil of secrecy that for so long has enshrouded this race of strangers in our midst.

Gunfight at Cold Devil

Author: Ralph Cotton

Publisher: Cotton-Branch Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 936

At Cold Devil, Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack and Federal Marshal Pete Summers apprehend two wanted men—one of whom has posted a ten-thousand-dollar bounty on the lawmen’s heads. When Sam is dry gulched and Pete is wounded, a pretty young gypsy and her family nurse the lawmen back to health. Then Sam sets out to recapture his prisoners—and make the town of Cold Devil hotter than hell. * * * The ranger stepped inside the door, his big Colt in hand, his eyes making a quick sweep across the room. “I’m acting Federal Marshal Sam Burrack,” he said, loud enough to be heard, but in a calm even voice. “I’m arresting Jack Spain for participating in a stagecoach robbery in Arizona Territory last fall.” He paused, his thumb across the hammer of his Colt, ready to cock it. “And I’m U.S. Marshal Pete Summers,” said a voice. From against the bar, a young man stepped back to the middle of the floor, swinging a sawed-off shotgun up from under his long riding duster. Looking straight at Ned Rose, Summers asked, “Does everybody understand us?” * * * *Preview of Ralph Cotton's Blue Star Tattoo at the end of this book.


Home on the Range

Author: Nancy Weidel



Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 192

View: 934

"Sheepwagon": A Home on wheels with an intriguing history, designed to house a sheepherder as he follows his flocks across the grasslands and mountains. A marvel of practicality and efficiency. But on a rare occasion, as I zoom down a highway, I spot the white top of a sheepwagon -- a lonely sentinel on the endless horizon -- and it fills my imagination. This photo-intensive book gives the history of the sheepwagon and the surrounding sheep business. Here are chapters on the early days of Western sheep-raising; the origins and manufacturing of sheepwagons; traditional sheepherders: their superstitions, customs and pastimes; women and families who lived in sheepwagons; the Basque influence; and modern-day herders, sheepwagons, and restorers. Author Weidel spent years interviewing sheepmen and women, sheepherders, wagon builders, and experts for this, the only book on the fascinating "first mobile home." The oblong book format complements the many photographs, most never before published.

Death Is My Comrade

Author: Stephen Marlowe

Publisher: Overamstel Uitgevers


Category: Fiction


View: 352

With a body in his office and a pocketful of secrets, Drum heads to Moscow Eugenie is seventeen, with long legs, blond hair, and an appetite for misery. Daughter of a corrupt millionaire, she has bounced around Europe’s finest boarding schools, and Chester Drum knows she’s trouble the moment he sees her tearing her blouse to implicate Ilya Alluliev, a Russian diplomat, in rape. The man came to give her a message, an envelope that quickly finds its way to Drum’s safe. Inside is an unsigned note claiming that a Russian Nobel Prize–winning poet is in grave danger. As soon as he reads it, Drum joins the poet on the Kremlin’s hit list. The next day, Drum goes to his office and finds Alluliev on the floor, shot dead. The police cannot help him; Drum will find answers only behind the Iron Curtain. At the height of the Cold War, Drum will risk his life for the sake of a fire-eyed teen with a heart made of ice.

The Renfaire Tales

Author: D. R. White

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 659

The stories that you are about to read take place in a time long, long ago. It was during the days of knighthood and chivalry. The year was 1557, and it was during the time of the King's annual faire. Every year, the good King of Yorkshire gave his people a grand festival in order to show his appreciation for their faithfulness to him and the throne. This celebration lasted three weeks, and was looked forward to by all. The following tales will center on a young lad of seventeen years, who was known by the simple name of Tobias.





Category: Fishing


View: 887

Luke's Legacy

Author: Elaine Littau

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 560

Pursuit of adventure spurs Luke and Purdy to join the wagon train west. Thirst for love drives Ruby away from her childhood home, causing her to grow up faster than her thirteen years could fathom. Her catastrophe catches Luke in its clutches, and he must choose the legacy he will leave behind. In Luke's Legacy, Book III of the Nan's Heritage Series, author Elaine Littau depicts characters that must live with the decisions they make. Full of passion, heartbreak, deception, romance, and resolve, Luke's Legacy promises to hold you captive from the first pages. 'Luke's Legacy is fun and entertaining and leaves you looking forward To The sequel.' -John H. Shumaker, award-winning Christian author, The Mystery of the Alpha and Omega '[Luke's Legacy] draws readers into her characters lives and minds in a way that makes them real, true, and unforgettable.' -Sandy Reisenauer, A/P Tech

The Gypsy Trail

Author: Nicole Leigh West

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 243

View: 125

A 16th-century chateau hides Claudia Spencer's teenage hell. Living a modern-gothic nightmare as the ward of 'ancient people' and the 'evil Gatekeeper', her imagination bleeds into reality as she suffers loneliness, abuse and confusion. A caravan of gypsies arrive on the property and secrets of her past unravel with lessons of magic, gypsy lore, spirituality and first love. Shedding her fears, Claudia struggles internally as she discovers the power of her own magic and launches on a quest for freedom, belonging and love. From the Czech countryside, to the astral plane and the gritty streets of London, escape means daring adventure on a blazing trail of loss, heartache and betrayal.

The English Gypsy Caravan

Its Origins, Builders, Technology, and Conservation

Author: C. H. Ward-Jackson



Category: Caravans, Romani

Page: 221

View: 288

Foothold on a Hillside

Memories of a Southern Illinoisan

Author: Charless Caraway

Publisher: SIU Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 101

View: 413

In a style reminiscent of the master storytellers of yore, Charless Caraway recounts the story of his life, as a man and a boy, on small farms in Saline and Jackson counties, particularly around Eldorado, Makanda, and Etherton Switch. He makes no bones about the hardships of those "old days," first helping his father eke out a living from the land, then scrambling for a living as a sharecropper and fruit picker, as he scrimped and saved for the day when he and his young wife, Bessie Mae Rowan Caraway, could buy a piece of land of their own. The one-room school, the general store, the trips by wagon over roads that choked you in summer and swallowed you in winter, the home that burned: all are described in a matter-of-fact yet moving way. Many of the locations, buildings, and people are represented in equally unromanticized photographs from the family's collection. Some of the stories and photos recall the common disasters of the frontier: drought, flood, and the tornado of 1925. It is clear from these stories that each aspect of life exacted a price, but the Caraways paid that price without regret and rallied to go on their way. Charless and his family and friends fill this book with courage, strength, and an unshakable faith in the value of human endeavor.

American Trail

Author: Ted Field

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 626

American Trail is a story of redemption and a young man’s search for it. Jack Gale is a Baby Boomer, a member of that loud, narcistic generation that grew up believing the American Dream was its entitlement. “My generation was the first to grow up with television,” is how Jack begins his story. It was the 1950’s, an age of innocence when TV sitcoms taught families how to be dutiful, conforming, and child-centered. On Saturday mornings kids sat on the floor watching cartoons and learned from the commercials what cereals their mothers should buy, the ones with the best toys boxed inside. “Hey, kids, tell your mom...” they were told. The stuff of Jack’s boyhood is Davy Crockett caps, Daisy air rifles, and American Bandstand. But so are fallout shelters in the basement and A-bomb drills in grade school. While he is in college, Jack’s charmed life takes an unexpected turn one night when he draws a low number in the national draft lottery and suddenly the threat of military service in Vietnam darkens his Dream. From there he chooses a new trail, one that passes through some of his generation’s defining touchstones: anti-war rallies, Woodstock, failed idealism, and a bohemian search for fulfillment. The trail takes him to a battleground with his father where they fight over differences in ambition, values, and duty. When Jack learns of a sociologist’s claim that America’s general happiness peaked in 1957 and has been declining ever since, he sees it as a reflection of his own life. Ultimately, he realizes his Dream was a gift and a debt to repay, and finds redemption in the most unlikely place.

Django Reinhardt and the Illustrated History of Gypsy Jazz

Author: Michael Dregni

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 363

Django and Gypsy Jazz continue to draw new fans worldwide-here's the first illustrated history.