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The Truth of Ecology

Nature, Culture, and Literature in America

Author: Dana Phillips

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

View: 569

A wide-ranging appraisal of environmental thought. It explores such topics as the history of ecology, radical science studies and ecology, the need for greater theoretical sophistication in ecocriticism, the dubious legacy of Thoreau, and the contradictions of contemporary nature writing.

The Truth about Nature

Environmentalism in the Era of Post-truth Politics and Platform Capitalism

Author: Bram Büscher

Publisher: University of California Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 609

How should we share the truth about the environmental crisis? At a moment when even the most basic facts about ecology and the climate face contestation and contempt, environmental advocates are at an impasse. Many have turned to social media and digital technologies to shift the tide. But what if their strategy is not only flawed, but dangerous? The Truth about Nature follows environmental actors as they turn to the internet to save nature. It documents how conservation efforts are transformed through the political economy of platforms and the algorithmic feeds that have been instrumental to the rise of post-truth politics. Developing a novel account of post-truth as an expression of power under platform capitalism, Bram Büscher shows how environmental actors attempt to mediate between structural forms of platform power and the contingent histories and contexts of particular environmental issues. Bringing efforts at wildlife protection in Southern Africa into dialogue with a sweeping analysis of truth and power in the twenty-first century, Büscher makes the case for a new environmental politics that radically reignites the art of speaking truth to power.

Glossing Over the Truth about the Tongass National Forest

Hearing Before the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, One Hundred First Congress, Second Session, February 28, 1990

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee



Category: Forest management

Page: 487

View: 187

Hinduism and Ecology

Seeds of Truth

Author: Ranchor Prime

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.


Category: Human ecology

Page: 128

View: 842

Hinduism and Ecology looks at the environmental values of the Hindu tradition--its past and present teachings and practices. In it the author speaks to prominent Hindu environment activists and thinkers, presents their ideas and explains what they are doing. The book is complementary to Buddhism and Ecology also published by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited.


Author: Robert S. Leisner

Publisher: WCB/McGraw-Hill


Category: Conservaion of natural resources

Page: 98

View: 273

Closer to the Truth

75 Years of Discovery in Forest & Range Management : a Retrospective of the Pacific Northwest Research Station, 1925-2000

Author: Sally L. Duncan



Category: Forest management

Page: 76

View: 300

The Truth About Green Business

Author: Gil Friend

Publisher: Que Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 980

Everything you need to know to green your business and grow your profit. • The truth about what climate change means for your business • The truth about running lean and green • The truth about future proofing your business Simply the best thinking THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH This book reveals 52 PROVEN GREEN STRATEGIES and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that get results. “This little book is inspiring in its range and practicality—not just for CEOs, but for every member of the enterprise…an exceptionally useful guide for ‘going green’ at any scale of enterprise.” CHIP CONLEY, CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality “In a world where green business advice is rampant, this is the one resource you need: a field guide that combines insight and inspiration with a solid, actionable path forward.” JOEL MAKOWER, Executive Editor,

Official Meeting Program

Author: Ecological Society of America. Meeting



Category: Ecology


View: 935

The Relation Between Major World Problems and Systems Learning: The ecology of human knowledge and global problems in systems perspective

Author: Society for General Systems Research



Category: Social problems

Page: 795

View: 809

The Science of Ecology

Author: Richard Brewer

Publisher: Saunders College Publishing


Category: Science

Page: 936

View: 860

This updated edition presents ecology in an historical context. The author offers explanations of principles and tackles such topics as population growth. Societal and environmental implications are included in three practical ecology chapters.

Ecology of Being

Author: Peter White

Publisher: All in All Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 693

Cultural Writing. Memoir. ECOLOGY OF BEING is a philosophical memoir by Peter White. ECOLOGY OF BEING offers new approaches to the fundamental human task of finding one's way in the world. It is a valuable guide for locating true measures of meaning for oneself and for sharing life's real abundance with others. "ECOLOGY OF BEING describes how human nature, purpose and destiny relate to the quality of existence. It explains not what to do but how to be. It offers a context for understanding the immense implications of being"--from the Preface. "Peter White's ECOLOGY OF BEING is beautifully, lyrically written, with a depth of insight, a humility, and a wisdom that are moving. More important, this book is timely, a powerful call to understand the self-and the responsibilities of love-in new and transforming ways. A must read for anyone who cares about our future as individuals and as a society"-- David Lynn.

Gaia: ecological perspectives for science and society




Category: Environmental sciences


View: 918

The Caribbean

Aesthetics, World-Ecology, Politics

Author: Chris Campbell

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Arts, Caribbean

Page: 240

View: 879

Bringing together the work of literary critics, social scientists, activists, and creative writers, this edited collection explores the complex relationships between environmental change, political struggle, and cultural production in the Caribbean. It ranges across the archipelago, with essays covering such topics as the literary representation of tropical storms and hurricanes, the cultural fallout from the Haitian earthquake of 2010, struggles over the rainforest in Guyana, and the role of colonial travel narratives in the reorganization of landscapes. The collection marks an important contribution to the fields of Caribbean studies, postcolonial studies, and ecocriticism. Through its deployment of the concept of 'world-ecology', it offers up a new angle of vision on the interconnections between aesthetics, ecology, and politics. The volume seeks to grasp these categories not as discrete (if overlapping) entities, but rather as differentiated moments within a single historical process. The 'social' changes through which the Caribbean has developed have always involved changes in the relationship between humans and the rest of nature; and these changes have long been entangled with the emergence of new kinds of cultural production. The contributors to this collection provide a series of unique insights into the relationship between aesthetic practice and specific ecological processes and pressure-points in the region. More than ever Caribbean writers and artists are engaging explicitly with environmental concerns in their work; this volume responds to that trend by bringing literary and cultural criticism into sustained dialogue with debates around local, national, and regional ecological issues.

Ecology and Popular Film

Cinema on the Edge

Author: Robin L. Murray

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Nature

Page: 240

View: 915

Ecocritical takes on popular film.

Ecology, Spirituality, and Education

Curriculum for Relational Knowing

Author: Elaine Riley-Taylor

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Education

Page: 174

View: 900

Annotation New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien, 2002. Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education. Vol. 210 General Editors: Joe L. Kincheloe and Shirley R. Steinberg

New old ecology?

ökologisches Bauen--Bilanz und Perspektiven : Ergebnisse und Schlussfolgerungen des gleichnamigen Workshops

Author: Detlef Glücklich



Category: Architecture

Page: 190

View: 126

Science and Society in Conflict Toward a Theory of Sociocultural Ecology

Author: James William Erickson




Page: 296

View: 797

Human Ecology in the Vedas

Author: Marta Vannucci



Category: Human ecology

Page: 348

View: 763

This Book Analyses Vedic Writings To Highlight The Ancient Rsis Perceptions Of The Universe, Nature, And Cause-Effect Relationships. It Discusses Selected Rgvedic Hymns And Explores Important Aspects Of Indra And Varuna.

The Philosophy of Social Ecology

Essays on Dialectical Naturalism

Author: Murray Bookchin



Category: Dialectic

Page: 198

View: 966

The Critical Human Ecology of the Lake Victoria Fishing Industry

Author: Douglas Clyde Wilson



Category: Critical theory

Page: 730

View: 968

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