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The Universe and Dr. Einstein

Author: Lincoln Barnett

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Science

Page: 128

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Acclaimed by Einstein himself, this is among the clearest, most readable expositions of relativity theory. It explains the problems Einstein faced, the experiments that led to his theories, and what his findings reveal about the forces that govern the universe. 1957 edition.

The Universe and Dr. Einstein

Author: Lincoln Kinnear Barnett

Publisher: Signet Book


Category: Cosmogony

Page: 120

View: 650

Acclaimed by Einstein himself, this is among the clearest, most readable expositions of relativity theory. It explains the problems Einstein faced, the experiments that led to his theories, and what his findings reveal about the forces that govern the universe. 1957 edition.

The Evil Called Mockery


Publisher: A9 GROUP




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In societies that are far from religion, some people spend a lot of time investigating other people's deficiencies and exposing their weaknesses, for they are excessively devoted to this life and desire to be superior to every one else. One of their techniques is to mock someone else's defects, weaknesses, and errors in the mistaken belief that they are thereby covering up their own faults. For this reason, people who do not adopt the Qur'an's morality frequently adopt this moral defect and mock others while simultaneously worrying about being mocked themselves. Therefore, they use their mockery to create an atmosphere of cruelty for each other. However, this is just one facet of the character of those who mock others. In fact, they mock particularly those ideas that they do not want to accept.

God Created the Universe with the Purpose to Serve Humankind

God Created Humankind to Worship Him and Appointed Him as Viceroy in Earth to See how He Behaves


Publisher: Fateh Ullah Khan Gandapur


Category: Creation

Page: 359

View: 254

Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations

Author: Elizabeth Knowles

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Reference

Page: 479

View: 575

More than five thousand quotations, that range in time from Scott's Antarctic expedition in 1912 to the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, are gathered in a comprehensive, updated resource that evokes a fascinating picture of the social, political, cultural, and scientific highlights of modern times.

God and Dreams

Is There a Connection?

Author: John Pratt Bingham

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 327

At one time when an individual wanted a direct, personal experience of God that person turned to his or her dreams. The early third century Christian defender of the faith, Tertullian, observed, "Is it not known to all people that the dream is the most usual way that God reveals himself to man?" Yet by the eleventh century, King William II of England states, "They are not good Christians that regard dreams." Why did this reversal of opinion occur, not only in Christian thinking, but in Jewish and Islamic attitudes also? God and Dreams: Is There a Connection? traces the historic connection between God and dreams and examines why this shift happened. While particular attention is given to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic thought, several secular disciplines are discussed also. After investigating the different points of view, an argument is made that the connection between God and dreams still exists.

A Lifetime of Wondering With and About Some Wonderful People and Things

Author: Condon R. Clough, Sr.





View: 246

Polishing Your Prose

How to Turn First Drafts Into Finished Work

Author: Steven M. Cahn

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Reference

Page: 104

View: 677

This singular book illustrates how to edit a piece of prose and enhance its clarity of thought and felicity of style. The authors first present ten principles of effective composition, and then scrutinize three extended paragraphs, suggesting with remarkable specificity how to improve them. The volume also offers challenging practice questions, as well as two finished essays, one serious and one humorous, that demonstrate how attention to sound mechanics need not result in mechanical writing. Steven M. Cahn and Victor L. Cahn help readers deploy a host of corrective strategies, such as avoiding jargon, bombast, and redundancy; varying sentence structure; paring the use of adjectives and adverbs; properly deploying phrases and clauses; and refining an argument. Here is a book for all who seek to increase their facility in written communication.

How Now Shall We Live?

Author: Charles Colson

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 592

View: 574

2000 Gold Medallion Award winner! Christianity is more than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is also a worldview that not only answers life's basic questions—Where did we come from, and who are we? What has gone wrong with the world? What can we do to fix it?—but also shows us how we should live as a result of those answers. How Now Shall We Live? gives Christians the understanding, the confidence, and the tools to confront the world's bankrupt worldviews and to restore and redeem every aspect of contemporary culture: family, education, ethics, work, law, politics, science, art, music. This book will change every Christian who reads it. It will change the church in the new millennium.

Matter: The Other Name For Illusion


Publisher: A9 GROUP


Category: Cognition

Page: 257

View: 521

What is explained in this book is an important truth, which has surprised many and changed their perspectives on life. This truth can be summarized as follows: "All events and objects that we encounter in real life—buildings, people, cities, cars, places—in fact, everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear—come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains". We are taught to think that these images and feelings are caused by a solid world outside of our brains, where material things exist. However, in reality we never see real existing materials and we never touch real materials. In other words, every material entity which we believe exists in our lives, is , in fact, only a vision which is created in our brains. This is not a philosophical speculation. It is an empirical fact that has been proven by modern science. Today, any scientist who is a specialist in medicine, biology, neurology or any other field related to brain research would say, when asked how and where we see the world, that we see the whole world in the vision center located in our brains. This fact has been scientifically proven in the twentieth century, and although it may seem surprising, it necessarily implies answers to two questions; "Since throughout our lives we confront the images formed If our lives are visions created in our brains, then who is it that creates these visions? And who is it that sees these visions in our brains without having eyes and enjoys them, gets excited and happy?" You will find the answers to these two important questions in this book.

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