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This Girl Ran

Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete

Author: Helen Croydon

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

View: 666

If you had told Helen two years ago that she would be getting up at 6 a.m. on Sundays to swim in a freezing reservoir and spending her Saturday nights unshowered and covered in mud in a pub, she would have spat out her champagne. But when everyone around you starts settling down, what else is a glamorous party girl to do but to launch herself into the world of endurance sport? For someone who didn't even own a pair of flat shoes (and definitely no waterproofs), Helen would soon find she had a lot to learn. Join Helen on her hilarious and soul-searching journey as she swaps a life of cocktail bars and dating for the challenges and exhilaration of triathlons, trail runs, obstacle races, long-distance cycles and ocean swims... and sets herself the seemingly impossible goal of qualifying as a Team GB triathlete.

Angel Nurse

Author: Yang Huo

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 658

Zhong liran 27 was a nurse at the hospital because the head nurse had something to do zhong had the opportunity to sneak into the nurse s office to slack off still remember two years ago she just moved to the hospital to work he received her first patient her boyfriend zheng hang then zheng hang has just graduated from university then start your own business one year zheng hang starting to run the business the last to have their own company finally to bankruptcy the last jump off a building suicide from his own office is only two years of time everything changed all the happiness in the moment zheng hang suicide naught

Baba Yaga

The Wild Witch of the East in Russian Fairy Tales

Author: Sibelan Forrester

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi


Category: Social Science

Page: 202

View: 885

Baba Yaga is an ambiguous and fascinating figure. She appears in traditional Russian folktales as a monstrous and hungry cannibal, or as a canny inquisitor of the adolescent hero or heroine of the tale. In new translations and with an introduction by Sibelan Forrester, Baba Yaga: The Wild Witch of the East in Russian Fairy Tales is a selection of tales that draws from the famous collection of Aleksandr Afanas'ev, but also includes some tales from the lesser-known nineteenth-century collection of Ivan Khudiakov. This new collection includes beloved classics such as "Vasilisa the Beautiful" and "The Frog Princess," as well as a version of the tale that is the basis for the ballet "The Firebird." The preface and introduction place these tales in their traditional context with reference to Baba Yaga's continuing presence in today's culture--the witch appears iconically on tennis shoes, tee shirts, even tattoos. The stories are enriched with many wonderful illustrations of Baba Yaga, some old (traditional "lubok" woodcuts), some classical (the marvelous images from Victor Vasnetsov or Ivan Bilibin), and some quite recent or solicited specifically for this collection

Moon Eclipse, Days of Darkness

Author: Jean Marie Rusin

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 321

This story takes place on Oct 30 when the lights when out and things started to happen, and no one could explains what was going on! But that night the virus started to effect the Peoples of Manhattan, to coast to coast, and this was began to be the darkness day, and no one were be safe to walks out, or they were be velour by the zombies. No One was safe to walks the street, you were be trapped and no escspe from the Zombies. They was the day of darkness arrives! Moon Eclispe, and more things started to happend! Zombies are coming!!!!! " What are we going to do? If they gets inside we willl end of being "DEAD MEAT"! We are hungry for brains!

The Firelight Girls

A Novel

Author: Kaya McLaren

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 806

The summers you spend at summer camp are indelibly etched on your heart. But what happens when the camp you love is about to close? Can you ever really say goodbye to the place that made you who you are? These are the questions that plagues Ethel, the seventy-year-old former camp director who is nursing a broken heart after losing the love of her life as she now faces the impending closure of the camp on Lake Wenatchee that she called home. It's also a question that inspires change in forty-year-old Shannon, who spent the summers of her youth as a vibrant, capable camp counselor and is now directionless after watching her career implode. And there's Laura, who has lost all intimacy with her husband and doesn't know if she can save what seems to be gone forever. Finally, Ruby, who betrayed Ethel years ago and hasn't spoken to her since, hopes this will be her chance to make amends. When the four women learn that a homeless teen has been hiding at camp, they realize camp is something much more immediate for all: survival. And so the three generations of women search for a way to save the place that saved them all, finding in the process a way back to themselves and each other in The Firelight Girls, Kaya McLaren's novel of love and loss, heartbreak and healing.

Cord and the Diamond Pendant

Letters to Adithi

Author: Dharamrajh

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 648

View: 374

The time frame extends from the early nineteenth century to the early years of the twenty-first century. The novel deals with the themes of love and hate. The early protagonists are Jonathan and Shanti, Bridgerajh and a young British girl, and Meghi, a girl forced into prostitution. In a new land, they strive to lead a meaningful life. The enemies are descendants of thuggees and a medley of Satanists. The vendetta haunts each generation. In the second generation, we meet Ramanand and his brothers struggling to define a new life of personal choice. They struggle against injustice and oppression, which affects their love for family. Their lives are uprooted by the rapacity of the apartheid regime’s legally creating a tragic Indian Diaspora within South Africa. The descendants of the thuggees have embraced organised crime. In the third generation are couples like Andries and Joyce; Vishaal and Sabita; Jayesh, who is tangled with Janice, Sharita, and Zuleka; and Pravesh and his beloved Durgha, who become political refugees and fight the enemy to a tragic finish. Intertwined are the lives of Siphiwe an African freedom fighter and his white sweetheart Victoria. There’s Spanner and his Indian girlfriend Sunita. The enemy is led by a godfather whose young pupil is Akhsay. A host of people have their lives interwoven with all these persons. The climax is a private war transcending national boundaries. There is a group of knights on a journey of disappointment and discovery. Finally, there is the fourth generation that wants answers and frees itself. The protagonist is Aditi, a young woman of the twenty-first century. The letters to Aditi are an attempt to answer her questions.

Tribal Cohesion in a Money Economy

Author: William Watson

Publisher: Manchester University Press




View: 830

Seven Years in Ceylon

Stories of Mission Life

Author: Mary Leitch

Publisher: Asian Educational Services


Category: Missions

Page: 170

View: 818

With Portraits And Many Lllustrations.

Shattered Memories

Lost but Not Forgotten

Author: Evon Lewis-Bryant

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 106

View: 663

My story reflects times of pain, sorrow, happiness, all wrapped into one life. This story tells the true story of myself as a little girl that had to grow up to learn early in life the role of an adult; putting the dolls away replacing them with high heels I had to become a mother and father in order to survive in a world that had no mercy. I put my life on hold to care for a mom, two brothers, and a sister to keep them safe. I lived a life full of turmoil, neglect, abuse, molestation, trials and many tribulations and having to feed, clothe and care for my family for many years; until one day I was relieved and giving a chance to be a child from the help of my grandparents. This was indeed a dream I longed to see for many years, I finally had the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Before, I let my guards down only to let other people disrupt and destroy my long awaited joy and in the mist of all this I had to endure the death of my grandparents and siblings. One day I could not fight any longer. I had been married twice suffering both physical and mental abuse in my relationships ultimately sending me into a mental institution. I strived to make what was left of my life complete; everything and anything I tried to do became a disaster often I wanted to just give up I kept hoping, praying, working, and caring for my (now very ill) mother I was always there for my children. I still struggle day to day forcing a grim smile knowing the mistakes I made in life were to be corrected and not repeated. I had to learn the hard way and now I suffer at the cost. One day I hope to erase the mess I have made of my life by reversing my mistakes made in the past. I realized I am in control and others are not I am stronger and braver because of my turbulent times. I stand now to be heard and not to be silent. I have spared many of my feelings only to be left alone with a broken heart. Now its my turn to stand my ground there will be no more excuses for crushing my heart wondering why me? I will smile and enjoy life as the ones who caused me pain. I will laugh and I will smile only this time I know its real. I realize all things were not the cause of me now; but were forced on me through others I am not one of great importance or do I have name embedded in Hollywood square. But, through reading my story you may find your life become a wasted one. You hold the power of your life take it and enjoy all the worlds pleasures!


The Life and Music of Miss Peggy Lee

Author: Peter Richmond

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

View: 780

The first major biography of the legendary singer—an enthralling account of a charismatic artist moving through the greatest, most glamorous era of American music "I learned courage from Buddha, Jesus, Lincoln, and Mr. Cary Grant." So said Peggy Lee, the North Dakota girl who sang like she'd just stepped out of Harlem. Einstein adored her; Duke Ellington dubbed her "the Queen." With her platinum cool and inimitable whisper she sold twenty million records, made more money than Mickey Mantle, and along with pals Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby presided over music's greatest generation. Yet beneath the diamonds she was still Norma Delores Egstrom, insecure and always looking for acceptance. Drawing on exclusive interviews and new information, Peter Richmond delivers a complex, compelling portrait of an artist and an era that begins with a girl plagued by loss, her father's alcoholism, and her stepmother's abuse. One day she gets on a train hoping her music will lead her someplace better. It does—to a new town and a new name; to cities and clubs where a gallery of brilliant innovators are ushering in a brand-new beat; to four marriages, a daughter, Broadway, Vegas, and finally Hollywood. Richmond traces how Peggy rose, right along with jazz itself, becoming an unstoppable hit-maker ("Fever," "Mañana," "Is That All There Is?"). We see not only how this unforgettable star changed the rhythms of music, but also how—with her drive to create, compose, and perform—she became an artist whose style influenced k.d. lang, Nora Jones, and Diana Krall. Fever brings the lady alive again—and makes her swing.

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