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This means this, this means that

a user's guide to semiotics

Author: Sean Hall

Publisher: Laurence King Publishers


Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 198

Semiotics is the theory of signs. Signs are amazingly diverse: from simple road signs that point to a destination, to smoke that warns us of fire, to the culturally-conditioned symbols buried within art and literature. Our reading of signs is very much a part of everyday life. Yet semiotics is often perceived as a mysterious science. This introductory book decodes themystery of semiotics using visual examples instead of abstract theory. Divided into 75 key semiotic concepts, each section of the book begins with a single image or sign, accompanied by a question that invites us to interpret what we are seeing. Turning the page, we can compare our response with the theory behind the sign. In this way, we actively engage in creative thinking. Read straight through or dipped into regularly, thisbook provides practical examples of how meaning is made in contemporary culture.

Semiotics and Visual Communication

Concepts and Practices

Author: Evripides Zantides

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 340

View: 580

This book is the result of selective research papers that were presented at the First International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication at the Cyprus University of Technology in November 2011. The conference was structured around the theme from theory to practice, and brought together researchers and practitioners who study and evaluate the ways that semiotic theories can be analysed, perceived and applied in the context of various forms in visual communication. Within a semiotic framework, the book explores research questions under five main thematic areas: Architectural, Spatial Design-Design for Three-Dimensional Products; Design for Print Applications; Design for Screen-Based Media; Pedagogy of Visual Communication; and Visual Arts. This volume will be an asset for people who have an interest in semiotics, not only from a theoretical and historical perspective, but also from an applied point of view, looking at how semiotic theory can be implemented into educational research, design and visual communication practice. The book provides 25 essential contributions that demonstrate how the concepts and theories of semiotics can be creatively adapted within the interdisciplinary nature of visual communication.

Basics Interactive Design: User Experience Design

Creating designs users really love

Author: Gavin Allanwood

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Design

Page: 184

View: 427

By putting people at the centre of interactive design, user experience (UX) techniques are now right at the heart of digital media design and development. As a designer, you need to create work that will impact positively on everyone who is exposed to it. Whether it's passive and immutable or interactive and dynamic, the success of your design will depend largely on how well the user experience is constructed. User Experience Design shows how researching and understanding users' expectations and motivations can help you develop effective, targeted designs. The authors explore the use of scenarios, personas and prototyping in idea development, and will help you get the most out of the latest tools and techniques to produce interactive designs that users will love. With practical projects to get you started, and stunning examples from some of today's most innovative studios, this is an essential introduction to modern UXD.

The Principles and Processes of Interactive Design

Author: Jamie Steane

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Design

Page: 208

View: 255

The Principles & Processes of Interactive Design is aimed at new designers from across the design and media disciplines who want to learn the fundamentals of designing for interactive media. This book is intended both as a primer and companion guide on how to research, plan and design for increasingly prevalent interactive projects. With clear and practical guidance on how to successfully present your ideas and concepts, Jamie Steane introduces you to user-based design, research and development, digital image and typography, interactive formats, and screen-based grids and layout. Using a raft of inspirational examples from a diverse range of leading international creatives and award-winning agencies, this is required reading for budding digital designers. In addition, industry perspectives from key design professionals provide fascinating insights into this exciting creative field, and each chapter concludes with workshop tutorials to help you put what you've learnt into practice in your own interactive designs. Featured contributors include: AKQA, BBC, Dare, Edenspiekermann, Electronic Arts, e-Types, Komodo Digital, Moving Brands, Nordkapp, Onedotzero, Onformative, Preloaded and Razorfish.

The Quest for Meaning

A Guide to Semiotic Theory and Practice

Author: Marcel Danesi

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 193

View: 853

"The Quest for Meaning" is designed as a guide to basic semiotic theory and practice, discussing and illustrating the main trends, ideas, and figures of semiotics.

Nature's Self

Our Journey from Origin to Spirit

Author: Robert S. Corrington

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Philosophy

Page: 186

View: 585

In Nature's Self, Robert Corrington develops a dramatic new perspective on the self-in-process, probing the tension between our origins in the material and our fragmentary fulfillment in the spirit. Between the self's origin in that Kristeva calls the "material maternal" and its transition into the public world of signs Corrington sees a tension expressed in a dialectic of melancholy and eros. This tension would remain static were it not for the entrance of the spirit that lies in the heart of nature. The drama of the unfolding of the spirit, Corrington argues, is one of the most powerful struggles within the human process. The spirit is in and of nature and can never lift the self outside of nature. For Corrington's ecstatic naturalism, there is no realm of the supernatural, only dimensions and orders within nature. Nature's Self avoids the pitfalls of both contemporary materialism, which can reduce the self to either blind behavior or dimly understood brain states, and poststructuralism, which often sees the self as the locus of an explosion of free-floating signs and meanings that have no intrinsic contour. Instead, Corrington argues that, while the self emerges from and is embedded in an infinite and inescapable nature, it harbors possibilities of transcendence.

Human Centered Design

Second International Conference, HCD 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011, Proceedings

Author: Masaaki Kurosu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 609

View: 880

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Human Centered Design, HCD 2011, held as Part of HCI International 2011, in Orlando, FL, USA, in July 2011, jointly with 9 other thematically similar conferences. The 66 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers are organized in topical parts on human centered design methods and tools, mobile and ubiquitous interaction, human centered design in health and rehabilitation, human centered design in work, business and education, and applications of human centered design.

Semiotic Praxis

Author: Georges Mounin

Publisher: Springer


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 236

View: 998

Catherine Tihanyi Georges Mounin, an important figure in contemporary French intellec tual life, has made significant and original contributions in semiotics, I semantics, poetics, the linguistic theory and practice of translation, and the study of the history of linguistics. He is noted as well for several dec ades of literary criticism in support of poets who were often unknown at the time. Though some of his work has been translated into German, Ital ian, and Spanish, only a few articles have been available so far in English (Mounin 1974, 1976, 1980, 1981); thus the present collection is the first full-length volume of Mounin's works to be translated into English. The contents of Semiotic Praxis reflect Mounin's life-long concern to apply semiotic theory to concrete objects. In so doing, he has attempted to demonstrate the usefulness of semiotics, to test and clarify its theoretical constructs and modify them accordingly, and to help lay down its scientific foundations and map its boundaries as a discipline.

Handbook of Semiotics

Author: Winfried Nöth

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 576

View: 585

"This is the most systematic discussion of semiotics yet published. - "Choice". "A bravura performance..." - Thomas Sebeok. "Mapping a discipline as new as semiotics is more than an exercise in compilation and description. It involves substantive choices regarding the taxonomy and dimensions of the filed as a whole. N'th succeeds admirably in this formidable undertaking." - "Library Journal". "N'th's handbook is an outstanding encyclopedia that provides first-rate information on many facets of sign-related studies, research results, and applications." - "Social Sciences in General". "N'th's book is a remarkable survey of the incredibly broad field of semiotics...For those who desire a comprehensive survey of this diverse field, N'th's book is unsurpassed." - "Library Quarterly". N'th's ambitious work covers the field of semiotics from Aesthetics to Zoosemiotics. Organized in eight parts, it contains sixty-five encyclopedic articles, a consolidated bibliography of almost 3,000 titles, an index of names, and an index of terms." - COPAC.

Rethinking Eros

Sex, Gender, and Desire in Ancient Greece and Rome

Author: Brian Carmany

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Social Science

Page: 136

View: 520

Rethinking Eros uses modern popular culture to examine sex, bodies, and gender in the ancient world in all their complexities.

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