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Uber Origami

Every Origami Project Ever!

Author: Duy Nguyen



Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 512

View: 181

Includes instructions for creating origami animals, mythical creatures, man and machine, holiday origami, and irregular origami.

Origami 5

Fifth International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics, and Education

Author: Patsy Wang-Iverson

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 668

View: 224

Origami5 continues in the excellent tradition of its four previous incarnations, documenting work presented at an extraordinary series of meetings that explored the connections between origami, mathematics, science, technology, education, and other academic fields. The fifth such meeting, 5OSME (July 13–17, 2010, Singapore Management University) followed the precedent previous meetings to explore the interdisciplinary connections between origami and the real world. This book begins with a section on origami history, art, and design. It is followed by sections on origami in education and origami science, engineering, and technology, and culminates with a section on origami mathematics—the pairing that inspired the original meeting. Within this one volume, you will find a broad selection of historical information, artists’ descriptions of their processes, various perspectives and approaches to the use of origami in education, mathematical tools for origami design, applications of folding in engineering and technology, as well as original and cutting-edge research on the mathematical underpinnings of origami.

Trash Origami

25 Paper Folding Projects Reusing Everyday Materials: Includes Origami Book & Downloadable Video Instructions

Author: Michael G. LaFosse

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 525

Make fun and functional origami out of your spare paper with this easy origami book. Don't dump your wastepaper into the garbage—it's time to fold! World renowned origami artists and award-winning authors Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander show you the way with Trash Origami. This origami book presents unique and fun projects from their Origamido Studio and from some of the world's best paper designers, including Nick Robinson, Herman Van Goubergen, and Rona Gurkewitz. The origami models are presented for the reader who may have little or no previous folding experience, making it a great origami-for-kids book and an effective way to learn origami. However, experienced paper folders will also be intrigued by the novel nature of the folds and the unusual materials involved. The origami designs are made from old calendar pages, candy wrappers, envelopes, newspaper, postcards, paper grocery bags and more. The downloadable video tutorial will make the folding process clearer and aid folders of all skill levels. Also provided is a guide to everyday materials that have the most folding potential leaving readers inspired to design and display their very own "trash" origami. This origami book features: Full-color, 95 page instructional book 25 unique origami projects Projects from top paper folding designers Clear, step-by-step directions Paper folding techniques and tips Accompanying downloadable instructional video Get ready to look at the contents of your wastebaskets and recycling bins with a different sensibility. You'll never need to buy expensive origami paper again! Origami projects include: Photo Cubes Candy Wrapper Butterflies Interlocking Flower Petals Custom-Bound Books And many more…

Neue, historisch-kritische Ansicht über das asiatische Seyn und das erste europäische Thatenleben der Magyaren

Author: Lajos SUHAYDA





View: 870

A History of Folding in Mathematics

Mathematizing the Margins

Author: Michael Friedman

Publisher: Birkhäuser


Category: Mathematics

Page: 419

View: 992

While it is well known that the Delian problems are impossible to solve with a straightedge and compass – for example, it is impossible to construct a segment whose length is the cube root of 2 with these instruments – the discovery of the Italian mathematician Margherita Beloch Piazzolla in 1934 that one can in fact construct a segment of length the cube root of 2 with a single paper fold was completely ignored (till the end of the 1980s). This comes as no surprise, since with few exceptions paper folding was seldom considered as a mathematical practice, let alone as a mathematical procedure of inference or proof that could prompt novel mathematical discoveries. A few questions immediately arise: Why did paper folding become a non-instrument? What caused the marginalisation of this technique? And how was the mathematical knowledge, which was nevertheless transmitted and prompted by paper folding, later treated and conceptualised? Aiming to answer these questions, this volume provides, for the first time, an extensive historical study on the history of folding in mathematics, spanning from the 16th century to the 20th century, and offers a general study on the ways mathematical knowledge is marginalised, disappears, is ignored or becomes obsolete. In doing so, it makes a valuable contribution to the field of history and philosophy of science, particularly the history and philosophy of mathematics and is highly recommended for anyone interested in these topics.

Lernschwächen: Der Mythos

Author: Marta L Marchisan Ph D

Publisher: Author House


Category: Education

Page: 216

View: 458

Haben wir vergessen, dass Schler geistige Wesen sind und ber unendliches Potenzial verfgen? Als Insiderin dokumentiert Marta Marchisan, dass selbst in einem schwerbehinderten Schler oftmals viel mehr steckt als wir glauben. Sie entlarvt den von der Gesellschaft aufrecht erhaltenen Mythos um Lernschwchen und ADHS und deckt die wahren Ursachen auf, die manche Schler am Lernen hindern. Marchisan bietet praktikable Lsungen fr das Problem des Analphabetismus an und gibt uns mit ihren Anekdoten vom Kmpfen und berleben ihrer Schler in einem suppressiven Bildungssystem wieder Hoffnung. Dr. Marchisan ist fr mich mehr als Gold wert. Sie hat einem Menschen, der niemals im Leben etwas Wertvolles geleistet htte, den Weg gewiesen. Sie hat mir geholfen zu verstehen, wer ich bin, und mir gezeigt, dass ich alles erreichen kann. Simone, 12. Klasse, Hanau, Deutschland Sie hat mir das Lesen beigebracht, als es sonst niemand konnte. Die anderen Schulen haben alles versucht, und nichts hat funktioniert. Jetzt kann ich lesen und bin glcklich. Gavin, 10. Klasse, Neapel, Italien Sie hat mir geholfen, mein Leben in der Schule selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. William, 12. Klasse, Hanau, Deutschland Ich habe bei Dr. Marchisan gelernt, immer ethisch zu denken und eine positive Lebenseinstellung zu haben. Josh, 11. Klasse, Hanau, Deutschland Lernschwchen: Der Mythos ist das Ergebnis von Dr. Marchisans 25-jhriger Forschungsreise zu der Wahrheit ber Lernschwchen und zu der Erkenntnis, wie die betroffenen Schler ihr Lernen selbst in die Hand nehmen knnen.

Beiträge für eine allgemeine Naturlehre der Pflanzen, Thierkörper und des Menschen, etc.) [With a plate.]

Author: Johann Nepomuk Joseph BROSCHE




Page: 90

View: 941

The Golden Section

Author: Hans Walser

Publisher: MAA


Category: Mathematics

Page: 142

View: 612

The Golden Section has played a part since antiquity in many parts of geometry, architecture, music, art and philosophy. However, it also appears in the newer domains of technology and fractals. This book aims both to describe examples of the Golden Section, and to show some paths to further developments.

Grundsätze des allgemeinen deutschen Privatrechts

Author: Justus Friedrich RUNDE




Page: 718

View: 601

Ausgewählte japanische Kunstschwerter

aus europäischen Sammlungen der N.B.T.H.K. : Ausstellung, 18. Mai bis 11. August 2002

Author: Michael Hagenbusch



Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 333

View: 834

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