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White Egrets


Author: Derek Walcott

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Category: Poetry

Page: 96

View: 224

A DAZZLING NEW COLLECTION FROM ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT POETS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY In White Egrets, Derek Walcott treats the characteristic subjects of his career—the Caribbean's complex colonial legacy, his love of the Western literary tradition, the wisdom that comes through the passing of time, the always strange joys of new love, and the sometimes terrifying beauty of the natural world—with an intensity and drive that recall his greatest work. Through the mesmerizing repetition of theme and imagery, Walcott creates an almost surflike cadence, broadening the possibilities of rhyme and meter, poetic form and language. White Egrets is a moving new collection from one of the most important poets of the twentieth century—a celebration of the life and language of the West Indies. It is also a triumphant paean to beauty, love, art, and—perhaps most surprisingly—getting older.

Five White Egrets

Author: Margaret Allan

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 923

Alone now in his little house on the island the old man imagines the five white birds that fly by daily as his family who have also flown from the nest. Things are seldom what they seem and he is convinced that what, in his mind should be, is. It is well that he does not know, that murder, baby trading, adultery and many of the sins condemned in the Good Book walk with his children as they journey through life.

International Wildlife Encyclopedia

Author: Maurice Burton

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 3168

View: 839

New edition of a 22-volume reference that offers coverage of thousands of species of wildlife, from amoebas to zebras, for middle school students and above. Arranged alphabetically by each animal's commonly used English name, the approximately 1,200 articles discuss the appearance and behavior of species from every branch of the animal world and al

Birds of North America

Author: Kenn Kaufman

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Nature

Page: 383

View: 856

Collects photographs, range maps, and descriptive entries identifying the markings, habits, habitat, and voice of each species.

The white egret

Author: Shingi Itō

Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc


Category: Nature

Page: 167

View: 884

Herons, Egrets and Bitterns

Their Biology and Conservation in Australia

Author: Neil McKilligan



Category: Nature

Page: 133

View: 498

This is the first book to deal exclusively with the Australian members of the Family Ardeidae. It is an easy-to-read account of their origins, classification and biology, and explains the features that distinguish them from other birds. This book covers the distribution and movements, feeding, breeding, population dynamics and conservation of the 14 Australian species. Also includes a chapter on the six species that are 'occasional visitors' to the continent.

The Helm Guide to Bird Identification

Author: Keith Vinicombe

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Nature

Page: 400

View: 889

This ebook covers difficult identification issues by looking at tricky species pairs or groups of birds, and comparing and contrasting their respective features. Designed as a field companion, it supplements the standard field guides and provides much additional information. As well as detailed texts, the books include extensive illustrations of all relevant ages and plumages of the species concerned.

Basic Texas Birds

A Field Guide

Author: Mark W. Lockwood

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Nature

Page: 419

View: 984

Finding all the birds in Texas can be a lifetime pursuit. Basic Texas Birds, an easy-to-use field guide, will help you identify over 180 species of birds that are found across the state, including a selection of the rarer "Texas specialties" that draw birders to Texas from around the world. These are the birds that form the basis of a birder's life list for Texas. Basic Texas Birds is organized by bird families to aid in identifying any bird you see in the wild. It is loaded with resources, including: 200 full-color, close-up photos of the birds State-of-the-art range maps—the most accurate of any currently available—that show each species' distribution within the state Up-to-date species accounts that provide a wealth of current and historical information, including each bird's appearance, habitat, status, and distribution, and that also identify similar species A glossary of terms used in bird identification A list of selected readings for learning more about birds found in Texas The Texas Ornithological Society's list of birds documented in Texas Much more convenient for identifying common birds than a comprehensive state or national field guide, Basic Texas Birds is a must-have resource for both beginning and experienced birders.

Wild Things

Author: Michael McIntosh

Publisher: Down East Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 406

View: 107

This book is devoted to animals native to North America and dear to McIntosh's heart. He is master essayist, combining natural science, myth, history, poetry, and a lifetime of personal experience to bring these animals to life.

The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal

The Secret Lives of Birds of the Southeastern Shore

Author: John Yow

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 155

With his distinctively witty, anecdotal, and disarming voice, John Yow now journeys to the shore and shares his encounters with some of the most familiar and beloved coastal birds. Out of his travels--from North Carolina's Outer Banks, down the Atlantic coast, and westward along the Gulf of Mexico--come colorful accounts of twenty-eight species, from ubiquitous beach birds like sanderlings and laughing gulls to wonders of nature like roseate spoonbills and the American avocets. Along the way, Yow delves deeply into the birds' habits and behaviors, experiencing and relating the fascination that leads many an amateur naturalist to become the most unusual of species--a birder. Seasonally organized chapters explore the improbable, the wonderful, and the amusing aspects of these birds' lives. Yow embellishes his observations with field notes, anecdotes, and stories from some of America's finest naturalists--including John James Audubon, Arthur Cleveland Bent, Rachel Carson, and Peter Matthiessen. Combining the endless fascination of bird life with the pleasure of good reading, The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal is the perfect companion for any nature lover's next trip to the beach.

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