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The Second Generation

Émigrés from Nazi Germany as HistoriansWith a Biobibliographic Guide

Author: Andreas W. Daum

Publisher: Berghahn Books


Category: History

Page: 488

View: 934

Of the thousands of children and young adults who fled Nazi Germany in the years before the Second World War, a remarkable number went on to become trained historians in their adopted homelands. By placing autobiographical testimonies alongside historical analysis and professional reflections, this richly varied collection comprises the first sustained effort to illuminate the role these men and women played in modern historiography. Focusing particularly on those who settled in North America, Great Britain, and Israel, it culminates in a comprehensive, meticulously researched biobibliographic guide that provides a systematic overview of the lives and works of this “second generation.”

Oido rerum

Schriften zur Naturphilosophie, philosophischen Anthropologie und christlichen Weltanschauung. Ecrits sur la philosophie de la nature. l'anthropologie philosophique et la spiritualité chrétienne. Schriften over filosotie van de natuur, tilosotische antropologie en christelijke wereldbeschouwing

Author: Norbert A Luyten



Category: Philosophy

Page: 762

View: 273

Deissmann the Philologist

Author: Albrecht Gerber

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 649

View: 561

Deissmann the Philologist is the first in-depth biographical appraisal of the many once celebrated academic achievements (later mostly overlooked) of the German theologian Gustav Adolf Deissmann (1866 1937). While this authoritative book focuses to some extent on Forschungsgeschichte (history of classical scholarship), it also includes significant aspects of New Testament and religious studies, archaeological projects in Turkey, 20th century German social, political and church history, the ecumenical movement, and peace studies. It is, therefore, an indispensable work for a broad range of scholastic fields. An important added feature of this exceptionally source-rich work is the substantial collection of relevant appendices and addenda, which consist of transcribed documentary material that would otherwise remain largely unknown or inaccessible to most readers."

Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism

German Biblical Interpretation and the Jews, from Herder and Semler to Kittel and Bultmann

Author: Anders Gerdmar

Publisher: BRILL


Category: History

Page: 675

View: 655

Exploring the link between German biblical interpretation and anti-Semitism, this book is a fresh, comprehensive study of leading German exegetes, concluding that although Nazism brought anti-Semitic exegesis to a head, age-old thought structures provided powerful legitimation for oppression.

Fragen im Grenzbereich zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik

Forschungsstelle Gottstein in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft : Bericht für 1988, 1989, 1990

Author: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften. Forschungsstelle Gottstein



Category: Economic history

Page: 185

View: 431

Scientific Review Papers, Talks, and Books Wissenschaftliche Übersichtsartikel, Vorträge und Bücher

Author: Dr. Walter Blum

Publisher: Springer-Verlag


Category: Science

Page: 937

View: 761

Vii FOREWORD TO THE ENGLISH EDITION The lectures which I gave at the University of Chicago ix It is an unusual pleasure to present Professor Heisen in the spring of 1929 afforded me the opportunity of re berg's Chicago lectures on "The Physical Principles of viewing the fundamental principles of quantum theory. the Quantum Theory" to a wider audience than could Since the conclusive studies of Bohr in 1927 there have attend them when they were originally delivered. Pro been no essential changes in these principles, and many fessor Heisenberg's leading place in the development of new experiments have confirmed important consequences the new quantum mechanics is well recognized by those of the theory (for example, the Raman effect). But even who have been following its growth. It was in fact he who today the physicist more often has a kind of faith in the first saw clearly that in the older forms of quantum theory we were describing our spectra in terms of atomic mecha correctness of the new principles than a clear understa- nisms regarding which we could gain no definite knowl ing of them. For this reason the publication of these C- cago lectures in the form of a small book seems justified. edge, anq who first found a way to interpret (or at least describe) spectroscopic phenomena without assuming Since the formal mathematical apparatus of the quan the existence of such atomic mechanisms.

Wissenschaft als Kultur

Österreichs Beitrag zur Moderne

Author: Friedrich Stadler



Category: Philosophy

Page: 328

View: 263

Kultur umfaAt neben den schAnen KA1/4nsten auch Denken, Forschen und Lehren a " Kernelemente einer jeden Wissenschaft. Wenn A-sterreich gerne in Verbindung mit Kunst, oft nur auf Musik, Belletristik und bildende KA1/4nste reduziert, dargestellt wird, soll a " vollstAndigkeitshalber a " auch auf seine bedeutenden wissenschaftlichen Leistungen als wesentlichen Bestandteil der kulturellen IdentitAt hingewiesen werden. TatsAchlich gibt es eine FA1/4lle geistiger Innovationen in und aus A-sterreich, die heutzutage selbstverstAndlich als internationales Kulturgut angesehen werden, wobei jedoch nur wenigen die UrsprA1/4nge bewuAt sind. Dies hat wohl auch damit zu tun, daA die Emigration und das Exil der Asterreichischen WissenschaftlerInnen erfolgreich verdrAngt, und erst spAt das AusmaA dieser ZAsur erkannt worden ist. Wurzeln und ZusammenhAnge dieser Wissenschaftskultur ins BewuAtsein zu bringen, ist einerseits eine wichtige Voraussetzung fA1/4r A-sterreichs Rolle im neuen Europa, andererseits auch ein wesentliches Element fA1/4r A-sterreichs gegenwArtiges SelbstverstAndnis. Diesen BewuAtwerdungsprozeA zu fArdern, ist die Zielsetzung nicht nur dieses Bandes, sondern auch der gesamten Reihe "VerAffentlichungen des Instituts Wiener Kreis."

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Der Wilhelm-Pieck-Universität Rostock

Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Reihe




Category: Science


View: 992

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Humboldt-Universität Berlin

Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe




Category: Science


View: 266

Transsexualität in Theologie und Neurowissenschaften

Ergebnisse, Kontroversen, Perspektiven

Author: Gerhard Schreiber

Publisher: de Gruyter


Category: Religion

Page: 745

View: 897

In an unprecedented dialogue between neuroscience and biology as one partner and theology and church as the other, this book documents current research findings, engages opposing positions in dialogue, and opens a perspective for appropriate ethical, political, and legal engagement with transsexuality as a paradigmatic challenge in societal acceptance of sexual diversity.

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