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Yiddish in Israel

A History

Author: Rachel Rojanski

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: History

Page: 338

View: 357

Yiddish in Israel: A History challenges the commonly held view that Yiddish was suppressed or even banned by Israeli authorities for ideological reasons, offering instead a radical new interpretation of the interaction between Yiddish and Israeli Hebrew cultures. Author Rachel Rojanski tells the compelling and yet unknown story of how Yiddish, the most widely used Jewish language in the pre-Holocaust world, fared in Zionist Israel, the land of Hebrew. Following Yiddish in Israel from the proclamation of the State until today, Rojanski reveals that although Israeli leadership made promoting Hebrew a high priority, it did not have a definite policy on Yiddish. The language's varying fortune through the years was shaped by social and political developments, and the cultural atmosphere in Israel. Public perception of the language and its culture, the rise of identity politics, and political and financial interests all played a part. Using a wide range of archival sources, newspapers, and Yiddish literature, Rojanski follows the Israeli Yiddish scene through the history of the Yiddish press, Yiddish theater, early Israeli Yiddish literature, and high Yiddish culture. With compassion, she explores the tensions during Israel's early years between Yiddish writers and activists and Israel's leaders, most of whom were themselves Eastern European Jews balancing their love of Yiddish with their desire to promote Hebrew. Finally Rojanski follows Yiddish into the 21st century, telling the story of the revived interest in Yiddish among Israeli-born children of Holocaust survivors as they return to the language of their parents.

Yiddish Writers in Weimar Berlin

A Fugitive Modernism

Author: Marc Caplan

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 394

View: 806

In Yiddish Writers in Weimar Berlin, Marc Caplan explores the reciprocal encounter between Eastern European Jews and German culture in the days following World War I. By concentrating primarily on a small group of avant-garde Yiddish writers—Dovid Bergelson, Der Nister, and Moyshe Kulbak—working in Berlin during the Weimar Republic, Caplan examines how these writers became central to modernist aesthetics. By concentrating on the character of Yiddish literature produced in Weimar Germany, Caplan offers a new method of seeing how artistic creation is constructed and a new understanding of the political resonances that result from it. Yiddish Writers in Weimar Berlin reveals how Yiddish literature participated in the culture of Weimar-era modernism, how active Yiddish writers were in the literary scene, and how German-speaking Jews read descriptions of Yiddish-speaking Jews to uncover the emotional complexity of what they managed to create even in the midst of their confusion and ambivalence in Germany. Caplan's masterful narrative affords new insights into literary form, Jewish culture, and the philosophical and psychological motivations for aesthetic modernism.

The History of Yiddish Literature in the Nineteenth Century

Author: Leo Wiener

Publisher: New York : C. Scribner's Sons


Category: Electronic book

Page: 402

View: 537

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author: Library of Congress



Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress


View: 682





Category: Jews


View: 864

The Yiddish Queen Lear: AND Woman on the Moon

Author: Julia Pascal

Publisher: Oberon Books


Category: Drama

Page: 120

View: 396

The Yiddish Queen Lear New York in the late 1930s: a once-famous Yiddish actress gives her theatre business over to her three daughters. The Yiddish Queen Lear is a story of love, infedelity, betrayal and exile, which examines the moment when Jewish East European and American cultures mix, on the eve of the Holocaust. Both a free reworking of Shakespeare’s King Lear and a homage to the lost world of Yiddish theatre, The Yiddish Queen Lear is a vibrant, funny and tragic study of the clashes and connections between two very different worlds. "This play is an affecting and electic treat." Evening Standard (The Yiddish Queen Lear) Woman In The Moon Set in the United States, England and Germany, between 1920 and 2001, Woman In The Moon is a dream play inspired by both the legend of Faust and the testimonies of French, Austrian and German survivors from Camp Dora. It explores the connections between the US space programme, the V1 and V2 bombers, and the slave labour in the Third Reich. "Brave, intelligent and desperately moving." The Guardian (Woman In The Moon)

Yiddish Given Names

A Lexicon

Author: Rella Israly Cohn

Publisher: Scarecrow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 432

View: 229

This is a lexicon of Yiddish given names, preceded by four chapters of material that explains the lexical conventions, the historical environment, and the research applicable to this subject.

College Yiddish

an introduction to the Yiddish language and to Jewish life and culture, by Uriel Weinreich,... Preface by Roman Jakobson,... 4th revised edition

Author: Uriel Weinreich




Page: 422

View: 341

The Field of Yiddish

Studies in Language, Folklore, and Literature. Third Collection

Author: Marvin Herzog



Category: Folk literature, Yiddish

Page: 327

View: 734

The Maturing of Yiddish Literature

Author: Solomon Liptzin



Category: Yiddish literature

Page: 282

View: 522

Development of Yiddish literature, 1914-1939. Few of the Yiddish authors mentioned have been translated into English.

Voices from the Yiddish

Essays, Memoirs, Diaries

Author: Irving Howe



Category: Jews

Page: 332

View: 810


A Treasury of Yiddish Poetry

Author: Irving Howe

Publisher: New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Category: English poetry

Page: 378

View: 138

A Shtetl and Other Yiddish Novellas

Author: Ruth R. Wisse



Category: Literary Collections

Page: 359

View: 286

A Brief List of Material Relating to Yiddish Folk Music




Category: Folk songs, Yiddish

Page: 5

View: 838

The Yiddish Press, an Americanizing Agency

Author: Mordecai Soltes



Category: Americanization

Page: 242

View: 463

Thesis (PH.D) - Columbia university, 1924. Vita. "Reptinted from the American Jewish year book, vol. 26, Sept. 29, 1924, to Sept. 18, 1925, pp. 165-372." Bibliography: p. 223-230.

Kafka and the Yiddish Theater

A Study of the Impact of the Yiddish Theater on the Work of Franz Kafka

Author: Evelyn Torton Beck



Category: Theater, Yiddish

Page: 554

View: 916

Tales of the Yiddish Rialto

Reminiscences of Playwrights and Players in New York's Jewish Theatre in the Early 1900's

Author: Louis Lipsky



Category: Jewish theater

Page: 234

View: 126

Psychology Through Yiddish Literature

Apologia Pro Vita Yiddicia

Author: Abraham Aaron Roback



Category: Yiddish literature

Page: 98

View: 184

Yiddish Folktales about Jesters

A Problem in Structural Analysis and Genre Definition

Author: Toby Blum-Dobkin



Category: Folk literature, Yiddish

Page: 74

View: 148

The Maʻaseh in the Yiddish Ethical Literature

Author: Jakob Meitlis



Category: Exempla, Jewish

Page: 30

View: 311

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