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You Will Not Have My Hate

Author: Antoine Leiris

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 470

'A beacon of hope in a dark world' Cathy Rentzenbrink, The Pool One night in November 2015, when Antoine Leiris was at home looking after his baby son, his wife Hélène was killed, along with 88 other people, at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. Three days later, Antoine wrote an open letter to his wife’s killers on Facebook. He refused to be cowed or to let his baby son’s life be defined by their acts. ‘For as long as he lives, this little boy will insult you with his happiness and freedom,’ he wrote. Instantly, that short post caught fire and was shared thousands of times around the world. An extraordinary and heartbreaking memoir, You Will Not Have My Hate is a universal message of hope and resilience in our troubled times.


A practical and pastoral companion

Author: Anthony Priddis

Publisher: Canterbury Press


Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 997

Our world is filled with suffering and its consequences. Daily, hourly, we hear stories of individuals and entire communities suffering at the hands of others through conflict, violence, physical or emotional abuse. This pastoral handbook explores forgiveness as a healing way forward and examines its dynamic from an individual and a communal perspective. It is designed for use by clergy, counsellors, spiritual directors and all engaged in listening, in reconciliation and in pastoral care. Combining biblical and theological understanding with a pastoral sensitivity informed by a lifetime’s experience of ministry, it explores: • Why forgiveness is important; • What forgiveness is; • Who can forgive; • How to offer forgiveness; • How to receive forgiveness; • The consequences of forgiveness; • Sacramental confession; • Jesus and forgiveness.

Dying of the Light

A Novel

Author: George R. R. Martin

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 687

In this unforgettable space opera, #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin presents a chilling vision of eternal night—a volatile world where cultures clash, codes of honor do not exist, and the hunter and the hunted are often interchangeable. A whisperjewel has summoned Dirk t’Larien to Worlorn, and a love he thinks he lost. But Worlorn isn’t the world Dirk imagined, and Gwen Delvano is no longer the woman he once knew. She is bound to another man, and to a dying planet that is trapped in twilight. Gwen needs Dirk’s protection, and he will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means challenging the barbaric man who has claimed her. But an impenetrable veil of secrecy surrounds them all, and it’s becoming impossible for Dirk to distinguish between his allies and his enemies. In this dangerous triangle, one is hurtling toward escape, another toward revenge, and the last toward a brutal, untimely demise. “Dying of the Light blew the doors off of my idea of what fiction could be and could do, what a work of unbridled imagination could make a reader feel and believe.”—Michael Chabon “Slick science fiction . . . the Wild West in outer space.”—Los Angeles Times “Something special which will keep Worlorn and its people in the reader’s mind long after the final page is read.”—Galileo magazine “The galactic background is excellent. . . . Martin knows how to hold the reader.”—Asimov’s “George R. R. Martin has the voice of a poet and a mind like a steel trap.”—Algis Budrys


Author: Robert E. Howard



Category: Fiction

Page: 178

View: 963

An amazing story from the pen of a master of weird fiction, which begins on our own planet and ends in the demon-haunted world Almuric. Beautifully illustrated by the late David Burton.

The Conservator




Category: Ethics


View: 725

Once a Week

Author: Eneas Sweetland Dallas



Category: Art


View: 888

Strength & Encouragement: So You Can Praise Me in the Midst of the Fire 366 Daily Devotions

Author: Debra Stuart Sanford

Publisher: CCB Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 372

View: 810

Strength & Encouragement: So You Can Praise Me in the Midst of the Fire is a relatively unique devotional gift book containing 366 devotions written from Father’s point of view. Using this technique gives the book a sense of immediacy and intimacy with Father, and this is the great strength of the book. Though each daily message is short, they are consistently relevant and personal for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Each page contains the very promises and encouragement that will help any believer stand firm in the midst of fiery trials and tribulations.

Frederick the Great

His Court and Times

Author: Frederic Shoberl



Category: Prussia (Germany)


View: 247

Venting, Somebody Had to Say It

Author: Harry Webster



Category: Humor

Page: 284

View: 253

If you are a Tea Party Supporter, a Baby Boomer, or a Grass Root Independent, you will find Venting, amusing, and thought provoking. Venting is a book of over two hundred and fifty short topics about real life observations. Topics such as; American haters, Bailouts, Celebrity rehab, Common sense, Christmas attacks, Death penalty, Fear, Immigration, Old farts, Rednecks, Sanctuary cities, Stupid lawsuits, Stop or I’ll shoot, Tasers, and Obama overload. Venting was written by someone, perhaps like you, who doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry about today’s society. This book is for the average American who loves their family, loves their country and questions the path our society is on. Some topics will make you laugh, smile, and think. Some topics will make you shake your head. Some actually make common sense. All in all, an enjoyable read. Be careful, for this book could start you Venting!!!!!

Night of the Harvest Moon : Vampyre

A Tale of the Living and the Undead

Author: Everett L. Winrow

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 440

View: 210

Night Of The Harvest Moon: Vampyre is a gothic horror narrative, one that delves deeply into the souls of its characters. The tale begins in the late 1800's in Central Europe, primarily Moldavia and Transylvania and expands to London and Sweden. Harvest Moon is a story of immense reprisals, hatred, and passion. Sorcery, demonology, and religion are essential elements that interweave within the physical and supernatural planes of existence of all those involved. The Vampyre learns of ancient knowledge that existed long before Egyptian civilization, the Ta Merians. The nosferatu also learns of other dimensions and secrets of man and god, another race of beings before the existence of humankind. With this knowledge the Vampyre's revenge is set in place with hatred that far surpasses that of, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and Kremhild of the Die Nibelungen, and the avenger of Siegfried. The Command Demon, Karcist and Rulers of the North and South Airts, Azazel and Pazuzu with the aid of the Bloodstone Ematille, are summoned by the antagonist Dijon. They are to do his bidding in the Circle Of Magic for one sole purpose: the sacrifice of human life in order to gain his immortal existence.

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